Episode Description
web-dr-francis-head-shotToxins are every where. They are in our personal care products, cleaning products, sofas, carpets, clothes. Before a woman leaves the house she might have put on over one hundred toxic products. Most of these toxins have not been studied for their safety, and cause harm at doses lower than previously thought. They are synergistic causing greater harm when combined. Dr. Campbell points out that Canadians do not import certain US cheeses because of what the farmers feed the cows. Europe does not want US meat for the same reason. Many countries have banned genetically modified foods yet in the US, has decided that these harmful substances will in the food supply and the public be denied the right to know. Arsenic is fed to chickens; too much toothpaste can be lethal. Mercury and flouride are handled as hazardous waste yet, they are put routinely in our mouths. Europe has banned the use of mercury in the mouths of children under 15 years of age. Come learn about toxins.