Peter Rogers, MD

Atherosclerosis, Heart Disease and Dementia

Aired On: March 25, 2022

Episode Description

Atherosclerosis is best known for causing myocardial infarction, but it is also the main cause of dementia. The common diseases of aging like hypertension, and diabetes are connected to atherosclerosis. I will explain what causes these diseases. The hope is that by understanding the diseases, people will be more motivated to improve their diet and lifestyle. These diseases are poorly understood by most physicians, because the medical school textbooks are out of date. It is important to have a good theory of disease, because this guides prevention. When a person understands the actual causes of atherosclerosis and dementia. they are empowered to prevent these diseases. Everyone has heard of the connection between atherosclerosis and cholesterol, but atherosclerosis actually begins as a blood clot. Everyone has heard of the connection between beta amyloid protein, and Alzheimer’s disease, but the vascular theories are more helpful. The general concepts of disease causation also explain how atherosclerosis is connected to vision loss, hearing loss, back pain, arthritis, and cancer. These issues will be discussed.

Peter Rogers, MD

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What got him interested in this area

  • He had been an athlete but gained weight
  • His mother had cancer and lived well beyond her prognosis.
  • He thought he knew a lot about nutrition
    • How come he was fat, his mother was dying of cancer and his father had a heart attack.
  • So he devoted himself to figure this out

His studies in medical school and studies in nut

  • Study biochemistry as prelude to pharmacology
  • This is considered nutrition so students think they know about nutrition but they don’t
  • He figured the best way to learn about nutrition is to look at epidemiology
  • The Pima Indians when eating the Standard American diet
  • Similar ethnicity who stayed on a traditional diet were more healthy
  • Okinawans had many healthy centinarrians
    • They were eating sweet potatoes, but when they changed their diet became healthy
  • Weston Price found healthy folks on traditional diets to be healthy with round faces
    • When these folks converted to a Western diet, the offspring had elongated diets
    • These diets had commonalities healthy meats and oils
  • Cultures when adopting the Standard American Diets start developing cancer, diabetes

What are the lessons

  • Never eat processed foods
    • Contain MSG, aspartame
    • Estrogenic chemicals are in everything
      • Tricks body that it is pregnant and need to store weight for the baby
      • Activates the p par gamma receptor related to the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus
      • Sources estrogen is a cholesterol steroid hormone has a benzene ring with three double bonds and a hydroxyl group (called a phenol)
        • The benzine ring provides stability so can last for years
        • The attached phenol group is antimicrobial.
      • In everything
        • Most common carbon pyro benz carbonic acids
        • In cosmetic products, laundry detergent, laundry softeners, things put in driers
      • While products will say BPA free, they contain BPS or BPS which is just as bad
        • This leaches into food especially when there is oily or acidic food
        • It Is used in the lining of cans
  • His advice be a minimalist or seek out the simpler version of things
    • Water filters will remove estrogenic, Chlorine, and organic chemicals


  • Some toxins lower our IQs
    • Lead, fluoride, PVCs
  • Excitotoxins
    • They overstimulate post synaptic neurons
      • When combined with other substances that interfere with the supply of energy, these neurons can undergo programmed death called “apoptosis”
      • Lowering energy supply to neurons – hypoperfusion
        • Eating too much sodium
          • IS especially in processed food
          • Causes vasoconstriction – narrowing of the arteries restricting supply to the neuron
        • Some diabetics glucose levels drop at night
          • brain cells need a lot of energy to handle the cell membrane ion pump so hypoglycemia can lower the cell energy
          • countries where eat healthy diet, few get diabetes
        • obstructive sleep apnea, pulsox, oxygen saturation drops in the night
        • low blood pressure from lowering blood pressure
        • atrial fibrillation
          • not necessarily from a clot and a stroke
          • lose 25 % of atrial kick to fill ventricles causing diminished blood supply to the brain
      • This over activates neurons in the hippocampus and can lower IQ
      • Stress is major contributor to poor vascular health
    • Aspartame is a neurotoxin.
      • When the FDA approved it they knew it was carcinogenic
      • Reportedly Donald Rumsfield was hired to get aspartame approved
    • MSG
  • Cellphones
    • Hardell showed relationship with cell phone and cordless phone use and glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas
    • American toxicology study showed a relationship between cell phone use and gliobastomas and heart swannomas
    • Hugh Taylor (Yale) and Suleyman Kaplan individually studied showing that placing a cell phone near a pregnant rodent’s abdomen induces brain changes in the offspring particularly in the hippocampus.

