Kevin McGary

Wokeism: path to totalitarianism?

Aired on: March 10, 2023

Episode Description

What is wokeism? Why are dissenting views stifled? Why has meritocracy been replaced with selecting people of colour and sexual preferences? Is this best for governance? Why is our energy independence, food supply being reduced? Why is the Netherlands destroying viable food producing land? Why are cow farts and gas stoves more dangerous than the toxic destruction in East Palestine, Ohio? Why are the toxic effects of electric car batteries and windmills being ignored? Why have the benefits of natural immunity been buried? Is anyone noticing this hypocrisy which is leading us to a totalitarian demise? Every path towards Communism has started with changing definitions. Kevin McGary, founder of Every Black Life Matters discusses these issues.

Wokeism: path to totalitarianism

Kevin McGarry Every Black Life Matters


Youtube channel yallwoked.up

Author of five books including “Woke up”

  • People are being divided
  • He wants to stop division, hate
  • He believes that the ultimate goal of wokeism and US government policy is to collapse America as quickly as possible by
    • Bankruptcy by overspending
      • Trillions going to Ukraine
    • Chaos in the street so that the   Global Reset and enveloping the US as a part of reset. is seen as the only way out
    • These moves are calculated and deliberate
    • This is Obama’s third term who with Soros are behind the curtain trying to collapse it
  • These ”people” are trying to take over every aspect of our lives.  They are using
    • Climate
    • Chaos in the streets
    • Digital currency
    • WHO is fully undermining the US constitution and subordinating it to WHO
    • These people are pushing us to implode one way or another
  • He states that the environmentalists applaud
    • the windmills which hurt the bald eagles
    • Multiple people coming into US leaving garbage, trafficking
    • The EV vehicles which California does not have sufficient energy to charge
  • When he saw BLM and antifa burning down black and brown businesses
  • He saw a lot of pastors encouraging these rioters doing this
  • He wanted to create an alternative
  • His approach is that every life matters
  • Violence
    • There were over 570 riots with murder, burning buildings, burning police cars, looting
    • In Chicago in 8 hours, there was over 100 million dollars of looting
  • BLM
    • Marxist, criminals
    • They bragged about being revolutionary Marxism
    • They looked for every police brutality to get additional contributions
    • The majority of sports teams and business fell for this, and over 100 million dollars was donated which was squandered on houses and friends
  • Antifa
    • Are supposed to be against fascism but are terrorists
    • They abuse ay one who is against Marxism or hard core Communists
    • They burned a training center in Atlanta
    • Members are mostly Whites living in suburbia
    • They are white supremacists who come to black and brown communities to burn these communities.  They should do this in their own communities
    • They should have been designated as domestic terrorist organization
      • Hatred, vitriol aimed at whites, burning businesses
  • Margaret Sanger founded of Planned Parenthood said they would exterminate African Americans
    • 90 % of all Planned Parenthood clinics are within walking distance from black and brown communities


  • Nebulous term that they want to continue to add to it and claim the high ground
  • Are supposed to be sensitive to injustices and racial slights
  • It has gone beyond racial issues and has extended to
    • Green movement, trans issues
    • The belief that the government should do reparations
  • It is the mechanism that is destroying America
    • Destroying relations
    • Destroying trust 
  • Is a satanic force that is focused on destroying communites and America
  • Five years ago in California there was microaggression where it was not allowed to state that men and women are equal or everyone has an equal opportunities
  • Survey, 36 % of younger folks believe the first amendment is dangerous because it can hurt people’s feelings
  • Depending on emotions rather than principles and pragmatism
  • Relying on emotions is dangerous
  • Seen intent on making others feel guilty
    • They project condemnation and shame on those who think differently
  • Wokeism is rooted on what they project on others
  • Is a white supremacist organization; is racism
  • Is destructive, corrosive.
  • Has existed, but the George Floyd incident put it in hyperdrive
  • CRT (Critical Race theory), DEI (Diversity, equity inclusion, ESG (environmental social governance) came into existence
  • Biden has mandated DEI with measurements of implementing equity
    • He wants people to be promoted on equity
    • DEI is for people who cannot compete on merit
    • Are adolescent in their thinking
    • Are looking for undignified ways to get ahead.
    • Even Bernie Sanders states he wants equality of opportunity not of outcomes
  • There are diabolic people who wants people to take advantage of others’ sensitivities and people who are easily manipulated
  • In US we have the right to seek happiness and success; not to guarantee these 

High government appointees are selected because of identity

  • The administration is a “train wreck”
  • What if bridges and airplanes were engineered by people without competency because math and physics is believed to be “racist”
  • This is a microcosm of what will happen with this madness
  • Martin Luther King supported judging people on character, not identity
  • These people require masterful people with skills
  • FAA candidate does not know anything about Airplanes
    • Have air near misses often
  • The Secretary of Transportation states there are 1000 train derailments
  • A supreme court justice does not know what a woman is

Attacks on food

  • Holland wanted to destroy / appropriate 3000 farms because of cow farts
  • Ireland wanted to destroy many cows
  • Many food processing plants in US burned

Inflation is a predictable result of excessive spending

His suggested approach

  • Put racism and white supremacy in perspective
  • Wokeism is rooted in white supremacy and racism
  • Marx’ mentor was Charles Darwin
    • Darwin called nonwhites subhuman
    • Whites are more intellectual, resourceful
  • Racism was well in play in times of Marx, Darwin, and Engels
  • We need to become educated 
  • Need to become more active in school system and local governments
  • We need to clean up the voting problems (eg., dead people voting)