Susan Wadia Ells, Ph.D.

Busting Breast cancer

Aired on: May 28, 2021

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Women, under 45 years old, are seeing a 12% annual increase in invasive breast cancer throughout the United States. But nobody is talking about these numbers, or what could be causing this sharp uptick in breast cancer among women of childbearing age. Dr. Wadia-Ells discussed the adverse effects of birth control pills, hormone replacement drugs and fertility drugs. She also will discuss the importance of vitamin D and other supplements that help block cancer and balance hormones. Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps Ebook Series • Birth Control Drugs: Learn the terrible truth • Vitamin D3: Take the best Busting Breast Cancer step under the sun • Seven Foods and Seven Supplements: Eat to help block cancer & balance hormones • When Fertility Drugs Lead to Motherless Children: Are there alternatives? • The Horrors of Hormone Replacement Drugs: How to safely replace them • Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Avoid three probable life-style causes • Thermography: Try this safe way to ID breast inflammation and hot spots

Busting Breast cancer

Susan Wadia Ells, PhD

Book Busting Breast Cancer: five simple steps to keep cancer out of your body

  • More people died in 2020 from breast cancer than from covid
  • 70 % of those with broca gene in US have cancer difficulties : only 40 % in Poland
  • Does this mean that we can do things to reduce risks for breast cancer
  • Her book is based on the metabolic theory of breast cancer
  • 30- 40 % treated breast cancer patients get recurrent metastatic breast cancer

Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s influence

  • In 2012, he pieced together the metabolic theory of cancer
    • First cancer cells start when a person that has life styles and life happenings that suffocate the mitochondria (“power batteries” )
    • In breast cancer this starts in breast duct cells or breast lobe cells
    • The reason for high levels of breast cancer is that there are so many chemicals that act like estrogen
    • The breast cells are one of the few places that allow these estrogen like compounds to come in
    •   testosterone which is given  can convert to estrogen via the aromatase pathway
    • When healthy, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone is balanced.
    • Excess estrogen like cells can suffocate the mitochondrial
  • He did not see cancer as a genetic disease.
  • He realized that cancer begins in the mitochondria of the cell
    • When these power batteries suffocate, then they reproduced erratically

Cancer cells need glucose and glutamine

  • Glutamine is prevalent through out the body
  • Ketogenic diet and ketones fuel the body while depriving cancer cells of their glucose
  • To stop glutamine
    • Anti-glutamine drugs (glutamine antigens) only work if patient is in deep ketosis
    • This hits the weakest cells.  Without glucose, the weakest cells are the cancer cells.
    • This helps with deadly glioblastoma (Teddy Kennedy, Senator McCain, Bo Biden)
      • Studies show association with cell phone use and glioblastoma
      • A study show pregnant women exposed to chemicals can have children who develop brain tumours in early life
      • Hugh Taylor (Yale) and Suleyman Kaplan (Turkey) showed that putting a cell phone on a pregnant rodent’s abdomen results in brain damage in the offspring

Her five steps in keeping breast cancer out of body

  • Lose body fat
    • Fat contains toxins
    • D3 is stored in fat and does not get to cells
    • It pumps out an unhealthy form of estrogen
    • Many patients with metastatic breast cancer are obese
    • If a post menopausal woman is 25 – 30 pounds overweight risk of breast cancer is increased 30 %
    • Ketogenic diet helps rid fat
    • Vitamin D stores in fat, so obese may need to take more vitamin D
    • Each person is different (metabolism, environment) so it is important to measure vitamin D 3 levels
  • No progestin drugs
    • Progestin is a chemical in 90 % in IUD
    • In combo menopausal drug
    • Can accelerate duplication of cancer cells
    • Progesterone is oK
    • One IUD that has not progestin costs $900 vs 50 cents
      • The copper in iUDs irritate sperm
      • In 1999, the FDA declared the IUD as a pharmaceutical drug
        • This means if another IUD were developed, a double blind study would be conducted .  there is no incentive as they IUDs are used for 10 years;  No one can afford to put a new IUD on the market
        • In the US it is illegal to bring back a foreign made drug so if you buy an IUD oversease, it has to be inserted overseas
        • This caused many teens to go on the pill because they don’t have access to a hormone free iUD
  • Use thermography not mammograms
    • Looks for inflamed breast tissue which is first step to suffocating mitochondria
  • Keep body detoxed on a daily basis
    • Brain is most important part of body.
    • She recommends one hour daily meditation to clear and cleanse mind
      • Angst keeps cortisol levels high which is acidic to mitochondria
    • Gentle exercise to move lymph
      • Moves lymph system especially if breasts not touched
      • Breast massage
      • Dry Skin brushing
    • only way  can pull out toxins is by blood and by lymph
      • lymph only pumps with movement
  • Keeping vitamin D3 blood levels high
    • with calcium and K2
    • measure levels twice a year
    • one study indicated they never found a woman with breast cancer with a vitamin d level over 60
    • vitamin D stimulates immune syndrome
    • If healthy with good levels of vitamin D, attacked cells often attack and destroy them self (called apoptosis)
      • If these cells don’t self destruct, then they replicate mindlessly
    • Helps every pathway in the body – inflammation,, oxidative stress, helps the immune system, protects against covid (worse prognosis with obesity)
    • She likes tanning salons

Why are we so fat?

  • The Institute of Medicine no called the natural academy of medicine
  • Is a well funded agency for pharma, chemical industry, processed food industry, medical industry
  • Headed by a man who was on board of Pepsico (Freetos &Cheetos etc)
    •  Had a lot of stock options
  • Congress has given oversight of food pyramid to  this institute
    • This encourages carbs and minimizes fat

Susan Komen foundation does not want people to do breast exams

  • They will not fund clinics that do breast exams.  This cannot be in literature
  • There can be no information on thermography

Susan Komen Foundation funded by pharma and the mammogram industry