Henry Ealy, ND

COVID: Data Fraud & Willful Misconduct

Aired On: January 21, 2022

Episode Description

The covid virus has changed many of our lives . According to Dr. Ealy, this is not a country; it is a crime scene – a crime scene build upon the greatest fraud in human history. Doctors have known from the beginning that vitamin D and vitamin C have saved lives. Yet doctors who commit the crime of successfully treating their patients have been prosecuted with attempts to take their licenses away. The following questions are addressed. Can you be vaccinated and still counted as unvaccinated? How many confirmed break trough cases are there in the US? How did the CDC manipulate PCR to defraud the American people? What can we do to protect ourselves and to hold the wrongdoers accountable? Dr. Ealy encourages folks to speak truth and ensure freedom is for all and freedom is forever.

Dr Henry Ealy, ND

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About covid

  • The government is listening to the science they make up
  • There not listening to science in which one changes course
  • To be objective, we need to be willing to change course in the advent of new information
  • There is information that
    • The experimental covid inoculations
      • have failed to protect people from covid,
      • have failed to prevent hospitalizations
      • Have failed to protect from death
      • Have injured more than one million people in one year
      • Have failed to protect several million in one year
  • How did these stay on the market
    • Ignores science.
    • This program should have been terminated in January 2021

In April 30, 2021 CDC stopped reporting on cases

  • On October 20, 2021, CDC stopped reporting vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations and death cases and all break throughs
  • Name was changed from vaccine failure to vaccine breakthrough
  • He looked at state data in 31 out of the 51 US health departments reporting   
    • By November he discovered 1.4 million   break through cases
    • Over 56,000 breakthrough hospitalizations, 16,000 break through deaths  after 14 days past full vaccination
      • Threshold levels were below 28 to eliminate false positives
    • He continued to track this data
      • From November 2021 to December 2021 cases rose 1.4 million to 2.5 million cases
      • Hospitalizations rose 33,000 cases (56,000 to over 90,000) in one month
      • Break through deaths rose from 16,000 to over 24,000

This shows these experimental shots are failing

  • Shows that people who received shots are more likely to get omicron and be hospitalized

Why media saying this is clogging up hospitals and that people need to wear sunscreen to make other peoples Sun screen working?

Needed to track vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated. However, CDC changes definitions

  • People who received some shots are counted as unvaccinated
  • People who are less than 14 days after shot are considered unvaccinated

Vaccine Adverse Events

  • Law mandates adverse events be reported
  • Looks at safety data

Vaccine Efficacy

  • Looks at breakthrough data
  • CDC confused this by defining vaccinated as 14 days after last shot
  • Failed 2.5 million Americans up til December 2021
  • 1.1 million people in November 2021 this is based on 31 of 51 states reporting
    • Florida and Texas are not reporting their data

Their statement that only unvaccinated are being hospitalized is not accurate

  • Their definition of unvaccinated include the partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated before 14 days after last shot
  • On January 5, 2022, Fauci et al. designated category of vaccine up-to-date
    • Can’t be evaluated for vaccine breakthrough unless have been boosted
    • They can simultaneously limit break through cases so they can promote their stance that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated

This is a pandemic of the vaccinated and of the fraud

  • Doctors successfully treating covid have been censored.  Had this not happened, 80 % of deaths could have been averted perhaps avoiding the disasterous lockdowns
  • They count deaths with covid rather than deaths from covid.
  • He published a paper in October 2020 a peer reviewed paper: the CDC violated three major Federal laws to defraud the US people concerning death certificates
    • Administration procedure act
    • The paperwork reduction act
    • The information quality act

In March 24, 2020, CDC changed death certificate reporting

  • If a person has a comorbidity and died, these comorbidities could be listed in part two rather than previously in part 1. Comorbidities are considered the cause of death
  • That is it looks like people died from covid rather than from the comorbidities  and with covid
  • 95 % of all death certificates have 4.5 comorbidities
  • Leaving covid as cause   this is fraud
  • They did this without going through proper channels
    • Without notifying Federal Register so there could be public comments and initiate proper oversight by the Office of Management and Budget
    • They violated key laws that established rule to protect Americans from data manipulation and data fraud

Case count Covid Cases was fraudulant

  • In April 14, 2020, CDC outsourced definition of covid cases to a nonprofit organization funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation called the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiology
    • They wrote that all that is needed for diagnosis of covid is
      • A single cough
      • A positive test is not needed
    • People were double counted
  • PCR cycles above 28 are likely to be false positives
    • Labs refuse to give the cycle numbers
      • If cycles below 28 and person is symptomatic likely to be covid
      • When cycles above 28, the number of false positives is up to 91.2 %

Declaration of Emergency

  • The number of cases has never been used to determine a state of emergency
  • We always relied on hospitalization data and how it impacts fatalities
  • They point to 700,000- 800,000 deaths but they leave out
    • We always count deaths in one year
    • They cite two years of data. They aggregate multiple years of data to make it look larger
    • 75 % all deaths were for people over persons over age 65
    • 53 % deaths were at normal life expectancy
    • 95 % of deaths had at on average four comorbidities

