Peter A McCullough, MD, MPH

Covid & Vaccines: censorship & government lies

Aired on: June 18, 2021

Episode Description

The covid pandemic has challenged the world and shone a light on our medical system. Pandemics require a multi-prong approach including early treatment, preventive measures, hospitalization, and vaccines. Dr. McCullough, a renowned cardiologist, internist, and researcher on covid has examined each of these prongs. In his testimonies in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, he reported that essential, effective, life savings treatments were suppressed. Following this thread, he explains the origins of the virus, how it spreads, and the validity of testing. He will address the question – are our government staffers serving us well? Has medicine been politicized with policies determined by staffers without the input from physicians who are on the front lines treating patients.? Also, he will discuss the origins of the vaccine and its effects.

Covid & Vaccines: censorship & government lies

Peter A McCullough, MD, MPH

Source of virus

  • One year ago, Wikipedia published that virus came from lab in Wuhan
  • Then an article published in lancet said that the virus spontaneously in a fish market
    • 30 % patients had never gone to the fish market
    • Research shows that a Wuhan lab worker died from the virus and was likely to have transmitted it to others
  • Alterations that made this virus lethal were clearly man made and could not have occurred otherwise
    • Changes to make the spike proteins unbreakable
    • Four loops added to the spike protein to contain RNA/ code for HIV, the AIDs virus
      • Pts develop low immunity as in the AIDs virus
      • Usually in a viral disease, patients have an increased lymphocyte count, but with this virus, there is a decrease in lymphocyte count as with the AIDs virus
      • An Australian vaccine against the spike protein in virus turned all the subjects positive for the HIV virus
  • It is estimated that 40 % of reported positive cases are false positive tests
  • There is no accounting for a person having repeated tests
  • No one accounts for whether patients had covid previously or were vaccinated
  • Because many positive covid tests are in the vaccinated, the government stopped obtaining data on how many covid patients were previously vaccinated
  • John Hopkins has a 2017 plan to prepare for the Corona virus epidemic
    •  They had the data planned beforehand
  • Steve Kirsh has offered $2 million to anyone that can show CDC, NIH, WHO did anything to help patients at home to prevent hospitalization or death 

Gain of Function Research

  • Corona Viruses, which cause the common cold is like a ball (nucleod capsid) with spike proteins sticking out
  • There was intentional gain of function research to make the spike protein unbreakable
    • Normally the body can break the spike protein at the furine cleavage site
    • When the spike protein is broken off, the virus is digested and easily handled by the body
  • With the gain of function research, this spike protein is unbreakable and the virus can travel to the ACE II receptors, tempus II receptors and rapidly enter the body
    • This virus rapidly replicates and triggers immune reactions
    • This virus causes destruction and is fatal by causing blood clotting by causing hemagglutination and thrombosis
      • The spike protein sticks into certain structures on the surface of red blood cells causing them to clump together
      • Difficulties breathing is caused by micro thrombosis or blood clotting in the blood – not due to the virus itself
  • Every CDC / WHO policy promotes fear
    • Increases cortisol
    • Results in people deferring to authority
    • CDC has no authority to mandate masks

How the virus spreads

  • Through  the air in close contact
  • US and Chinese studies indicate 85 % of the spread is in the home
    • The initial spread was in places where there were dense populations
  • In the Princess Cruise Boat, they found dead virus on plates and surfaces
    • Even though this virus on surfaces was noninfectious, it triggered fear
    • Sanjay Gupta, MD on TV was telling everyone to sterilize groceries and wipe everything
    • This contributed to gripping the population with fear

Fear has overcome common sense with regards to viral spread

  • In some countries people cannot leave their houses without government affidavits
  • The data bank overestimates the number of covid cases (the same person can be counted many times
  • The covid deaths are over estimated.  A suicide, or car accident can be called a covid death
    • CDC admits that less than 10 % of reported covid deaths are due to covid alone
    • The government gave incentives to report covid
      • Hospital gets $13,000 for each covid patient
      • Hospital gets $39,000 for putting a patient on a ventilator

How  we test for this virus

  • These tests are only for people with positive symptoms
  • There never has been any indication to use these tests on people without symptoms
    •  This has no basis in science or regulatory approval
  • The testing evolved over time
  • All positive tests are reported to a central data center
  • His initial test was to obtain viral RNA, run it through a replication cycle to amplify it to see if the RNA was there
    • 2000 copies was a positive test
    • Today’s test can identify as few as 15 copies. 
  • The PCR testing
    • can test for some of the nuclear sequences for the nuclear capsid on the ball of the virus as well as some of the polymerases
    • cannot identify for the spike protein
    • This test is not sensitive, but has a high predictive value
    • Cycle threshold
      • At lower cycle threshold, test loses sensitivity but has a higher predictive value
        • Means when the test is positive the virus is really there
        • High cycle threshold, are picking up dead virus or other RNA pathogens
          • Has a lot of false positives (eg. In athlete teams)
  • Antigen testing
    • Can identify the ball of the virus which is the same as the SARS I virus
  • Sequencing
    • Can identify sequences that are there
    • Chinese. Use this
    • Best place to sequence this is in the GI tract, so they are using anal swabs

