Nikki Florio

Did the Gov Cause Climate Change: a Delve into Geoengineering

Aired On: October 14, 2022

Episode Description

As a person valuing our planet, I have not turned my heat on since the 73 oil embargo except for guests (even in the snow and ice) and refused to use my air conditioning in the tropics although the US Embassy paid my utility bills. However, this question needs to be asked and is answered by today’s guest. Some have said that the government can cause a problem and then come up with the solution. According to the documentary Something Ain’t Right, narrated by Kevin Sorbo, had the governments not censored doctors who were successfully treating covid at the early stages, 80 % of covid deaths could have been avoided. Had these doctors not been censored, it is likely that there would have been no lockdowns or mandates as the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA still in effect in the US?) could not have been evoked. An EUA can only be evoked if there are no available alternative treatments. So is the premise of this broadcast conspiracy or reality?

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Nikki Florio – Did the Gov Cause Climate Change: a Delve into Geoengineering?


  • 5 G , geoengineering and agricultural chemicals are trifecta of destruction
  • If we want to stop the reset , we need to take these reigns out of the elites
  • How can we be healthy and have optimal health
  • There are a lot of environmental toxins affecting our health
  • Toxins are synergistic and have a greater detrimental effect that the sum of the toxins

Nikki’s background

  • She set up a regional environmental program in Tahoe area
  • She notices strange storms, thunder snow, and odd rain and weather events
  • She  looked these up and found they were due to geoengineering
  • controlling systems in atmosphere, one has control over the global economy

What is geoengineering?

  • Deliberate large scale intervention in earth’s systems to counteract climate change
  • Check website website
  • Documentary Why in the World are they Spraying?
  • Have to search deeply to learn about technology as it is not readily advertised
  • If google geoengineering, get a lot of information on what science foundations cover
  • Three areas doing geoengineering
    • Science foundations doing climate mitigation
      • Solar radiation management
        • Blocking of the sun to cool the planet
        Carbon dioxide removal (carbon dioxide sequestration)

      • Oxford university studies how quickly they can cool the planet

      • Cornell, Stanford, NCAR, Harvard
      Military does geoengineering for warfare or to protect our troops
      • Vice president Lyndon Johnson made a speech about controlling the weather would control the worldIn 1996, the US Airforce wrote a research paper, “owning the weather in 20252025 was a study by the US Airforce studying technologies to achieve global dominance in 2025
        • She says we are already thereIn Vietnam was   Operation Popeye where we flooded out Ho Chi Minh trail cutting the supplies from North Vietnam
        After Operation Popeye, Un put together En Mo  (environmental modification) treaty an agreement not to use weather modification for warfare.In 2011, discussing the Western countries inducing drought in Iran
        • Funded by US taxpayers
      Commercial world for profit does the most geoengineering
      • Ski slopes make snow and cloud seeding
      • Weather modification, Inc running weather modification projects for over 50 yearsAre midscale projects and small scale projects ($100,000) so can have a sunny weather or football game
        • Aerosol technologies are most visible (from planes Done by commercial and military planes Use rockets and balloons
        A global satellite view would show clouds over all the oceans most are geoengineered
        • Heat comes in but cannot escape at night. Increasing global warming
        Ionosphere ionic heaters HAARP
        • HAARP turned off but turned back on years agoCan locate these on a website called
        Cloud ionizers
        • Can create rain as airplanes is antiquated technology
        Laser technologies
        • 2018 China set up chambers on of Tibetan plateau to be used for commercial needsChina used weather modification to prevent rain in the 2008 OlympicsRecent Chinese winter Olympics, the weather was entirely geoengineered
      To control the world, control the weather
      • Used for agriculture, transportation telecommunication, mining, energy  (both conventional and alternative energies).In telecom industry need to be able to control the weatherfor the satellites
      Cloud technologies are most visible. Also use chemicals, metallic agents, nanographene, aluminum, barium, strontium, sulfur, iron oxide. These rain down on us.Is a perpetual haze all over the worldClouds are changing
      • 2017, the American meteorological society and world meteorological organization listed new cloud types
        •  New cloud types contrail called homogenous. (manmade), also called persistent contrails
          • Made from aerosol spraysOther clouds can be made by addressing the frequency
            • Cyrus clouds look. Like high-squooshed, flat,  cotton ballsScalar clouds see after the release of aerosolShelf cloudsLong roll clouds- lowAngilatus astrolatus. Look underwaterMammatus looks like clouds sinking out of sky
              • Now common.  In past were not common
          Chemtrails is the title of chemical aerosol trail defined by the US Airforce and documented in 1996
      When it rains, it is saturated:  when the sky clears don’t have natural rainbows anymore
      • Now see double rainbows at 45-degree angle without the full natural spectrumDon’t see natural rainbows which are at a smaller angleThe atmosphere becomes electrostatic resulting in more thunderstorms and hale which damages crops and kills livestock
      Big storms were big money makers
      • After Hurricane
    Katrina, US gov agencies looked at ways to modify the
      • forces of hurricanes
        • Considered carbon black aerosol
          • This has been sprayed at night and over clouds
          When cloud system breaks up end up with spots on vehicles and sky is murky
      In 1972, the University of Colorado was working with DOD for hurricane intensification using carbon blackIn early 2000, there was a company had a product that could decrease hurricanes by spraying above themThere is a lot more ice damage lately as most storms are modified in some wayMonsanto has a bacteria called ice minus
    • Every state and the federal laws differ
      • Generally it is legal without the knowledge or consent of citizens

