Sally fallon Morrel

Weston Price Foundation: Healthy Living

Aired on: August 2, 2019

Episode Description
Sally Fallon Morell discusses the Weston A Price Foundation which is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, whose studies of isolated non-industrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats. The Foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. It supports a number of movements that contribute to this objective including accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling, prepared parenting and nurturing therapies.

Weston Price

  • Wanted to answer the question ,”What is a healthy diet?”
  • important and to highlight how bad the research is telling us not to eat these foods
  • Weston Price Foundation was established to teach people why these foods are important
  • To establish local chapters so people can find these health sustaining foods
  • They advocate diets for preconception, conception pregnancy, nursing, growing children
  • They want to teach people how to have healthy children and how to build a healthy immune system in children
  • You can join for $40 per year
    • You will get quarterly journals and access to local Weston A Price groups

What Weston Price found

  • He, a dentist, went all over the world studying healthy people
  • They all had good teeth and good bone structure including broad bone structure for teeth
  • The diets of these healthy people varied throughout the world
  • Underlying principles were “nutrient density” high in minerals
  • Were very high in fat activator (soluble vitamins (vitamins A,D, K)
    • These are obtained from the foods that we are told not to eat including
      • Butter from grass fed animals
      • Organ meats like liver
      • Egg yolk from grass fed poultry
      • Fish eggs and certain types of seafoods
      • Fish liver and fish liver oils
      • Cod liver oil
      • Raw cheese
      • These area ll high cholesterol and high fat foods that we were told not to eat
    • Traditional cultures did not eat lean meats
  • They ate organ meats and marrow, save thee fat
  • They always ate lean meat with fat as they knew that lean meat would make them fat
  • Lean meats can raise insulin and contribute to metabolic syndrome.
  • If fat is added to lean meat, these meats do not increase insulin as much
  • As toxins are stored in fat, it is important to eat organic, grass fed meat

Blue Zones

  • What these people eat is misrepresented
  • People in Blue Zones are eating animal and animal fats


Eskimo /Innuit Diets

  • Is devoid of plant foods
    • Although they do eat moss that ferments in reindeer intestines
  • They eat broth,
  • They can get vitamin A from seal oil
  • They can get calcium from bones
    • Fermented, bones become soft
    • Can get from chicken broth

Paleo Diets

  • She is concerned about the lack of calcium in these diets
    • Sources of calcium
      • Diary products
        • Calcium more readily absorbed from raw dairy products
      • Bones
        • Crushed up
        • Fermented fish so bones became soft

Vegetarian Diet

  • Seven Day Adventists
  • She states that there were no studies showing that they are living longer
    • She does not think they are as healthy as they were 30 – 40 years ago when they drank raw milk
    • They were diverted by the soy milk by the soy industry
  • She states there were no vegetarian diets in the healthy diets studies
  • She expresses concern about these diets being pushed on teenaged girls because this is the time in which they need to eat a lot of animal food and nutrient dense foods so they can have healthy babies

Raw Diet

  • No traditional culture ate a raw diet
  • Some tender vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes can be eaten raw
  • Raw foods are stressful on the digestive system, and some people cannot tolerate this diet

Weston Price Diet

  • High fat , high cholesterol diet
  • Can Have Every (non processed) food on the Weston Price Diet
  • First baby foods should be egg yolks and liver
    • This is the only time one can do this as they are growing

Intermittent Fasting

  • Give digestion a rest
  • She has a big breakfast and lunch around 1 PM which have a lot of fat
    • Hunger ruins diets


What we Have Been Told to Eat

  • Lean meat, skinless chicken breast
  • Skimmed milk
  • Egg whites without the yolks
  • Protein powders

