Tau Braun

Corona Virus: A BioWeapon?

Aired on: July 8, 2022

Episode Description

Dr. Braun who has studied counterterrorism was asked to investigate the SARS CoV2 vand extended his research to the content of the vaccines. What did he find? Are there toxic substances in the virus and the vaccine? How do these affect us? What can we do to optimize our health in the midst of these environmental challenges?

Tau Braun

Corona Virus: A bioweapon?

  • He wishes people stayed in the wellness model of being health
  • Vitamin A crucial for parathyroid and venum issues
    • Possum uses vitamin A and parathyroid
  • Recognize problem
    • Distraction is fear generated with treatments that made no sense
  • Poisoning, venum, neurotoxins are important to understand

Path to get into counter terrorism and emergency management

  • He grew up in volatile times in the eighties in South Africa
  • Many of the events we are facing globally (such as bombings, attacks on soft targets such as restaurants)
  • Like current times, there was a climate of fear
  • He is familiar with the idea of media, theatre, controlling stories, censorship during apartheid
    • It was difficult to know the truth
  • The glue of apartheid is the same glue that is now used globally
  • He thinks it is important to look back in time to see the same methods were used
  • He also was heavily into wellness
  • He sees the US as a violent society wanting guns
  • When people wondered if — was a bioweapon, they turned to him to look at mitigation and response strategies so he could reduce suffering

What was behind mass shootings

  • Mass killing similar to middle ages
    • Neurosurgeons and scientists studied this
    • Science has been missing from the conversation
    • There is a syndrome closely matching spectrum disorders
      • Spectrum because of a disconnect how actions perceived
      • Majority would not have risk for violence
      • Is subset with compulsion,
        • disappointments with what they think they should have
        • Lack of empathy, fantasy thinking
        • Not thinking of consequences
        • They feel they would have a legacy in high body counts
        • Very focused, very planned
        • Psychopathic personality with frustration on how things are working out and delusions
      • Decrease corpus collosum (between right and left brains)
    • With very extreme violence without much planning, often there are head traumas
      • Neuropathology is a driver of this behavior
      • Texas tower (Charles Whitman) attack – his brain was filled with “brain stones”
    • His studies are on why someone comes up on radar?
      • What is the final act to call and get help? This interferes with an individual’s freedom. How does one draw the line?
      • Have to look at planning an intentional acts
      • The more one can navigate this obsessive compulsive drive leading to act letting people know they were here, they lived on the planet and left the planet in a different state as measured by body count.
      • Drivers of the pandemic represent rare apex preditor
        • We are supposed to have mechanisms to spot this and buffers to stop it
  • He studied previous bioweapons
  • Are people fixated on ideas and how will they achieve it

Is covid a bioweapon?

  • Authorities have created constant distractions from the use of a biological weapon to create a pandemic that has numerous goals
  • Opportunity to release manufactured crisis with a solution
  • Death toll from covid will be dwarfed by the v
    • Took a highly toxic substance

Data/ studies on vaccine being toxic?

  • Numerous studies
  • Spike protein from either virus or injection. Is highly pathogenic
    • Many mechanisms of destruction
    • ACE receptor. SARs binds to ACE receptor and replicates itself
    • Does it have a high binding ability elsewhere in the body?            Acetylcholine nicotinic receptors
      • Same receptors as why nicotine works and is addictive
    • They are homologues of venum. (he wrote to the FBI in 6/21)
      • Spike protein is venum validated by computer models
      • When spike protein exposed to tadpoles, tadpole response is same as to venum
      • Accept that it is lab made
      • Many pathogens are problems because they are toxic
      • In this case is specific toxin with deep effects on neurology
      • Look at it as a switch – sends body into death spiral
        • Is used to plants and creatures to keep themselves safe from harm
        • Venum is used to slow down a prey  
        • The preditor puts short chains of proteins into the prey to suicide the prey
        • Instruction to the prey to use its own energy and resources to slowly cause its demise
          • Not quickly or the preditor has to use more energy for digestion, removal of hair, snapping of bones, swallowing a rodent (for a snake)
        • The venum slows down the metabolism of the prey so it dies and decompose itself: slowly; so there is less struggle from prey
  • Vaccine speeds up illnesses, tumours, metabolic issues, ligament or tendon damage
  • Instructing body All catabolic (but don’t kill yourself quickly).
  • All mechanisms getting body to demise
  • Venum is stable under certain conditions
  • This affects mass psychosis
  • What chemicals affect thought and can be used for treatment. 
    • How chemicals can change behavior and thinking
    • Venum is binding to nicotinic receptors
    • Over time are instructions to kill computer with nothing working at the end (down regulation)
      • Look at brainfog, early dementia
      • Venum does this as a functional tube
  • Is addiction to getting vaccine, being first and compliant?

Omicron is not Sars cov 2

  • Has a different profile


  • An idea backed up by money
    • Get people to be avatars of themselves in cloud
  • Idea is world reality, body and surroundings are irrelevant
  • Consciousness is most important
  • Consciousness gets to interact in metaverse
  • Metaverse, (manufactured by Zuckenberg) is extension of transhumanism
  • Metaverse will be the platform where transhumanism will merge into for profit
  • Children, injured, have difficulties going outside, will stay inside and enter the metaverse