Sarah Myhill, MD

Tips to undo chronic diseases

DATE AIRED: June 29, 2018

Episode Description

Sarah Myhill, MD gives tips on how to reverse chronic diseases and to maintain optimal health. The simplicity of her advice is advice we can all follow with or without a primary provider. She has helped many people with her approach to address the factors that lead to chronic disease. As the gut is instrumental in the rotation of chronic ideates, she recommends a ketogenic diet along with vitamin C until bowel tolerance to reduce unhealthy bacteria in the small intestine. An organic diet with sufficient vitamin D. She then gives tips on how to fine-tune thyroid and adrenal functions. In addition she discusses how we can assess and how to get rid of the toxins that interfere with the healing process.

Her path

  • Has conventional training.
  • She found that her training differed from what she saw in her office
  • Patient’s wanted to know why they had illnesses
  • She found that food created health issues
    • She found her daughter’s colic and her own rhinitis and sinusitis stopped with stopping dairy products
    • There was nothing in medical text books about this

Chronic Fatigue (CFS)

  • Biggest problem in clinical practice
  • Worse treated condition in conventional medicine because they are not asking why
    • Allergy Etiologies
      • elimination diets helped these people
    • Carbohydrate Intolerance / Fermenting Gut / Sugar Addiction
      • Modern diets make us ill
      • Biggest problem is carbohydrates
        • Are addictive
        • They have to eat constantly throughout the day
        • Fruit is a sugary substance
        • The blood sugars go up and down
          • This causes insulin to go up and down
          • Sugar is shunted into fat
          • When the sugar levels fall, adrenalin is released causing
            • High blood pressure
            • Anxiety
            • Cardiac Palpitations
            • Insomnia

Starting condition for all chronic diseases is the same: the paleo ketogenic diet

  • Evolution intended for us to eat this
  • No dairy, gluten, very little grains, little yeast
    • Gluten
      • Highly processed and toxic
      • Highly allergenic
      • Wheat is high in carbohydrates
      • Due to its difficulty to digest end up with upper fermenting gut
      • High in lectins (Plant toxins)
    • Grains
    • Low carbohydrate diet
    • Mitochondria are meant to be fueled by fat and fermented fiber
    • This will sort 75 % health problems

Upper Fermenting Gut

  • Human gut is almost unique because we can cope with large range of foods
  • Upper gut should be sterile, acidic digesting gut
  • Lower gut is fermenting like horses, cows so can ferment fiber to make short chain fatty acids (another type of fuel
  • We can also function on carbohydrates
    • Can digest, absorb, turn into fat with insulin
  • We can run on two fuels
  • Man had glut of carbohydrates in autumn so we get fat in winter to survive the cold
    • Fat is fuel
    • These fats run out so man return s to ketosis except during the autumn
  • Now we live in a permanent autumn mode and permanent metabolic syndrome
  • If overwhelm gut’s ability to digest, we start fermenting in the upper gut via yeast and bacteria
  • Bacteria and yeast in gut get into blood stream and have potential to drive inflammatory processes at different sites (joints- arthritis, irritable bladder (have symptoms of a urinary tract infection although the bacteria count is not high enough for a diagnosis), chronic urticaria
  • In Japan, they postulate that fermenting gut microbes can get into brain and can ferment brain neurotransmitters  into substances such as LSD and amphetamines
    • This could lead to psychosis, a condition for which a ketogenic diet is a good treatment
      • This starves out microbes because only friendly microbes can ferment fiber
      • Normal brain transmitters return and psychosis subsides
    • Ketogenic diet helps with seizures
    • She has seen brain glioblastomas not progressing on ketogenic diets