Causes of neurodegeneration – apoptosis, neuron cell death

  • Alzheimer’s Disease atrophy of hippocampus and medial temporal lobe
  • What he sees in the scans is a diffusely atrophic brain
    • He sees bright spots atherosclerotic ischemia- he sees progressive e shrinking of the brain with no obvious reason
      • No decrease in blood supply is seen
      • Does not see multi infarct dementia
        • A stroke, parts of brain die suddenly
        • Inner cell breaks apart, and stuff leaks into brain
    • Often there is neither of these it occurs from apoptosis through out the brain
      • This is gradual cell death the inner contents are released into brain

Stress is major contributor to poor vascular health

  • Sympathetic increases fight or flight response
    • Sympathetic system ramps up blood pressure to increase blood supply
    • Clotting factors activated in case of injury
      • Blood becomes thicker increasing
        • Fibrinogen a blood clotting protein
        • Von willenbands factor
        • Platelet activation
        • Increases factor 8
      • Is why stressed people have increased risk of heart attacks
    • Caffeine engenders the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin,(epinephrine, norepinephine. STRESS EQUIVALENTs
    • Poos sleep increases the stress hormones

Recommendations to deal with stress

  • Exercise
    • Distracts
    • Improves lymphatic flow 10 30 times
      • Proteins that leak out of blood vessels are cleaned up by lymphatic flow
    • Increased cancer survivor
  • eat starches for calories
    • Beans, rice, potatoes, oatmeal, quinola
      • Are low in calories
      • Stretch the stomach
      • When fiber coating stripped by enzymes gives slow rise in glucose
    • In sweet drink without fiber, pancreas pumps out too much insulin driving down glucose level quickly so person feels weak wanting more sugar
      • This leads to diabetes and fatty liver
      • Insulin pushes sugar into cell
    • Note eating a lot of meat can increase glucose levels unless eaten with fat
      • Cows are fed insecticides, hormones and antibiotics
      • Chickens used to be fed arsenic

Prevention of Heart Attacks

  • Eat a lot of calories from starches
  • Fruits contain fiber and antioxidants
  • Atherosclerosis = occlusion of an artery
    • Simple sugars increases triglycerides and cyclomicrons making blood thicker
      • Increases clotting and red blood cell rouleau formation
      • EMF also increases Rouleau formation (Beverly Rubrk’s work)
    • Pathologists have insights into atherosclerosis
      • Primary initiating incident is clot or thrombus
        • Can cause stroke or MI
      • Old clot from calcified clot
    • Minimize risk factors
    • Men have increased risk of atherosclerosis
      • Women fewer heart attacks pre menopause
      • Typical red blood cells are bigger than the capillaries
      • Red Blood cells will live 120 days and then go to the spleen
      • If an old red blood cell is glycated (very stiff from sugars)
        • Younger red blood cells are more flexible
        • Menstruating women have more younger red blood cells so fewer clots
        • In 60 year old women who had stores or Alzheimer’s, many had hysterectomies thus they don’t have the advantage of having a large proportion of younger red blood cells

Fibroids in women

  • Estrogen makes these benign tumours grow faster from estrogen compounds in the water?


  • Cell phones in pocket
  • Obesity ; testosterone is converted to estrogens via the aromatase pathway.
  • Also increased estrogens in water, food, cosmetics, mosterizers, sunscreen

Breast cancers

  • Aluminum is. A metalo estrogen
    • Has estrogenic effect not necessarily at the estrogen receptor
  • Breast cancer more likely in upper outer quadrant (from 25 to 60 % of breast cancers
  • This increase in outer quadrant breast cancers likely due to the aluminum in deodorants
    • Deodorants have aluminum to clog up the sweat glands and preservative (parabens)
    • Lymphatics are shared from the breast and axilla
    • Like absorbs like so the lipids in deodorants are likely to be absorbed into the skin thus the aluminum and parabens will be absorbed
      • The skin is lipid and keratin material which keeps water out
      • These estrogens are absorbed into the breast which interpret it as a signal to produce mail
  • Cell phones near breasts will increase risk of breast cancer


  • Live like a minimalist
  • Be careful with products