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dr-francisThere has been a lot of talk recently about gluten, but a gluten free diet is more than a fad. According to Dr. Tom O’Bryan, the human body cannot digest gluten and even a small amount of gluten will set off a cascade leading to intestinal inflammation and permeability, resulting in systemic inflammation and autoimmune reactions. This cascade towards a chronic illness goes unnoticed as there may be no symptoms. Like previous programs on heart health, diabetes and cognitive decline, the disease process starts long before the doctor can measure it. Tune in to learn how gluten affects your body, and even a little gluten can set the body on fire.



Feb 16, 2017


From previous speakers

  • Less than one percent of people in the West are healthy (Raymond Francis)
  • Per Doctors Houston, Perlmutter, and Trindade, there is a gradual slope towards chronic diseases and this starts long before the doctors can measure it.
  • Why do so many talk about problems with wheat, sugar and toxins? So let’s dig deeper

Functional medicine

By the time symptoms of an illness have occurred, the individual has fallen over waterfall and crashed into symptoms. Functional medicine looks upstream for the underlying causes of the disease that the person eventually gets.. If one only addresses symptoms, then the problems that cause the symptoms will show up in another way.

For example, no one gets Alzheimer’s disease in his 20s and 30s. Alzheimer’s disease takes decades of slowly killing brain cells until enough cells are killed that defects in the brain are noticed. There are hundreds of research papers showing that elevated antibodies to Herpes Simplex Virus (the virus causing cold sores) is directly associated with the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. The functional medicine practitioner would among other tests, look for the antibodies against the herpes virus. If these are elevated, the practitioner seeks to learn why these antibodies are replicating and take steps to eliminate these causes such as strengthening the neuro-immune system and calming down the stress on the body.

The message always the same

Why care about gluten sensitivity?

Every degenerative disease (such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, hypertension) is a disease of inflammation at the cellular level where the cells are always “on fire.” It does not matter what kind of cell it is. Wheat for all humans is an inflammatory food and fuels this fire (inflammation). Most don’t get symptoms when eating wheat, and don’t know that wheat is throwing this gasoline on the fire within them. Their health “breaks at the weakest link of the chain ” or and will show up were their body is vulnerable whether it be in the liver, joints or the brain.

  • There are over 20,000 studies showing the adverse effects of wheat on the body
  • Humans don’t have enzymes to digest wheat
  • A Harvard study published 10 months ago shows that every human has problem digesting wheat

Proteins are in all foods including wheat. The proteins are like a pearl necklace, Stomach acid undoes the clasp of pearl necklace. Digestive enzymes made in our intestines, pancreas, gall bladder and liver act as scissors to cut pearls into smaller chain pieces until they are snipped down to each individual pearl. This “pearl” is an amino acid that is used to make bone cells, muscle cells, etc.

No human has the “scissors” to break wheat down into the individual amino acids. The undigested clumps or multiple amino acids are inflammatory are seen as foreign by the body which mounts an immune response (antibodies) to attack these foreign appearing clumps.

and set off an inflammatory cascade that will attack the body’s weakest link. These clumps are seen as a foreign substance, and the body makes antibodies to destroy these clumps. This leads to inflammation which can manifest as any disease such as psoriasis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), etc.

Mark Houston, MD points out that modern man has the same bodies as our ancestors. Our bodies are designed to fight the same foreign invaders as our ancestors’ i.e., bugs, parasites, viruses, molds and funguses. Our bodies are not designed to fight bisphenol A found in plastic bottles, contact lenses, and credit card receipts. These substances bind to hormone receptors causing cancer, immune system problems, hormone related problems. Other substances that our bodies cannot eliminate are DDT, mercury, lead or the thousands of chemicals produced in last 100 years.

Because of parts of the gluten clumps’ surface are similar to the surface of the pancreas islet cells, thyroid gland and the balance controlling purkinje cells in the cerebellum, the antibodies triggered by the poorly digested gluten clumps can also attack these organs resulting in the autoimmune diseases diabetes, thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s Disease) and “gluten ataxia.” The organ that is attacked by the gluten generated antibodies depends on which part of the gluten clumps triggers the antibodies. There is a high correlation between thyroid autoimmune disease and gluten sensitivities.

Gluten sets a fire which looks for things to attack in the body. Other casualties from gluten generated antibodies include multiple sclerosis, brain shrinkage Alzheimer’s Disease, lupus, and skin problems such as psoriasis.

To get better from the scourge of autoimmune diseases, the first thing we need to do is to stop eating gluten.

