Harry Adelson, ND

Stem Cells

Aired on: November 20, 2020

Episode Description

Learn how stem cells can help improve some chronic diseases and how they can improve health.

Stem cells.

Harry Adelson, ND

His website:  www.docereclinics.com

To find stem cell treatments:  https://stemcellrevolution.com/

His Path in Healing Others

  • He was motivated to study naturopathic medicine by observing the obesity crisis and learning how the food industry keeps people sick
  • While rock climbing he tore the cartilage in his shoulder
    • He was offered a steroid injection which could make the problem worse
    • Or if he did nothing, he would have severe arthritis
    • These options made no sense to him and he learned about other approaches
      • Regenerative therapy/ prolo therapy
        • Injection of natural substances  (egg dextrose with is natural, irritating an provides nutrients) into damaged tissues in order to trick the body to feel it was reinjured launching the body’s natural healing cascade giving the body a change for healing
      • Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) 2005
        • Take blood deconcentrate platelets in centrifuge
          • Stop bleeding
          • Release proteins to signal  endogenous stem cells to heal the tissue
        • This takes fewer treatments than prolo therapy
      • Stem Cell Injections 2020
        • Many fewer treatments required
      • He started doing full body treatments injecting every moving body part while persons are sedated.
  • Other studies
    • Reversed fraility associated with aging
      • Perhaps stem cells go to where are needed
      • Stem cells are responsible for maintaining micro environment
        • Shen stem cells depleted or malfunctioning, disease occurs

Stem cell therapies

  • Are many on internet
    • Including pills
    • Centuries ago, folks took animal organs to improve vitality


  • As we age, we lose the ability to manufacture growth factors (exosomes)
  • Stem cell powers
    • Ability when divide to self-renew or differentiate into target tissue cells so have less effect
    • Mesenchymal stem cells used in pain
      • Have paracrine effect
        • Can recognized are in damaged cells and release exosomes to launch a healing mode
        • A healing response is a stem cell mediated response
          • At first bleeding, platelets outside the blood vessel release platelet derived growth factor
          • When this contacts pericytes (cells surrounding the blood vessel), these pericytes turn from Clark Kent to super man
            • Normally pericytes wrap around the blood vessel relaxing and constricting causing blood flow
            • When pericytes in contact with platelet derived growth factor , these pericytes detach and morph into mesenchymal stem cells exerting the paracrine effect
              • They recognize damaged cells and release proteins that
                • Kill invading proteins
                • Control inflammation
                • Trigger growth of new healthy blood vessels
                • Signal to damaged connective tissues to heal themselves
      • Mesenchymal Stem cells also donate mitochondria to tissue cells
  • Types of stem cells
    • He uses combination bone marrow, fat cells and exosomes for stem cells
    • Bone marrow and fat cell sources   
      • Take stem cells from bone marrow or fat, concentrate the stem cell and inject them into the areas of suboptimal healing. 
        • Research does not include which works better
          • He found bone marrow source had consistently good response 0 10 % non-responders
          • Fat group, when it worked, worked better: 30 % non-responders
          • Both fat and bone marrow stem cells, better response and augmented improvement of fat stem cells
            • For people under 55 consistently good results
            • Higher non-responder rate for older folks as they manufacture fewer exosomes (growth factors)
    • Exosomes
      • Are the growth factors
      • Active ingredient of mesenchymal stem cells
      • He takes placental stem cells and tricks them into thinking their host is under duress thus manufactures and excretes exosomes
        • Centrifuge these and isolate exosomes
        • He supplements fat and bone marrow stem cells with these

For what conditions do stem cell treatments work

  • People studying for every ailment imaginable
  • He sticks to muscular skeletal pain conditions
  • He determines whether someone’s pain comes from microscopic or macroscopic pain generator
    • Macroscopic pain
      • Can see it with eyes
        • XRAY show broken bone
        • Insurance will reimburse for imageable pain causes
    • Microscopic pain
    • Study
      • 100 people no back pain over age 40
        • 65 % find abnormalities
        • 15 % severe abnormalities eligible for surgery if there were pain
      • Take MRI of people with severe pain, frequently find no abnormalities
      • The American college of physicians recommended doing an MRI only when neurological deficit (eg., incontinence) or suspect cancer
        • Ordering MRI for routine back pain will only make treatment more expensive without changing the outcome
    • He finds if he asks the right questions, patients will always tell the answer

Graph vs host disease

  • Put other substance in body, we can make antibodies against it and reject it
  • The reason to take one’s own cells


Conventional medicine

  • Is medicine of what
    • What disease, what medications

Functional medicine / naturopathic medicine.

  • Is medicine of why
    • Why are having symptoms and what to do to address the cause

EBO2  extra corporal blood oxygenation and ozonation “ozone dialysis

  • Developed by Dr. Louie Yu in Ca
    • On a dialysis machine where blood is filtered with ozone gas introduced
    • Blood leaves one arm and goes thru ozone filter where it is ozonated
    • Goes through another box with red light that activates mitochondria
    • Filtration rids some cellular debris such as damaged scenescent cells
    • Ozonation is oxygenation of blood saturates red blood cells with oxygenation
    • Red light irradiation kills viruses and pathogens