Data Fraud

  • Evaluation in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties
    • They did a partial audit to remove cases such as car accidents and gun shots
    • They found a reduction in death counts by 25 % and 22 %
    • One quarter of death counts were not covid
  • New York data adjusted their death counts
  • New York Dept of Health adjusted hospitalizations
    • 43 % of their so-called hospitalizations were not due to covid
  • and New Jersey adjusted their death counts
    • 49 % of their so-called hospitalizations were not due to covid
  • This is willful manipulation of data
    • All media promoted this fraud to influence public perception
  • He is calling for a grand jury investigation to investigate this fraud
    • Willful misconduct creates a breach in the civil liability protection for vaccine manufacturers by the prep act of 1996 National Child and Vaccine Injury Act
    • This protection is removed with acts of willful misconduct

Risk- benefit for vaccines

  • Child under age of 18 has 99.99 % chance of recovery
    • Per CDC data, one out of 6,725 chance of dying less than flu and most infectious diseases for which we don’t lock down
    • People under age 18, vaccine has 16 times greater risk of harm vs gain of benefit
  • Follow work of Tom Renz and Columbia University, can multiply numbers in Vaccine injury data by 20 times
  • Not mentioning vaccine injuries

Covid Deaths related to poor Nutritional status

  • The deaths are due to severe nutrient deficiencies
  • With nutrient deficiencies, immune system cannot fight viruses
    • Body goes into a heightened state of distress for a compensation for what is not there – a cytokine storm
  • NHANEs studies
  • The CDC had published nutrition studies
    • in 2016 knew that vitamin D levels 65- 95 % Americans were deficient in vitamin D
    • 37 – 46 % are deficient in vitamin C
    • 35 -45 % of Americans are deficient in vitamin D
  • With proper nutrition
    • Fewer symptoms
    • Fast recovery
    • Reduce infective spread
    • Will develop antibodies and T cells to prevent reinfection and will be part of solution
  • Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD treated patients in Wuhan with vitamin C
    • All recovered
    • Recovered three days quicker
    • Treatment cost was low
    • Dr. Paul Alexander published study showing this cost was $24 per day

The CDC did nothing about known nutritional benefits in helping with covid

  • The CDC did nothing about this although taxpayers paid from this – this is willful misconduct
    • Studies show recovery rate with normal vitamin D is 99.9 % regardless of age, race, gender
    • Only 2.7 % of persons with normal vitamin D levels required hospitalization
    • None of persons with normal vitamin D levels died
    • Vitamin D important in cascade of immunologic events
  • When CDC alerted of success in vitamin D, they did nothing
    • Yet they gave guidance on washing hands, stay 6 feet away (had no known benefits), masks (which studies show help 1.2 % from 2/21 study)

Censorship of nutrition information

  • CDC staff were instructed not to discuss vitamin D in return for lucrative jobs when staff left.
  • CEO of youtube said she would censor information on vitamin C
  • My film on nutrition The Big Secret had been censored by congressman Adam Schiff in 2019
  • The shots are not safe or effective, but nutrition is
  • Doctors who are successfully treating patients are being censored, and their licenses are being attacked
  • They shut down doctors and demonize them
  • The CDC refuses to discuss science with researchers
  • Same techniques Nazis used in World War II
    • Gobels said if you want to confuse the people and make them afraid is accuse others of what the government was doing
  • The government created problem and then profit of the solution
    • They expect the population to be ignorant and not hold them accountable
    • Cleander in Rome withheld grain reserves from people of Rome so they would be nutrient deficient and plague would break out.  He wanted the people to turn against Comidus, and Cleander could be the savior

Mainstream Media

  • Owned by six organizations and are all in on this; they are complicit
  • They serve to profit
  • When Dr. Scott Jensen pointed this out, they eviscerated him

Government covid response did damage this fraud was willful misconduct

  • Drug overdoses increased by over 30 %
  • People lost lives, businesses, houses
  • There were suicides
  • The government lied about cases, hospitalization, death certificates, vaccine efficacy, and variant analyses

Annually US spends 11 billion dollars of flu responses

  • For covid, the US spent 1.7 trillion dollars annually for a disease that has the same recovery rates as the flu

Solutions to covid problem

  • Root of problem is fraud and lack of information
  • Educate people what they can do with nutrition
  • Expose the fraud
  • It is a pandemic of the unhealthy and a pandemic of fraud and lies
  • We need transparency
  • Culprits: Fauci, Barach, Dazak (Ecohealth Alliance)
    • Dazak is on committees for British Medical Journal and by WHO committees to asses whether covid was lab created
    • Dazak wrote a memo create the profit and the companies will follow
  • Need to investigate financial influences
  • Moderna is in a financial relationship with NIAID (Fauci is the head)
    • 27 governors said they would not support the federal response
  • Push for mandates, passports occur in democratic cities
    • They say they have the science and trust the CDC

Viruses typically become more contagious and less dangerous