Jeffrey Barke, MD

Suppression/ criminalization of treatment: frontline docs

Aired on: June 4, 2021

Episode Description

The Frontline doctors are a group of physicians who have spoken out about early viable treatments for covid. While covid is a serious illness, the Frontline doctors report data that combination treatments including hydroxychloroquinine, ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D have helped many patients when they get covid. Yet, they were censored. Many doctors have successfully treated covid; why are they censored and threatened with punitive action from the Department of Justice? Why is health information that can save lives censored? How does the public get this potentially life-saving health information? How can we stay well in the current times? Dr. Barke will answer each of these questions

Jeffrey Barke, MD

book. Covid 19: a Physician’s Take on the exaggerated Fear of Covid Virus

  • The corona virus was created through gain of function research in a lab in Wuhan, China
    • Was the virus released accidently?
  • There is a lot of information on the virus that the public does not have access to
  • When doctors speak out and disagree with mainstream media, they are censored in the main stream media or social media
    • Wither warnings are placed on the content or the content is deleted
  • What the government does is not science
  • When politics and science interact, patients get harmed.
  • If a robust discussion about the science were allowed, many would not have died
  • They have known that there are viable early treatments, yet this was censored
  • Covid is a serious and dangerous if you are in a high risk group
  • If you are young and healthy, you are not at risk
  • The government reaction has caused more harm than good
    • This is the first time that the healthy have been quarantined
    • It is not the virus that has devastated the economy
    • It is not the virus that kept our schools closed
    • It is not the virus that caused the highest rates of depression and teen suicide
    • It has been adult who made very bad decisions which were influenced by politics not science

More on Government Censorship

  • Vitamin C
    • Dr. Richard Cheng treated patients in China with vitamin C when covid broke out
    • The CEO of youtube said she was going to censor any information on vitamin C or curcumin
  • FTC April 15 wrote that doctors prescribing hydroxyquinine are subject to arrest
  • In Australia prescribing Hydroxyquinine can result in a 6 month jail term
  • 50 % fewer deaths if early treatments were allowed
  • Two of the most prestigious journals came out with bogus articles that later needed to be retracted. (The authors are being investigated for murder because they used lethal doses of hydroxyquinine)
  • The main stream media and social media are censoring
  • Death certificates are labeling non covid deaths as covid deaths

Harm Caused by Government Decisions

  • Harmed children by shutting schools down when it was not necessary
    • CDC data shows that a person under age 20 has a  99.997 survival rate
    • Children have a higher risk of dying from the flu than from covid
    • Never have quarantines, masks and social distancing been ordered before
    • Children wearing masks is a form of child abuse.
      • This resulted in increased anxiety, depression, an inability to bond with the teacher because there is no facial expression and recognition
      • This will be a post traumatic event for children
    • Vaccinating children makes no sense
      • Va[[ is more dangerous rather than beneficial for children
      • Why do we want to vaccinate children who have little risk from this disease with an investigational vaccine used under emergency authorization with new technology that has not been tested.
      • Children who receive the shot are getting myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.
      • Deaths from covid va{{ exceed deaths correlated with all other vaccines
  • The economy was shut down causing economic devastation
  • The medical establishment delayed routine screening causing cancers to be found at a later time when cases were more advanced.
  • The Government has convinced the public to be scared. Delusional psychosis
    • With this fear, wear masks, shut down the economy, shut down churches
    • Many missed routine medical screening so cancer is being found at later stages

VA ER. Voluntary adverse event reporting

  • Some doctors and patients do not know about it
  • This reporting system is cumbersome

The masks are ineffective per science

  • In the early part of the pandemic all the agencies and said that people should not wear masks
  • In March, 2020, Dr. Fauci said,” People should not be walking around with masks.  It is not providing the perfect protection they think it is.  There are unintended consequences as people keep fiddling with their mask, keep touching their face which may actually increase the risk.”
  • In March 2020 Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams said, “Stop buying masks.  They are not effective at preventing the general public from catching hash tag covid virus.”
  • In March 2020, the CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfeld said, “There is no role for masks in the community”
  • HHS Secretary, Alex Azaar said, “Our advice remains as it has been for decades.  The average American does not need to wear a mask.”
  • The WHO said, “The use of masks is insufficient to provide the adequate level of protection or other equally relevant measures should be adopted.”
  • The New England Journal of Medicine May 2020, “We know that wearing masks outside healthcare facilities offers little if any protection from infection…. Expanded masking protocols greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety.”  Written by physicians from Harvard and Massachusetts General
  • Hence, studies over the last decade show ineffectiveness of wearing masks
  • Why did everyone reverse their opinions?
  • Why did we force the well to wear masks?

Early Treatments for Covid

  • The standard of care for treating covid was to tell patients to go home and come to the hospital if they felt they were going to die
  • There were studies out of China, France that repurposed medications work “wonderful.”
  • One cannot have an emergency use authorization (EUA) if there are other treatments
    • The FDA states, “If there is an alternative effective treatment, then there is no reason to authorize anything under emergency use authorization.”
    • In the mid 1980’s, vaccine companies were given immunity against the products they made. – they could not be sued.  Signed by president Reagen
      • Vaccine companies do not have the incentive to make sure their product is safe
      • The government is mandating the vaccine products
      • These companies are making billions and billions
      • The CDC, FDA that oversea these products are funded by the vaccine makers (for research and oversight)
      • In business, this is called crony capitalism
      • CDC and FDA used to be funded by the tax payers
      • Normally, it takes at least 5 years to bring a vaccine to market. 
        • Testing starts with animal models.  This was not done
        • These vaccines were approved in record time
        • Vaccines   are investigational product
        • Their technology has never been used in a vaccine (messenger RNA technology).
  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
    • Many studies worked well
    • Trump mentioned HCQ, and it became political
    • Has been safely used for 65 years on millions of patients daily every day for malaria and autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
    • Over the counter aspirin or tylenol are more dangerous than HCQ
      • Tylenol harms the liver and depletes glutathione
      • Aspirin causes bleeding
    • After Trump endorsed HCQ, two false articles were published in Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine These article had to later be retracted.
  • Ivermectin
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
    • Dr. Richard Cheng treated patients in China with vitamin C when covid broke out
    • The CEO of youtube said she was going to censor any information on vitamin C or curcumin
  • Inhaled budenide
  • Fluvoxamine (luvox)


  • Take care of yourself; get good sleep, eat healthily, reduce stress