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We have occupied Wall Street: now it is time to take back our health.   We will provide leading edge health information to allow you to look under the hood to find the underlying contributing causes to illness.

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Articles on Health

The disease process starts years if not decades before this process is observed in routine laboratory testing.  The allopathic model waits until the disease process causes damage and gives medications to mask and perhaps increase symptoms.

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Award Winning Films

Dr. Susan is an award winning film maker with topics covering health, spirituality and economics.  Her gripping accounts, medical insight and  impeccable sources make these films a must watch.

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What Has Happened to our Food?

“There are over 3000 food additives, preservatives, flavorings and dyes in the US food. Many additives in foods that we don’t know about and apparently corporate America does not want us to know about. Some have names we cannot pronounce. And the food industry encourages keeping information of the labels.”

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