Climate Change v. climate engineering

  • Climate change
    • In 1970s was called the greenhouse effect
      • Greenhouses have lush, humid, oxygen-rich
    environmentThe plants absorb carbon dioxide which boosts their growthThe heat-escaping
      • environment should result in more plants, humidity, plants would be flourishing and lush
        • We never went through this
        • Instead, we have gone through a more dry environment
        • We lost the dew which is important for the plants, bugs, and birds
        • Plants are drying out; oxygen levels are decreasing globally
        • Climate change from carbon dioxide does not match what happened.
    • Late 1990s was called global warming
    • Now is called climate change
  • Triple threat, geoengineering, 5 G, and agrichemical
  • For the past 30 – 40 years US and the world has been fed a steady stream of misinformation on the environment
  • The climate is changing: have more extreme weather, weather whiplash (hot to cold),
    • These are not caused by carbon dioxide or methane
    • The primary driver of the changes
  • Natural condensation trail v engineered condensation trail
  • These nano particulates exhibit explosion
    • Has a huge impact on agriculture and wildfires. Severity not disproportional to the size
      • Explosion possibility is increased
      • These nano particulates break down moisture à the reason for ow humidity and we don’t see dew anymore
      • Once in soil, aluminum disrupts plants’ ability to uptake nutrients
        • This makes plants intolerant to heat and subject to fires
      • (Aluminum, barium, strontium, ferric oxide

Negative effects

  • Everything is affected
    • The microbes and fungi n soil
    • Trees and plants
    • Insects inhaling these – it is dangerous
    • It gets into the soil and then into the food
    • Bees are loaded with these chemicals when taking nectar from flowers
    • Animals are affected
    • Humans are inhaling these chemicals and nano graphene
      • Causing neurological
      • Document in NIH stating this affects every system in body
        • Normally when there is a forest fire, clouds are created (pyrocumulus cloud). When this cloud goes up into the atmosphere to gain moisture
        • With big enough fires, these clouds fold back on themselves and form a pyrocumulus nimbus
        • These will create rain in the direction of the fire (where the smoke is going
        • It cools and puts moisture down in direction of fire.
        • This was stopped in fires
          • To create distress, move people to central areas for reset
          • There is a lot of money in the rebuilding of infrastructure
          • 80 million dollars in Hurricane Katrina
          • 160 million dollars for next crisis

Agrichemical Companies

  • Are creating crops that grow in low sunlight and inside massive indoor grow houses
  • Geoengineering is breaking down the ozone layer – so feel burning as radiation is coming in
  • Monsanto makes aluminum-tolerant crops
    • Blocking sunlight affects plants
  • The created clouds are dry
    • Rain is little or large downpours. No longer a storm front that gets harder and harder with a storm for a couple of days
      • Now have one extreme or the other


  • Military can use an element called chaff (aluminum coated —) which is similar to what is being used in primary geoengineering projects
  • 5 G  “ a download quicker platter”
  • 5 G is foundation for the internet of things
    • Includes satellites and ground made antennas (from 40 to LED street lamps
    •  From regular human frequencies
    • Go from Hz to gigahertz, shorter waves that don’t travel far
    • Are 350 million new LED street lamps
  • elites know US folks are inattentive to what is going on
  • Towers look like street poles, cactus, trees
  • 5g cell phones are tracking and tracing device
    • Facial recognition
    • Perpetual recordings
    • Is highly profitable for investment companies
  • In great reset, is transhumanism agenda
    • Moving people out of humsn realm into engineered realm where you can be controlled
      • Easy to get folks addicted to phones
        • They see what you want and desire
        • Can feed you what you want
      • Also inhaling particals
  • High end of spectrum has been auctioned off
  • Lower frequencies cause
    • Neurological and respiratory problems deficiencies
  • 5 G goes through first layers of body
    • Causes problems


  • Her project is designed to expose technology that mainstream media does not cover,
  • Not even the science meeting discussed these
  • She covered agrochemicals for 25 years
  • She covered geoengineering and 5 G
    • Have huge effects on health