Karl Maret, MD

5G and EMF health effects

Airned on: December 18, 2020

Episode Description

EMF and 5G have adverse health effects. EMF opens the blood brain barrier, the gut barrier, and interferes with intercellular communication. There are associated with various cancers and are classified as a probable carcinogen by WHO. Learn about EMF, 5G and the steps you can take to improve your health. Learn more at the upcoming conference, at www.emfconference2021.com

5G and EMF health effects

Karl Maret, MD

His background

  • Researched environmental medicine with the Canadian military
  • Is a pysician

Problem for people

  • They cannot sense of feel it
  • They are not aware of how much EMF is going into their bodies
    • Near field devices cell phone
    • Far field devices routers, cell towers
  • Using cell phones over time, energy is absorbed into the brain
  • Children have smaller heads, thinner skulls and their cells are rapidly growing
  • Some countries have laws that children cannot have cell phones til they are in their teens
    • In US 2/3 children have cell phones
  • Cell phone radiation can open up the blood brain barrier

All antennas send out radiation send out electrical and magnetic fields that travel at the speed of light

  • All these frequencies are non thermal do not generate heat
    • Physicists say these do not disrupt bonds
    • Yet, these cause resonance within the body
      • These open up “windows” within the body
  • The government studies EMF effects only looking at thermal effects
    • Specific absorption rate (SAR)  from antennas close to the body

Starting with low frequencies and going to increasing frequencies

  • Low frequencies
    • 60 cycle power 6 cycles per second 60 Hertz, motors
    • Are worried about magnetic field
  • Radio frequencies  The AM band
  • Frequency modulated.  FM band
  • 100s of megahertz
  • Smart meters 902 – 928 mega Hertz
  • 1000 megaHertz = Gigahertz
  • 2.4 GHz.
    • Wifi router pulses all the time
    • Microwave oven does not pulse
  • 5 G newer frequencies
    • 28, 37, 39 GHz some routers
    • 64 – 71 GHz these waves are short, a fraction of an inch
    • 96 Gigahertz. Active denial affects sweat glands for crowd control
  • Infra red or heat energy
  • Light
    • Higher frequencies of light get into the blue spectrum
    • Then ultraviolet
  • Ionizing radiation
    • Strong power, can disrupt bonds and cause cancer
  • XRays sends particulates of energy thru body to take photographs
  • Gamma waves

Nonionizing Radiation that is below heat

  • In radio wave frequency
  • Gigahertz frequencies is where computers operate

Lack of safety

  • Cell phone patents cite brain tumours as a possible side
  • Effects
  • Insurance companies such as Lloyds of London and Swiss insurance companies do not insure telecommunications companies
  • The industry has powerful lobbying groups
  • In the US the allowed radiation levels are very high (100 x higher than East block companies)
  • FCC is beholden to the telecommunication industry
  • The standards have not been revised since 1997 although the number of devices increases
  • Industry funder studies find 2/3 time there is no problem
  • Independent studies find problems in 2/3 of studies
  • 1996 Congress passed a law that cell phone placement cannot be stopped for health or environmental reasons
  • WHO determined EMF was a possible carcinogen (2B carcinogen)
    • Standards are only for short term exposure. 30 minutes

