Steve Fowkes

Steps to stay well in the times of COVID-19

Aired on May 29, 2020

Episode Description

There are many things we can do to maintain our health in the times of COVID-19. Steve will discuss many inexpensive approaches, backed by science, that can build our immunity Many people who have the worst outcomes with viral infections appear to have underlying health problems – which are becoming more prevalent in the younger populations Learn how to keep your immunity strong viz a viz viral infections.

  • It is important to keep our immunity up
  • Other challenges such as toxins including EMF and glyphosate tax our body leaving not enough detox capacity to fight off viruses

He is not in a state of fear

  • He believes the corona virus is 2-3 times as much oxidative stress as other viruses
  • Most of our immune systems are robust
  • The vulnerable population may be those who don’t get out in the sun, don’t take vitamin D, Selenium, deprived of vitamin C
    • People in hospitals and nursing homes do not have the freedom to take these steps for self-protection
  • People who die of the corona virus die because of oxidative stress
    • The basis of this system is our redox buffering system
      • This cools us off
      • An energy fueled process where energy is tapped early in process and recycles our antioxidants
      • This energy driven process is fueled by our metabolism
      • With age this process decreases
      • With diseases such as diabetes, this process decreases
      • Deficiencies of vitamin D, C and selenium limit our metabolism
    • Corona virus is like a heat source raises temperature causing oxidative stress, and the immune system responds
      • Need the redox system running at high speed to cool and prevent burning
      • Oxidative stress is what causes most diseases and is what kills us
      • Death is when our redox system fails us
      • We know the nutritional pathways involved, the specific antioxidants involved, recycling mechanism and the co enzymes involved
      • No one needs to die if we strengthen these systems.
      • These strengthening tools are found over the counter
    • Many corona virus deaths attributable to cytokine storm
      • Vitamin C, D, selenium shut this down

Vitamin C

  • Can drop corona virus deaths as much as want as long as understand that vitamin c is weak link in redox buffering system
  • Recycles depending on amount of glutathione in body which is based on sulfur chemistry.
  • Glutathione levels are defended by level of selenium
  • Hypometabolism (low pulse, cold hands and feet) is a risk factor
    • This is a separate risk factor from vitamin C
  • Each person is different. So can’t predict this is the problem with everyone
  • In an oxidative crisis, vitamin C tanks causing a large number of deaths.
    • Selenium reduces glutathione which reduces vitamin C
  • People cannot make their own vitamin C. (animals can)
    • When we are healthy, we have less than 1 % the vitamin C of animals
  • Are studies on vitamin C during burns, radiation poisoning corona and influenza viruses infections help survival
  • Give when are infected
  • Chinese and some NY hospitals are given IV vitamin C decreasing mortality
  • Protocol
    • Time vitamin c in shorter times so get full advantage
    • As you get sicker, body want more vitamin C]          in healthy, 6 g vitamin C might give diarrhea
    • Start 1 g vitamin C every two hours, then 1 gram every 1.5 hours, then every .. 30 minutes
    • When bowel loose, he is taking too much
    • When stool is not loose, he can take more
  • Other benefits of vitamin C


  • He takes 2-4 g vitamin C  per day  ~ 10 % of what vitamin C  mammals make
    • Mammals our size make 10 – 20 g vitamin c per day
    • When mammals are sick they can double the amount of vitamin C they make

Steve’s protocol for using vitamin c that give near IV vitamin C Effects

  • In China, there are using 24 g IV c every 24 hours: 5 g IV four times a day
  • In NY they are using 3 g vitamin C four times a day
  • 12- 24 g vitamin c, you can do orally

Vitamin D

  • Higher vitamin D higher survive corona virus
  • Is not research showing giving vitamin D is therapeutic increasing survival    
  • Important as a preventive measure


  • Good preventive measure
  • Cuts covid risk in half
  • Cost one penny per month
  • One Brazil nut is good if grown in Amazon region, need more if not from Amazon
  • In Africa, made selenium nut butter – eating each day they don’t get Ebola virus

Vitamin A

  • 400,000 units Good for hospitalized child with measles 2 days in a rowà 68 % decreased mortality


  • CEO of Youtube is censoring messages on vitamin C and curcumin
  • The public message is that there is no cure when there is a cure
    • FBI raiding offices of persons using vitamin C
    • Character assassination of clinicians successfully treating patients
    • Requests from official organizations to withdraw papers on vitamin C
    • All corona virus publications are not peer reviewed
  • WHO, CDC NIH totally committed to repressing information on vitamin C
    • The censors are like the folks who believed that the earth is flat
    • this is the lynch pin of their public policy
  • Not only do QHO, CDC, NIH not talk about vitamin C ,etc, they discipline those who do talk about it.
  • Resistance to vitamin C came when Linus Pauling published his book, Vitamin C and the Common Cold  that vitamin C diminished the common cold
    • The government falsified research to disprove  dr. Pauling’s conclusion
  • In Australia. Archie Calicarinos  found Aborigine children fed bread and jam and all had low vitamin C.  Public health vaccinated all the children – half of the children died
    • When they were given vitamin C after the vaccinations, no children died
    • When this was published the Australian government never forgave vitamin C
    • High sugar intake leads to insulin resistance which sabotages redox recycling
      • Hospital IVs contains sugar (dextrose)
    • When in fat burning mode, recycle vitamin C
  • They are frantic to keep their ideology in power thru censorship, etc

Healthy Children Impacted by Corona Virus

  • Children adversely affected are not healthy
  • It is like we only see the tip of the iceberg , not the underlying health
    • These kids are not healthy
    • These children may have the following risk factors
    • Low Vitamin D, C
  • Other risk factor low metabolic rate
    • Low metabolic rate cold hands and feet
      • 40 – 60 % have this yet are considered healthy ???
      • Vitamin D and testosterone drive metabolism
        • Males burn their energy more capriciously and more constantly
        • Men die earlier
        • Estrogen does not drive metabolism
      • High cholesterol in one study is protective
        • Cholesterol is a precursor of vitamin D
        • Higher Cholesterol prevents carbon pools which are used in dNA replication
        • Cholesterol of greater than 240 decreases dementia as it diverts more to making vitamin D
    • We are distancing ourselves from mother nature
      • Processed foods
      • Light during night
      • Staying away from sun
      • Not going to sleep at dusk and getting up at dusk
      • Parents don’t want kids to go out or be exposed to germs
        • Kids on farms are healthier because they are exposed to germs
    • Corona virus exposes the unhealthy part of youth
    • Increase ADHD, autism, developmental delays are increased
      • These are all redox conditions
  • Research show age of optimal death is age 27
    • Half children have chronic diseases
    • These kids are more likely to react poorly to a vaccine when the redox system is weak


  • Insult the redox system
  • Before age two, brain is restructuring and half neurons die and are reabsorbed
    • Brain is pruning and composting pruned items, and refertilizing with pruning
    • Brain is sensitive to any insult
  • Vaccines in this period affect the development of the central nervous system
  • Vaccines have never been subjected to double controlled studies


  • Improves recycling rate putting oxygen in the tissues
  • So can recycle vitamin C


  • Helps in viral defense
  • Shen get a fever, stop eatingà fat burning
    • Improving recycling vitamin C
    • Improving redox process

Geographical differences

  • Availability of selenium, sun with vitamin D
  • Weather and temperature
    • The government is spending no money looking at these issues
  • Corona virus is a cold damp virus