Paul Alexander, PhD

Covid: Early Viable Treatments that were Censored

Aired on: July 2, 2021

Episode Description

The pandemic has affected almost everyone in the world. Not only were economies trashed but the US Constitution and Bill of Rights can no longer be relied on to protect us. There were available treatments that if they were not censored, could have saved many lives and avoided a large part of the economic devastation of the worldwide lockdowns. Yet, doctors all over the world were discouraged from using these treatments. Lawmakers who discussed it were censored and had scathing attacks in the media. It is interesting that in April 2021, the US and Canadian government issues documents indicating that doctors who prescribed these treatments would be subject to prosecution and civil penalties. Around the same time, Australia promoted 6 month jail sentences for such doctors. What is going on? Dr. Alexander, and expert in these early treatments and who served as a COVID pandemic consultant for WHO-PAHO and for the Trump administration, will discuss better approaches for the COVID pandemic.

Covid: early viable treatments that were censored

Paul Alexander, PhD

Former WHO, PAHO  covid pandemic consultant

Senior covid advisor Trump Administration

The governments have failed the science  in managing the pandemic

  • Their methods were ineffective and caused catastrophic harm
  • Dr. Alexander was WHOs, and PAHOs early treatment advisor
  • In mid April he was asked to join the President’s task force in senior secretary’s office
    • When he arrived, he was threatened
    • They refused to give him staff, paperwork or payment
    • Then in Sept, they smeared him, followed him, and he had to be moved often for his safety and he had to leave
    • “The media is filth.”

Stages of disease

  • Viral replication – a good time to treat lasting 2 weeks
  • Cytokine inflammatory phase where immune system attacks you
  • Thrombotic phase

How covid should have been dealt with

  • Protect the high risk people and elderly
    • They were not protected as a large number of people entered.
  • Engage in issues about proper hygiene (eg., Hand washing)
  • Test and isolate only symptomatic people
  • No testing or isolation of asymptomatic persons
  • Early out patient treatment for the vulnerable
    • Can stop symptoms in a few days
    • Early treatment can prevent hospitalizations by 80 %
  • Let the rest of society, low risk persons,  live a normal life
  • Lockdowns and school closures continued for a year when a month would have been sufficient to learn about the virus

Policies harmed people throughout the world

  • Businesses closed
  • Children and business owners committed suicide
  • Study June 2020 20 % students  (age 18- 24) seriously considered suicide due to the lock downs and isolation
    • These are the healthiest group
    • Hence, Trump pushed for reopening society and schools and early treatment
  • The country’s health is dependent on economic health
    • Eg., getting a job to improve income to have a healthier situation
    • Coivd exploits risk factors
      • Covid has shown how unhealthy the population is
      • The poorer in the community have suffered more from the virus
  • Trump was open to early treatment with any safe therapeutic to save lives
    • The members of his task force and forces in the FDA  were against this
    • Fauci’s job was to inform the President, yet they fought him
    • Fauci, Collins, Berkes gave him bad advices
      • Lockdowns
        • Thousands have killed themselves
      • Trump wanted to open society, and Fauci kept fighting him
    • Trump should have allowed time to assess the vaccine safety issues
  • Doctors were conducting studies designed to study
    • Giving the wrong dose at the wrong time, the wrong groups (the healthy)
      • Eg can’t give antivirals have to be given in viral replication stage
      • in the cytokine phase, the immune system is attacking them need corticosteroids
  • The Regulatory agencies were against early treatment
    • They insisted on clinical trials
    • 2016 passed the Cures act mandates that  the FDA look at all evidence besides randomized controlled trials
    • No one could have a serious conversation with the FDA on the early treatment science
    • Patients were told to go home until they get very, very sick
    • Why not apply antivirals to patients early in the disease
    • The government tied the hands of doctors and threatened them
      • They went after doctors who successfully treating patients
      • Doctors were intimidated

Early treatments

  • Hydroxyquinine (HCQ)


  • He is against the vaccine for children
    • CDC has never said why children should get an experimental dug that has not been tested
    • Children at a low risk for covid death; the vaccine has caused myocarditis in children
    • CDC data shows risk for children is near zero
  • People are not getting consent
    • Consent is when you are in your doctor’s care and you get benefits and risks knowing your clinical profile 
    • The vaccine is potentially deadly
  • The rules that grew out of the Tuskegee Project (and Nuremberg Trials) were not followed
    • Syphilis was deliberately caused, and treatment was denied
    • This resulted in rules that should have been followed, which have not been followed
    • The vaccine is experimental
    • The vaccine manufacturer has no liability

Source of censorship

  • Everything other than science was at play
  • Was this due to hatred towards Trump
    • America is the last bastion of hope and is getting in the way of globalization and the “great reset”
    • These people are against Trump who is standing up against the world agenda
    • They did the opposite of what Trump mentioned out of hatred
    • Thus their Trump hatred was turned against to hurt the American People
    • Paul Ryan made sure that Trump had no successes
    • Perhaps they still censor to hide the damage they did
  • CDC can make no policy decisions
    • Schools should be opened as is safest place for children