Vitamin C

  • We cannot make vitamin C along with guinea pigs and fruit bats
  • 4 – 15 grams per day
  • Kills all microbes, bacteria, yeast, but is non-toxic to human cells
  • Need to test for GP6 deficiency
  • Is a treatment for the upper fermenting gut
  • Have to titrate vitamin C so kills microbes in upper gut but not in lower gut
  • Find this level by increasing vitamin C until bowel tolerance
  • Take 80 – 90 % bowel tolerance level of vitamin C
  • Animals make vitamin C with glucose
  • Vitamin C looks similar to glucose
  • If microbes are starved of sugar, they look for the similar vitamin C . There substances will go to vitamin C if starved of sugar, and these microbes cannot digest vitamin C
  • Vitamin C will help with cancer which needs sugar
    • So starve critters of sugar
    • Supply vitamin C for these sugar seeking critters
  • Vitamin C in large doses is antihistamine which mitigates allergy problems

Food Sensitivities


  • Heavy metals, pesticides, vaccines
  • Switch immune on

Correcting Adrenal and Thyroid Function

Allergy problems mitigated once people are on

  • Ketogenic diet
    • Sugar is inflammatory creating inflammation, oxidative stress, leading to diseases
  • Vitamin C until bowel tolerance
  • Correcting thyroid and adrenals
    • She likes glandulars (armour, desiccated thyroid)
    • Is OK unless have antibodies against thyroid
    • Take ½ upon rising; ¼ at lunch time; ¼ later or ½ in morning ½ at lunch
    • Course tuning
      • Assess blood test (Natural health world with drop of blood)
    • Fine tuning
      • Measure core temperature
      • First need ketogenic diet and working mitochondria
      • Then can measure core temperature for fine tuning
      • Thyroid àaverage temperature take several measurements
      • Adrenals fluctuations .2 to .3 © in either direction
        • Can take adrenal glandular

Energy / Mitochondrial Function

  • Are four big players
  • Car analogy
    • Need the correct fuel ketogenic diet
    • Mitochondrial engine to burn fuel (CFS is mitochondrial dysfunctional
      • Supplements to help co Q 10, vitamin B3, D ribose, carnitine, magnesium’
      • Can be slowed by poisons
        • Heavy metals, pesticides, vaccines
        • Genova test for phthalates, organophosphates
      • Thyroid is accelerator pedal
      • Adrenals are the gear box


  • We area all poisoned from toxic world
  • Body can deal with toxins to an extent
  • Two classes
    • Pesticides
    • Volatile organo compounds
      • Can measure with fat biopsy
      • Genova blood and urine tests
    • They are in our fat: there is fat in the brain
    • We can get rid of them with sweating come to lipid layer in skin
    • 50 sauna, hot baths, running to get hot and sweating, half load
    • Can never get rid of all of the toxins
    • Have to avoid these toxins, eat organic
    • Cosmetics, household cleaning materials are major problem
    • “If you can smell it, it is in the brain.”
    • Heavy metal poisoning
      • Aluminum in deodorants
      • Cadmium cigarette
      • Lead petro and paint
      • Wont see with tests as they go to heart, brain, kidneys brain marrow
      • Need chelating agent. DSMA (can get on line (captomere)
      • Measure heavy metals
        • Empty the bladder
        • Take DSMA orally 15 mg per kg
        • Collect urine for 6 hours and send to lab analyze
          • Biolab in UK
          • Genova in US
        • To rid, take DSMA once a week 15 mg per kg
          • This takes out good minerals as well, so take health


  • Use above techniques diet, vitamin c, thyroid, adrenals, etc
  • Strontium
    • Makes bones more dense, tougher, reduce fracture
    • Can assess with heal ultra sound
  • There is no evidence that calcium supplements help osteoporosis
  • Calcium might make osteoporosis worse because need magnesium
  • Magnesium competes with calcium so high calcium might block magnesium
  • Vitamin D is the key.
    • 500 iu vitamin D daily
    • One hour of sun exposure can make 10 iu vitamin D daily
    • No history of vitamin D toxicity
    • Helps immunity
    • Dampens inflammation

The Infection Game

  • We are free lunch for microbes
  • Most diseases associated with microbes
  • Contributing cause is high carbohydrate diet