Importance of cholesterol for children’s health

  • She feels the most serious problem on the planet is the declining health of our children
    • Children are increasingly ill with chronic diseases
    • This is due to
      • Misinformation on diet
      • The things we do to our children including
        • Ultra sound
        • Fifty vaccinations before they are five years old
      • She sees advocation of a low cholesterol diet as genocide
        • Low cholesterol diets can have tragic consequences for children’s health
      • Cholesterol is needed for
        • cell walls
        • all the sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone needed for fertility
        • the formation of the nervous system,  brain and the gut
      • Infants have
        • high requirements for cholesterol and do not have the enzymes to make cholesterol and For cholesterol
        • If pregnant women eat a low fat diet, she will not have a lot of cholesterol in her milk
        • Nursing mothers’ milk has a lot of cholesterol and has the enzyme to insure that infant absorbs all the cholesterol
      • Industry promotes
        • infant formulas that had no cholesterol
          • Developers of baby formulas now that the baby needs cholesterol is needed as they put animal fat in milk replacement products for  And other animals.
        • Babies are fed foods low in cholesterol such as apple sauce and rice

Low Cholesterol Diets

  • Lead to infertility
  • Half of the people with heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol
    • The cardiovascular risk factors may be the size and number of the very small lDL particles and endothelial dysfunction

How did we get on path ?

  • Deliberate campaign to promote seed oils after the stainless steel roller press was invented
  • Cholesterol was measured in blood
  • Vegetable oils producers needed a way to promote their products so they
    • Demonized cholesterol and
    • Advertised that they contained no cholesterol
    • These vegetable oils are so highly processed

Health Risks with Vegetable Oils

  • Are highly processed and can impeded cell function when incorporated into the cell wall
  • Contain a lot of free radicals and toxic aldehyde break down products
    • These are “recipes” for cancer and heat disease
  • They are high in poly unsaturated fats, mostly omega 6
    • They body incorporates these into the cell walls wo the ell walls don’t work very well.
    • Cell walls need to be at least 50 % saturated fats, and 40 % monounsaturated

Concerning Global Warming

  • Fred Provenza and Natasha Campbell McBride (podcasts are on Occupy Health) feel a biodiverse agriculture can result in the least global warming
    • Can rebuild the soil
  • Big agribusiness mono cropping is poisoning the earth


Raw Milk

  • Tragically raw milk has been demonized as was cholesterol
  • Health Benefits
    • Raw Milk has compounds that support the immune system
    • Help heal the leaky gut
    • Bind to toxins and takes them out of the body
    • Is rich in glutathione which helps protect from toxins
    • Every vitamin and mineral in raw milk has an enzyme that insured 100 % assimilation
  • She believes that lactose intolerant persons can drink milk
    • She did a study showing that 82 % of lactose intolerant people can drink raw milk without any problem
    • She believes that “lactose intolerant” individuals are actually “pasteurization intolerant”
  • Pasteurization takes all these protective factors away
    • If a pathogen gets into pasteurized milk, it will proliferate
    • If pathogens get into raw milk, they go away
  • CDC has kept records since the 1970s , and there has not been a single death from raw milk
    • She believes that there were approximately 60 deaths from pasteurized milk
  • Full fat milk is more digestible than low fat milk
  • Weston Price chapters can tell where to get raw milk
    • Amish farmers deliver it


  • Traditional cultures had a long fermentation process for grains before cooking
  • Gluten free products lack important enzymes and may result in nutritional deficiencies per Tom O’Bryan
  • She believes that wheat is the best grain but has to be in a sour dough bread
  • She states that sour dough bread is tolerated by people with gluten sensitivity
  • US wheat products are like screws and nais. They tear up the gut


  • We cannot live without salt (NaCl)
    • We need chloride to make the hydrochloride acid in our stomach acid so we can digest protein and meat
    • We need sodium to make enzymes that digest carbohydrates
    • Needed for the proper balance of chemistries inside and outside of the cell
    • Needed for adrenal function
  • In ancient times, salt was removed to control people
  • Babies need salt for development
    • She believes warning against salt for babies is another form of genocide
  • Need a minimum of 1.5 teaspoons of salt daily
  • She believes that peoples’ bodies will tell them how much salt is needed
  • She recommends unrefined salt
    • 10 % magnesium, trace minerals from the sea
    • Don’t want white salt as it is refined/ processed
    • Sea salt, Himalayan salt, mine salt


  • Soak it over night in water plus a table spoon of acidic material such as vinegar
    • This will activate the enzymes
  • Cook with salt
  • Eat with good fat such as butter or cream
  • She recommends against uncooked oatmeal such as muesli

Fermented Foods.

