Neil Miller

Questions about Vaccines

Aired on August 14th, 2020

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The search for a vaccine for the covid virus has been underway for twenty years. Now there is a push to complete this within a short period of time. There appear to be two extreme camps regarding vaccines. Is there any way to meet in the middle? What is needed for vaccines to be effective and healthy? Are patients with mitochondrial dysfunction more susceptible to the adjuvant ingredients placed in vaccines What does the research show?

Neil Miller


Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

vaccine safety manual for concerned practitioners

Authorities are looking at digital vaccine records (COVID PASS) and having driving licenses, not able to travel or get a job

Research on Vaccines

  • He has studies vaccines for 30 years
    • He researched and summarized 400 studies from the peer review literature
  • Currently 54 % or more of children have chronic ailments
    • Includes ADHD
  • Before the immunization schedule, the rate was 12 %

Vaccines contain mercury and aluminum are in vaccines and act synergistically per Dr. Boyd Hailey

Flu Vaccine

  • People who get the influenza vaccine two years in a row, that vaccine is likely to have negative efficacy
    • Vaccine may have efficacy if gotten only for one year
    • The 2nd year, the person is significantly more likely to contract influenza
    • 90 % of today’s flu vaccines contain mercury/ thimerosal
      • This is extremely toxic causing neurological disorders

Hepatitis B Vaccines

  • Was developed in the 1980s
  • Has been scientifically linked to diabetes
  • They expected a large market for the high-risk people such as drug users
  • The pharmaceutical companies were getting these people to come in for the vaccine, so they created the FDA that all infants needed the vaccine because they are “accessible” and that by vaccinating all infants would offer passive immunity to the high-risk group of drug users.  (I.e., they were given the side effects to a low risk group to protect the high risk group that does not come in for vaccines
  • The pharmaceutical industry pushes to mandate vaccines as soon as they are developed.
  • He states there is collusion between legislators, big pharma and regulating industries
  • Contains aluminum

Virus vaccine

  • It is not the antibodies that matter, it is the T cells
  • He states there is not a correlation between the number of antibodies and protection from the disease
    • There are people with no antibodies that have good protection

HPV vaccine

  • Has serious problems and should be taken off the market
  • This vaccine, given to healthy young girls, results in the girls becoming incapacitated, disabled, or dying
  • Columbia had a class action suit against Gardasil which is in the vaccines
  • He believes Japan suspended mandating this vaccine

Pertussis vaccine

  • Contains aluminum – neurotoxin
  • Dr. Chris Shaw has shown a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Drinking silica infused water can help with this

DPT Vaccine

  • Children in Africa (Toga, Guinea Bissau
    • The pertussis vaccine causes an increase in all cause mortality
    • In US , acellular vaccine is given
      • They have to give 5 doses because the immunity/ antibodies falls off quickly.
    • Whole cell vaccine was pulled of the US market because it caused neurological and brain damage.   Yet they continue to give this to children in Africa.
    • Dr. Peter Abbey’s studies show girls that receive the DPT vaccine are 5 to 10 times likely to die from other causes within the next couple of years
      • The vaccine may be effective in reducing the risk of catching pertussis
      • This is called NSE, nonspecific effects
      • This is still happening but WHO refuses to accept the data

Corona Virus Vaccines

  • They are fast tracking these vaccines and are bypassing safety studies
    • Are bypassing animal studies
  • 2002 Sars virus was prevalent , a corona virus
    • It was causing a high death
  • The SARs vaccine 2002 (from China) later virus went away
    • was somewhat effective in mice, but it was not protective in the adult mice
    • when the mice were exposed to the wild SARs virus, all the mice developed pulmonary pathology, with many deaths.
    • The vaccine primed them to get sick later when exposed to the virus
  • Corona virus in Saudi Arabia 2012. MERS
    • Vaccine was not effective in senior mice, but when exposed to the virus
  • There is a covid pass a digital pass listing all the vaccines taken

Multiple Vaccines administered simultaneously

  • Paul Offit publicly stated it is OK for a child to receive up to 10,000 vaccines simultaneously.
  • Neil conducted a study with Dr. Gary Goldman (who had worked for the CDC because they did not allow him to publish any data about dilatory effects associated with vaccines
    • Study 1
      • Children that received the most vaccines simultaneously are statistically more likely to be hospitalized and die
      • If you receive 8 vaccines simultaneously, you  are statistically more likely to be hospitalized and die than if you have 7 vaccines
      • If you get 7 vaccines simultaneously, you  are statistically more likely to be hospitalized and die than if you get 6 vaccines
      • Etc.
      • There is a linear relationship with the number of vaccines and the likelihood of death or hospitalization


  • The pregnant mother is expected to get a flu vaccine (with mercury), pertussis (with aluminum) vaccine
    • The aluminum and mercury crosses the placenta  to the baby
  • They give newborn babies hepatitis B vaccine (contains
  • At 2 months, child receives 8 vaccines polio, hepatitis B, diphtheria (contains aluminum), tetanus, pertussis, hemophilus   B, pneumococcal vaccine (containing aluminum)
  • At 4 months receive 8 vaccines again
  • At 6 months.  Receive 9 vaccines including the influenza vaccine (contains mercury)
  • That is 34 vaccines by age 6 months

Neurological studies

  • There are dozens of studies showing the vaccines increase neurological and immunological disorders
  • Dr. Bryan Booker and Neil published a study(downloaded 100,000 times) study
    • Thousands of records of fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and non-vaccinated children
    • Children that received vaccines are statistically more likely to end up with ear infections, asthma, developmental delay disorders and gastro intestinal disorders

NSE, non specific effects

  • Eg, People dying from other causes after a vaccine
  • Inactivated vaccines (whole cell pertussis) increase all cause mortality

The most recent vaccine has the most influence

  • Polio, BCG (For Tuberculosis), Measles Vaccines are live vaccines and have beneficial effects
  • Make sure the oral measles vaccine is given after the other vaccines

Minimizing Adverse Effects of Vaccines

  • Tylenol depletes vaccines and is best not given around the time of giving a vaccine
  • Vitamin C can minimize the adverse effects of vaccines

Studies showing that childhood diseases provide protective benefits later in life.

  • There are dozen of studies
  • Chicken pox (varicella) protects against some forms of cancer,
  • Japanese studied 100,000 patients found chicken pox, measles, mumps are protective against deadly heart attacks and strokes.   
  •  There are multiple studies showing that putting children in day care at an early age, the children are statistically protected against cancer at later life
  • There are studies showing the second or third born children are statistically less likely to get cancer (are exposed to other kids and diseases)
  • Some believe that taking medications to reduce a fever has adverse effects
    •  A fever is beneficial. (unless it rises quickly to extreme temperatures

Can safe vaccines be made safe?

  • Vaccines can be made safer by taking out mercury
  • Yet, mercury is cheaper; 15 cents is saved when mercury Is placed in a vaccine

He believes the paradigm is faulty

  • We have to move to new ways of understanding health
  • New ways of obtaining wholeness
  • We need to take the money out of healthcare
  • Moderna is producing a coronavirus vaccine
    • Yet Bill Gates and possibly Fauci have a financial stake in this company
      • They have a financial stake in the production and administration of these vaccines