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Cure MS – Multiple Sclerosis

Aired on January 26, 2018

Episode Description

Palmer and Miguel are two extraordinary individuals who cured their own MS (Multiple Sclerosis) after all the neurologists told them that their condition was incurable. Miguel was confined to a wheelchair, and Palmer appeared to be headed toward a similar place. Though well-proven scientific proven approaches including meditation and self-examination, they both proved all the neurologists wrong and no longer have multiple sclerosis or any associated symptoms Listen to learn how they cured their MS.

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  • Family conflict are associated with new symptoms.
  • Two or more adverse childhood events
  • 70 % increased risk of getting
    • MS,
    • type 1 diabetes,
    • Hashimoto’s disease
  • 80 % increased risk of getting
    •  Lupus
    • Eczema
    • Asthma
  • Four or more adverse childhood events
    • 2.5 as likely to develop
    • 4.22 times as likely to develop Alzheimer’s
  •  Six or more adverse childhood events reduces life span
  • Eight or more adverse childhood events triples the risk of lung cancer without smoking


Palmer Kippola

In 1984, Palmer was 19 years old.  She woke up and the bottom of her feet were ringing which crept up her leg.  She was diagnosed with MS that day and told there was nothing she could do.  Her whole body was tingling and then went numb for six weeks.  They were planning that she would spend her life in a wheel chair.

Miguel Castillo

Miguel was 19 years old when he learned he had MS.  In the middle of a music rehearsal, his left foot went numb and one of his drum sticks dropped to the ground.  Three days later after an MRI he was told that he had lesions on his brain.  He was diagnosed with MS.  He believes his subconscious mind brought this about because he heard the word MS, and kept repeating the word “MS”. He lost 65 % of fine motor movement on the left hand side of his body.



He dove into the “super powers” of the mind.  He took daily injections of compaxone which prevented the symptoms from getting worse.  He researched the things in his lefe  that were out of place

  • Diet – did not make significant changes
  • He changed his relationship with different factors in his life.  He made peace with all the following factors
    • Love
    • School
    • Family situation
  • Then he knew he could go back to health.  When he woke up, his MS was gone
  • He willed the MS into nonexistence


She was asked why she got it.  Her father often yelled at her mother

her about her mother’s weight.  When she was young, she tried to stop her father, and viewed her immune system as a proxy.  If there was not a real enemy, she attacked her own body.  She saw six neurologists at tope institutions.  They told her there was nothing she could do.

Palmer’s Approach

  • MS triggered by mind that is in conflict with itself
    • Autoimmune disease is an invitation to wake up.
    • It is a journey of transformation to become congruent with who are
    • Where science of epigenetics and science of mind come together.
    • Mind is where seed of MS takes place
    • The brain follows the min
    • Explore the subconscious mind
  • She felt it was a wake-up call
  • She quit her job to search why she was cured
  • She researched epigenetics
    • Genes are hardware
    • The epigenetics are the software.
    • Genes are responsible for 10 % of our health outcome
      • Can change color of offspring mice by feeding them vitamins during pregnancy.
      • Their diseases resistance stayed with them for life.
      • So we are in control of our health outcomes through our actions
      • 90 % category that we can change
        • Food
          • Terry Wahls. 
          • 60 – 80 % when patients improve when remove common food allergen,
            • Grains
            • Gluten
              • Study 15 years ago. 55 diseases can be started by eating gluten,
              • Wheat in US is worse because it is processed to be super gluey
            • dairy,
            • eggs,
            • corn,
            • all grains,
            • conventionally raised animals that eat them,
            • processed oils (canola, saffron oil)
            • food additives like meat glue
            • sugar is inflammatory
              • inflammatory
              • leads to insulin resistance
        • So remove gluten, dairy and sugar for at least 30 days.
      • Infections
        • Many have occult infections that they are not aware of
          • May be primary trigger for MS
          • Herpes Virus
            • Cytomegalic Virus
            • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
              • The strongest known infection for MS is

Epstein Barr Virus

  • 15 % increased risk of MS if got EBV as child
    • 30 times chance for developing MS if obtained EBV as an adult
      • Lyme disease
      • Candida
      • microplasms
    • Gut health
    • Hormones
    • Toxins
    • Stress

Specifics in Palmer’s Approach

  • Stress
  • She figured it was chronic stress
    • She noticed her symptoms were worse when stressed.
      • Stress involved in every disease
      • Increases cortisol
      • Chronic psychological stress makes it difficult impacts body’s ability to regulate inflammatory response
      • Increased inflammatory process
    • She did over a dozen experiments including yoga
      • Learning how to breath
      • Get into sympathetic nervous system
  • Medications
    • Side effects were bad
    • They did not help
  • Diet
    • Low fat diet made her worse
    • She had GI problems and found a functional medicine practitioner
    • He found that she was sensitive to gluten
      • gluten was harming her gut and making it leaky
        • gluten is highly processed and has GMO and glyphosate
      • She stopped gluten in 2010
        • Her stomach problems were gone in one week
        • In one months she never had another MS system
  • Autoimmune equation
    • Three legged stool of immunity (Alessio Fasano)
      • Genes are responsible for 10 % of autoimmune diseases
      • Inflammatory Life style  responsible for   90 % of autoimmune disease
        • Stress
        • Gluten
      • And increased intestinal permeability
    • Can prevent autoimmunity by reestablishing gut competency.


  • Miguel did not have many resources to teach him how to medicate, hela relationship and do lucid dreaming
  • He had to go into himself to heal his relationship with himself.
  • Studied Hindu spiritual systems
    • Learned the science behind yoga
    • Her specialized in mastery of the brain through yoga techniques
    • He teaches others how to use their minds to heal anything
    • The mind is above the body
    • To be a primarian, he went through extended time periods without food
      • Found he was allergic to substances
      • Could find if he had allergies to specific foods.
      • Using the mind might be the future of healing
      • Food sensitivities set off inflammation, oxidative stress
      • Intermittent fasting is a scientific approach to reverse some of these thing
    • Example of how to use the mind in healing
      • Close to 90 % of techniques in standard yoga is a waste of time
      • He advocates the practice of meditation
        • Taking information from senses
        • It classifies and controls where that information goes
        • In India, they call this “prana”
        • So learned to master “prana” to activate inner parts of brain which leads health or sickness
        • Eight stages of meditation (Patangali)
        • Medication expands the mind to access truth that works for them and makes their body function
        • Starts with altering brain waves of mind
        • Sit and slow breathing down so brain can follow breathing
        • In medication can ask a question
      • We need a trigger to set of this search
      • Mind supersedes epigenetics
      • He dialed the clock back to see where his emotional life fell apart.
      • The mind can wind the mind back
      • Energy+ concentration + intention + time yields the result
      • Meditation becomes objective about life without emotion


  • Explore foods, infections, gut health, hormones, toxins, and stress
  • Remove foods that might engender an allergic response for  for 30 days
  • Work with integrative, functional or naturopathic physician.]’find the root causes
  • Don’t give up


Palmer Kippola


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Miguel Castillo


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