Why are we so ill

Whole world of toxins wheat is one

The world is filled with toxins of which wheat is one. This contributes to the many chronic diseases seen in the West. Recently The World Wild Life Fund along with 2 universities published an article in the Journal of Pediatrics showing a 57 % reduction of all wild life on planet since 1970 trout, polar bears, honey bees

Toxicity of

For each human 250 pounds dumped per day

All speakers talking about toxins and how affects are life style

Need to do more than reduce exposure

We killed off more than half of everything in planet percentages are higher if live near fresh water. Drinking the water. If we drink out of streams we would get more cancer and not be able to reproduce

Get same toxins in food animals are drinking the water

Have to do best to eat organic, grow garden, box garden for apartment

Have to change the way we think about this

NEJ Mediciine Published a paper shilden born today have a shorter expected age than parents. nNever happened before getting exponentially worse

Wheat easiest

132 pounds per person per year in US each bite i

1/8 thumbnail wheat have elevated antibody for six months

Gluten sensitivity

International celiac symposium

2011 in Chicago

wheat related disorder can include celiac inside gut shrivels cannot absorb vitamins and minerals

gluten sensitivity no celiac weak link somewhere else

brain old weak muscles can’t walk well

gluteomorphin binds on opium receptors depression, schizophrenia

many papers reverse schizophrenia on wheat free

wheat is most common gasoline on the fire

little bit of wheat

32 year old woman Italian Medical J goes to celiac specialty clinic

hair loss, poor T osteoporosis, tired chronic fatigue, shortest girl , late period

endoscopy worn down in there little piece once in a while

hair better, energy better, blood values little high still osteoporosis

gut still shriveled

nun took communion wave daily 1/8 thumb nail 1 mg gluten

1 mg gluten per day keeps the villous healing away

hair thick, energy good, osteoporosis reversed

blood low normal, gut fine

gluten is in

ketchup, meds, soy sauce, ice cream, lip stick

need to learn where exposure coming from

gluten free breads


FDA 260 foods GF 97 % GF

180 foods naturally GF rice cakes, quinoia 24 % had toxic levels of gluten was not safe

eat a lot of something can potentially develop same

are supposed to eat way food grows in season

rotating foods is healthy concept

European bread

Eat at home gut complaints bloat, gas, constipation cramping, diarrhea

Think is better in Europe is not

Carbohydrate fermented carb wheat (FODMAPS give GI symptoms
Wheat in Europe lower in FODMAPS but still have antibody and still attack thyroid and brain
Just because don’t get gut sx does not mead is good for you
Glycemic index (past spikes, dips damage
GF > whole wheat bread 72 is > snickers bar
GF foods not good for you
Take digestive enzymes with GF muffin
What digestive enzymes take with GF
GI Effects (E 3 advanced plus) only one digests 99 % gluten within 60 minutes
Most gluten enzymes take hours
Need to digest before it gets out of stomach
Enzymes are in intestines need to break foods down before gets into small intestines
Don’t digest permeable starts inflammatory process
How to measure
Antigliadin Ab is valid only looks at gliadin
Are 62 components of wheat
Two blood tests more comprehensive
On websites
Conundrum of gluten sensitivity whey tests are often wrong.
Doctors measuring
Heart don’t measure
Dm 4 x risk cvd, dementia and the labs don’t measure it
No one telling us
Doctors are trained in acute medical care
Dean of medicine at Stanford a few years ago published in NEJM
We have to apologize to you we have not prepared you for 78 % of what you are going to see (chronic diseases) You are the best in acute
Gluten toxins get us towards illness, obesity, depression we eat gluten we might not have any symptoms and not know it
Fire is not burning us yet.
We are supposed to make hydrocholoric acid
Is supposed to sit in stomach
Would eat through wood
Are cells that make mucous to protect us.
When acid reflux too much HCL is that mucus cells not doing their job to lay down layer of mucus one reason ulcers
Doctors stop acid with antacids
Functional medicine what do we do to make your stomach healthier
Don’t stop with antacid
Ask why is happening and how to turn it around so don’t need antacids
Why elders get sick quicker. They progress quickly not enough nutrients because not making digestive enzymes any more
When sotp HCL have effects, stop bile secretion
Gall bladder surgery
Gb is storage pouch for bilw ehich is made a little at a itme
Eat fat bile breaks it down
Intestines secrete enzyme that squeezes g b to relads eto break down fat
Gl vt a skin, eyes
D all
E heart needs
K for blood thickness and clotting
Need to take bile acid rest of life
Francis disease excess toxins lack nutrients
What do we do to make it better
Museum of science in Florence round globe display inside is Gallelo finger.
Can display all his inventions as long as display his finger
One hour per week listen, read,
Gluten one hour per week obryans site, learn about tests learn how to live gluten free life style
Is no easy answer
Remove Toxins from body
Each am hot water lemon, honey 4 lemon 1 honey
Help L, gb, gut flush out toxins
Drink more water ½ ounce water per pound body weight
Sauna, skin brushing extremeties
Hydro therapy cold to hot water
Need to wake up killed 57 % of everything on planet is gone
We are next
One hour per week
Most common food sensitivity is wheat more ban for the buck
Handouts conundrum gluten sensitivity
Best of gluten summit
The dr.com
Inf–. Inf dis