  • For example raw sauerkraut
    • Are getting enzymes and bacteria to feed the gut microbiome
  • Every traditional culture eats raw fermented foods
    • Cabbage, fish, meat, milk
  • Getting a refill of bacteria
  • These bacteria get to the small intestine where they do their work

Brown rice

  • Soak for 7 hours
  • Recommended for people with digestive problems as these are predigested


  • They recommend soaking nuts in salt water for 7 hours
  • Drain them
  • Dehydrate them in oven
  • This minimizes any adverse effects of nuts on the gut

Cod liver Oil

  • Is a healthy superfood
  • Most cod liver oil is destroyed with heat with synthetic vitamins added back in
  • Their website recommends healthy cod liver oil

For Sweeteners

  • They don’t tell people to avoid sweet things
  • They recommend
  • Raw honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Rapadura (dehydrated cane sugar juice)


Soy Products

  • Toxic food
  • Very high in isoflavones (estrogen
  • Is the number one endocrine disruptor
  • Are toxic to the thyroid gland
  • Is hard to digest
    • Has enzyme disruptors
    • Is high in phytic acid
  • In Asia. Soy was fermented 6 months to 3 years and was eaten in small amounts
    • It was not used as a protein source

Where is the push for soy coming from?

  • Eighty percent of oils in processed foods is soy bean oil
  • There is left over high protein sludge which is isolated and made into soy products
  • With the high heat process, all the toxins remain
  • One cannot get rid of the toxins without getting rid of the proteins which would be allergenic
  • Soy products were predicted to reach 8 billion dollars in sales, but only reached 4 billion most of which is going to food and institutions

The Impossible Burger

  • Soy is coming back
  • Contains soy product isolates
  • It has a lot of flavourings such as MSG
    • MSG and aspartame are neuro toxins
    • MSG is made in the process of making soy

Kidney Disease

  • 50 % of health care costs are due to kidney disease
    • Dialysis is expensive
  • Microwaving
    • Babies who drank microwaved milk died of kidney failure
  • Vitamin A, B6 deficiencies
  • Drinking green juices (kale, chard( are loaded with oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones
    • Kale and chard need to be cooked a long time with fat
    • This is an example of food taken out of the tradition
  • Soy products are higher in oxalic acid than green juices

Health risks of Ice Cream

  • Manufacturers are allowed to put in propylene glycol
  • These is food grade antifreeze
  • Antifreeze is lethal and toxic to the kidneys
  • Antifreeze can cause crystals to build up in the body
  • People crave ice cream because they crave fats which are not sufficient in their diets


  • Is a neurotoxin
  • Any hydrolyzed product contains MSG
  • Results in weight gain and obesity
  • All processed foods contain MSG

Natural Products

  • Has no meaning.
  • Is just a label under which industry can hide ingredients due to “trade secrets”

Protection from glyphosate

  • Broth which has high levels of glycine


Diet for Preparing for Pregnancy

  • High fat diet six months before conception and through pregnancy
    • Grass fed butter
    • Daily cod liver oil
    • Liver couple of times per week
    • Raw milk a couple of glasses daily
  • Many mothers said this diet helped them to conceive

Spacing children out

  • Every three years to avoid birth defects
  • Three years better for emotional issues for child
  • Mother needs to recuperate her nutritional status
  • Decreases jealousy issues
  • Organic food and animals raised s raised on healthy soils
  • Organic meats with fats or organ meats
  • Raw or fermented (kefir)
  • Grains and legumes soaked or fermented
  • Soy eat very little. It must be fermented long period
  • Bone broths excellent for gut
  • Lacto-fermented beverages and vegetables
  • Unrefined sugars and salt
  • Natural vitamins occurring in foods
  • Traditional seeds
  • Traditional cooking
    • She recommends people learn to cook as processed foods
      • use the cheapest, unhealthy oils
      • have a lot of additives
    • Need to eat in moderation, not in extremes