Mechanisms of affecting health

  • Increases oxidative stress and free radicals
    • This tears apart membranes
      • Opens up the blood brain barrier
        • Causes cognitive effects and memory issues
      • Opens up the intestinal barrier
      • Opens up the lung barriers
      • These cause cycles of inflammation which continue
    • Causes sleep problems because it affects melatonin levels
    • Interferes with intercellular communication
    • Reproductive effects
      • Sperm fewer and less functional lower fertility
      • 16 studies show EMF affects fertility and reproduction
    • DNA changes with single and double strands
    • Inside brain is magnatite crystals absorb radiation causing vibration which generates heat
    • There are 25 review studies on neurological and neuropsychiatric effects
      • Hugh Taylor at Yale and Suleyman Kaplan showed placing a cell phone on a pregnant abdomen affects the brain of the offspring
    • There are 11 review studies on hormonal and endocrine effects
    • There are 35 studies on cancer caused by nonthermal effects
      • In temporal and frontal lobes where they hold devices
      • Increase thyroid and pituitary cancers
      • Hardel cell phones and wireless phones associated with glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas
      • American toxicology study associated with glioblastomas and heart swannomas.  These studies repicated in Italy
  • 17 review studies on oxidative stress
    • Causes cataracts
    • Is a matter of time before the body becomes sensitized
      • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity canary in the coal mines
        • Fatigue, depression, memory loss, headaches, skin problems, irritability, sleep disturbances, difficulties concentrating, difficulties seeing and hearing, cardiovascular problems, dizziness
        • The closer people are to cell towers, the more fatigue and headaches, difficulties in concentrating, memory loss
        • Risk factors= preexisting conditions
          • Typically these people have had traumatic brain injuries which opens up the blood brain barrier
          • Chemical toxicity
            • Drug or vaccine residues
          • Long EMF exposure
          • Infections: mold, infections, parasites, compromised immune systems
          • Metal implants which conducts electrical forces
          • Root canals or metal in mouth affects the meridians
          • Stress affects the sympathetic system
    • Blood changes. Blood becomes sticky roulette formation
      • Prevents delivering good blood to tissues
      • 10 minutes of sun will break that up
    • Mitochondrial damage. Fatigue, premature aging, neurodegeneration

We use EMF healing approaches in energy medicine

  • For bone repair, nerve stimulation, transcranial stimulation, wound healing, arthritis
  • Electroacupuncture to regenerate tissues and to stimulate the immune system
  • Tumour treating with specific frequencies and power nonthermal that causes brain tumours to shrink

5 G

  • New technology that directs the beam (like a laser beam from the cell tower directly to the phone
  • These short wave lengths do not penetrate thru leaves, so they have many antenna
  • Is faster , higher frequencies, many antennas everywhere
  • Planning 42,000 satellites which will send radiation in starling network
    • This can affect the weather
    • Astrophysicists are concerned with the excess light
    • Industry has done no research per senate investigation with Senator Blumingthal
    • Belgium has rejected 5 G because it does not meet safety standards
  • This new technology has not been evaluated
  • It tracks as one moves around
  • Pervious generations radiated in a spherical patter
  • Interferes with intercellular communication
  • Military report
    • Media.dot defense.gov
      • Emergency of 5 G  essential in hypersonic weapons, missiles including nuclear weapons that travel 5 times the speed of sound
  • Meters to measure are expensive
  • Each 5 G tower has 4G and 3 G devices

Water in the Body

  • In body is structured water
  • Vibrate at certain frequencies in lockstep
  • Creates communications between water and cells
  • 1/3 water molecules makes one sensitive to EMF fields
  • Create a cellular resonance making us sensitive to electromagnetic radiation
  • Growing up we are used to fewer frequencies
  • EMF disturbs coherence of water
    • Will cause long term oxidative stress
    • Pritchard paper in 2015 showed increase neurological deaths in women from Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism, bipolar and depressive disorders, chronic fatigue has gone up 500 % between 1989 (no cell towers) and 2010

Cellphones are Programmed to be addictive

  • A scheduled delay in pings cause an increase in dopamine which is associated with addiction and pleasure
    • Games increase dopamine 100 %
  • Average teenager spends 4.5 hours / day on phone
  • Kids check cell phones every 15 minutes
  • Pediatric suicides doubled between 2007 and 2015
  • Dr Nicholas Carderas – tech addiction specialist
  • Brain tumours are more common in children

Mitigating Wifi Affects

  • Turn wi fi off at night when body detoxifies
  • Build immunity
    • Vitamin D, sunshine, diet, mushrooms
    • Don’t carry cell phone on body
    • Turn phones off at night
    • Use corded phones
    • Be careful of baby monitors which exposes baby to EMF
  • Don’t use in moving vehicle
    • Signal changes as changing signal levels
  • Gadgets can change signal coherence
    • The devices cause incoherent radiation
  • For 5 G there are no studies on how to protect

Smart meters

  • Micrometer transmitting devices
  • Has pulsing radiant under one gigahertz
  • Australian studies 2003
    • Increased insomnia, memory problems, difficulties concentrating, headaches, ringing in ears increased as smart meters were installed