Four Pillars of a pandemic response

  • Reduce the spread
    • An infected person wears a mask, quarantines
  • Early treatment
    • There is time between infection and the development of serious spread
  • Hospital treatment if early treatment does not occur
    • The death rate for patients in the ICU is 38 %
  • Vaccination
  • He testified November 19 at a Senate Hearing
    • They left out early treatment and focused on hospitalizations and vaccines
    • This promoted deaths

Early Treatment

  • Patients with nutrient deficiencies have higher mortality
    • Vitamins C and D, zinc, quercitin, NAC, lysine can lower mortality
  • For some the virus is fatal
  • No single drug works for all three phases of the virus
  • Virus has three phases
    • Viral replication
    • Immune dysregulation / cytokine storm
    • thrombosis
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Regeneron
    • The president and Rudy Guilliani received this
    • Why are Americans demanding this treatment
  • Oral drugs
    • Hydroxyquinine (HCQ)
    • Ivermectin
    • With doxycycline or azithromycin
    • Fabipurimir approved in 5 countries
    • These are helpful but not essential
      • Dr. Cheti in South Africa treated inflammation and thrombosis
        • inhaled steroid (budesonide)
      • Texas physician, Richard Bartlett used inhaled budesonide
        • This works per UK and his study
      • Oral steroids can help (prednisone)
      • Colchicine (anti-inflammatory used for gout)
        • Reduces hospitalization and death significantly
        • This was successful in clinical trial, Col Corona suppressed from publication for five months
        • This was the largest prospective randomized, double blind super controlled study on covid treatments
      • Singular can help
  • For blood thinners
    • Aspirin 325 mg
    • For higher risk patients, use blood thinners
      • Luvonox. Heparin or oral anticoagulants

Why are medical journals, mainstream media, and social media censoring early treatment?

  • It is like amemo went out to subvert any approaches that can prevent hospitalization
  • Patients who have a positive covid test are not given advice
  • They are told to go home until you are supersick
    • These people wait until they are very sick contagious then call for help
    • Doctors were told not to treat patients as there “is no cure.”
    • Hospitals did not treat patients
    • National Institute of Health published a guideline in 10/22 telling doctors not to treat as there is no treatment
      • This says when oxygen levels go down, prescribe remdesivir
        • which caused death by renal failure
        • remdesivir is an antiviral, but at this late stage, patients are dying from blood clotting
  • Youtube CEO stated she will censor anything on vitamin C and curcumin
  • FDA was told if they not promote vitamin D, they can get lucrative jobs later

Therapeutic Nihilism

  • Group think of not treating a patient for a particular problem
    • Drug users, cigarette smokers, patients on renal dialysis
    • Covid patients were shunned
  • The US “experts”, pundits and commentators in NIH, CDC never treated covid patients
  • We could have saved 500,000 lives, never have shut down


  • There is no evidence of any benefit in covid recovered patients
  • Immediately governments announced vaccines as the panacea
  • Operation warp speed
    • In 2016 here was were plans by Pfizer to devise a vaccine against the gain of function spike protein
    • Funded by DARTA, BARTA
    • This was planned out in 2016
    • All these vaccines trick the body into making the Wuhan spike protein in an uncontrolled manner
    • The vaccine makers were dishonest in saying the spike protein in the arm
      • Pfizer study showed the spike protein distributed to the spleen, liver , lymph nodes, reproductive organs particularly the ovaries,
      • This concentrated in the ovaries
      • Spike protein is measurable in the blood for two weeks (Harvard) so it contaminates the blood
    • Studied in healthy
      • Pregnant women not allowed in study
      • Children were not studied
  • The vaccine has a less than one percent virus risk reduction in the general population
    • Low absolute risk reduction
    • It has been estimated that 60 – 70 % of the population is vaccinated and that 60 – 70 % of the new cases will be in the vaccinated
    • Never before has a dangerous element been injected into pregnant women
  • In children
    •  Pfizer data on 2300 children,
      • Prevented the sniffles in 18 children
      • There was no significant benefit
      • 60- 80 % of the children got sick after the vaccine
        • Nausea, vomiting, muscle aches
        • Temperatures as high as 40 degrees
  • He believes this vaccine should have been targeted to high risk persons, nursing home workers,
  • 1/3 of patients receiving vaccines have already had covid, and they will not get covid again
  • There are no safeguards for safety

There are no clinical evaluation, data monitoring board, ethics committees