Karen Krestel

Off the Hook

Aired on: October 23, 2020

Episode Description

Most of us are tethered to our cell phones. Texting, tweeting, and checking emails, and checking Facebook likes are the orders or the day. Some believe these habits become addictive. Corporations are designing ever more clever ways to get us hooked on these attention-seeking smartphones. With the increasing number of teenage suicides, brain tumors, gambling addiction, chronic anxiety, cyberbullying, pornography on tap (literally, ‘with one tap’ of your digit) why aren’t we admitting the part these smartphones have played in these side effects of digital addiction? Karen realized her mobile phone was causing anxiety, dizziness, insomnia. She kept losing her balance, and realised that her sons were constantly distracted too. She describes her process where she abandoned her cell phone in search of sanity and to exact freedom from it. She describes this life enhancing process, the challenges, and the spiritual and relationship connectivity benefits

Off the Hook.

Karen Krestel

Author of Off the Hook       


Karen on a new Year’s Resolution to give up her cell phone usage for a year

  • She feels this saved her life because she had many side effects that people get from using their cell phones
  • She found her cell phone increases her stress which increases cortisol leading to
    • Increased inflammation, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and most chronic diseases
  • She believes cell phone usage encourages people to be isolated
  • She wants children to be responsible for their emotional wellbeing and health
    • Stems from being centered and knowing their truths
  • She wants people to be in touch with their inner world
  • This helps with finding true connection
  • Encourages heart to heart, finding authenticity, mindfulness. Connecting with what is deep and important.

Karen’s motivation for stopping her cell phone use

  • Her own health
  • She did mindfulness for years
  • She noticed she was stressed all days
  • She realized that her biggest stress trigger was her cell phone
    • When she got a “ping” she noticed her stress (cortisol) increased
  • Her side effects from her cell phone use
    • Dizziness, headaches, poor sleep, confusion, fatigue, short term memory loss
  • She was saddened by connection with sons
    • She wanted to show them that she could do without her cell phone
  • She was examining her life

Changes she noticed when she stopped using her cell phone

  • She slept much better
    • Fewer lights in room
  • Less dizziness, confusion, less short term memory loss, fewer headaches.
  • Her children felt there were increased conversations
  • Encouraged her children to believe they needed life skills
  • She could focus on herself

Biological changes with cell phone radiation

  • Short term effects
    • Opens blood brain barrier creating brain fog
    • Opens up the gut barrier – leads to autoimmune disease
    • Interferes with intercellular communication
    • Many of us may be affected, but not be aware of it
    • Poor sleep
      • Sets off chains of inflammation, oxidative stress leading to ill health
      • Associated with depression
  • Long term effects
    • Hardel’s studies – neuroblastomas and acoustic neuromas with cell phone and cordless phone use
    • American Toxicology Study increased glioblastomas and heart schwannomas
    • Hugh Taylor (Yale) and also Suleyman Kaplan’s (Turkey) studies that putting a cell phone near a pregnant rodent’s abdomen results in brain changes to the offspring
    • Olie Johannsson – 5 % persons in Sweden are EMF sensitive

Her Challenges

  • She wanted to see if she could do it
  • She wanted to show her children she could do it.

Cell phone use by children

  • Current generation on a digital deluge
    • Older folks surprised children getting cell phone at such a young age
  • Radiation goes through a larger proportion of a child’s brain
    • Their skulls are thin
    • Their cells are rapidly changing
  • Do children’s online persona relate to who they are
    • Focused on surface superficialities rather than authenticity inside
    • Tweeting is a connection not communication
  • Effects on communication
    • Affects authenticity,
    • We are losing human contact
      • Less eye to eye contact
        • Kids are finding eye to eye contact  intimidating
      • Shorter conversations
    • Good relationships
  • Behavior to find things online ingrained at an early age

Cellphones are Programmed to be addictive

  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with addiction
  • Getting a ping or message leads to  a dopamine rush
  • Programmers have designed the phone to increase dopamine to get people addicted
    • Called the slot machine hesitation
    • There is a delay in receiving “likes”
  • When dopamine goes up, serotonin (happiness goes down)
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wouldn’t let the kids have cell phones at an early age

Her safety issues with telecommunication companies

  • Cell phone patents indicate cell phones can cause brain tumours
  • Also insurance companies will not insure telecommunication companies
  • Scientists know cell phones need to be held away from the body
  • Distance warnings are hard to find on devices
  • Mothers are giving children ipads with pictures of mother
  • There are wifi devices women insert internally to communicate with fetuses
  • There are wifi enhanced onseys

5 G

  • Specific frequencies can have specific effects on the body
  • Can be used for surveillance wherever a person is
  • Active denial disperses crowds by using a frequencies that affect sweat glands
  • With climate control, it is possible that all a person does will be monitored
  • ITV documentary Chinese Digital Gulag
    • Each person’s expressions and words were monitored
    • Bad thoughts or expressions resulted in the wiggens going to education camps
    • Some researchers believe emotions/ thoughts could be sent
    • Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, said that 5 G could be evil and culling us

What she discovered in her experiment

  • Do not need cell phones
  • Computers can be used in place of a cell phone
  • She got better in logistics
    • Connecting in airports was challenging so she wore brightest colours so she could be found


  • Set limits on children’s cell phone use
    • Phone lock box
  • For health effects
    • Distance is our friend
    • Consider turning wifi off at night