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The Big Secret

schwarzbein, MD  on the schwarzbein principle

Mark Houston, MD on Heart Health

Russell Jaffe, MD Discusses Predictive Biomarkers

James Lavalle, R.Ph., MS., CCN

Student Films

Joseph Martin (Part I & Part II)

The Appointment

Golden Shaft



Jeffrey Smith Interview

Beth Greer Interview

Cell Phone Issues

Cell Phones: Right to Know

Protestors at Tom Wheeler Talk 


Dr. Jenny Goodman on toxins around us

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride founder of GAPs diet


Coming Soon – Bret Bocock

Bret Bocock, an attorney and US rowing chamption developed a brain tumor which he believes is due to his past heavy use of cell phones.    He discovers that the cell phone companies know that cell phones could cause brain cancer while hiding this information from the public.