Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, PhD

EMF what are the risks?

Aired on: August 27, 2021

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EMF has adverse health effects including cancer. Hardell’s studies show an association (perhaps causal) between cell phone and cordless phones and glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas. The American Toxicology study shows adverse effects after long term exposure to cell phone radiation: • Increased incidences of glioma (a rare, aggressive and highly malignant brain cancer) as well as schwannoma (a rare tumor of the nerve sheath) of the heart were found in both sexes of rats, but reached statistical significance only in males. • Increased incidences of rare, proliferative changes in glial cells of the brain and in Schwann cells (nerve sheath) in the heart of both sexes of rats, while not a single unexposed control animal developed these precancerous changes. • DNA damage was induced with both modulations of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in both rats and mice (mixed results in tissues and brain regions). • Results from this study clearly show that biological impacts occur at low power, non- thermal exposures like those that take place from cell phones today. Hugh Taylor (Yale) and also Suleyman Kaplan from Turkey performed independent studies showing that fetal rodent exposure to cell phones results in brain changes in the offspring particularly in the hippocampus There are simple answers for people to reduce their EMF exposures and therefore their lifetime cumulative buildup, as EMF radiations are cumulative, the same as x-ray radiation. Since we are surrounded by electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, and we are electromagnetic beings, it is imperative that we learn the broad scope of how our wireless world is creating havoc in every cell in our body. People are not feeling well, yet their symptoms are not in their doctors’ textbooks as this is a whole new phenomenon, with standard laboratory tests all coming back negative. What are healthy ways to mitigate EMF exposure.

EMF: What are the risks?

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she has written five books on sunscreens, EMF, hormones


  • Hardell in Sweden has done studies showing strong correlation between cell phone and cordless phone use and acoustic neuromas and deadly neuroblastomas
  • American Toxicology Study showed strong correlation between cell phone use and glioblastomas and heart schwannomas
  • Hugh Taylor (Yale) and Suleyman Kaplan studied independently that putting a cell phone near a pregnant rodent’s abdomen result in brain damage in the offspring
  • Sperm are affected: fewer and poorly functioning with a short exposure
    • Sperm production in the tubules stops
    • Vitamin C and D can help us
    • If the sperm unites with the egg before the sperm can self-repair, there is permanent damage to offspring
  • EMF adversely affects the ovaries
  • Every cell in the body is affected and under assault
  • In china when abortions were done, they put cell phone above the abdomen and all the offspring were damaged
  • Industry studies generally show no harm
  • Independent studies generally show harm
  • Other countries discuss EMF harm
    • Shortly after, the US industry publishes a study showing no harm.
    • Studies show EMF exposure related to obesity

EMF’s affects

  • EMF like radiation effects are cumulative
  • EMF along with glyphosate
    • Open the brain and gut barriers
      • Many diseases start in the gut
    • Interferes with intercellular communication
  • EMF puts holes in all our linings
    • 2 hours later, there are dead brain cells
    • The FTC allows SAR 1.6 Watts
    • Damage in 1 milliwatts cook our brains
  • There are thousands of studies
    • It harms our mitochondria
      • It puts holes in inner and outer membranes of mitochondria
      • So many diseases due to poorly functioning mitochondria
    • The body feels like it is being attacked
  • With these holes punched into cells, toxic substances such as mercury can enter cells
  • Cuts in body are entry points for elector magnetic radiation to enter the body
  • EMF causes red blood cells to stick together (causing headaches because the brain is not getting enough oxygen))
    • Beverly Rubrik has photographed the changes of red blood cells when exposed to a cell phone

Her story

  • She is electromagnetically sensitive
  • She almost died from mercury poisoning from her teeth fillings
  • She was not able to be near a cell phone
  • When they put smart meters in the neighbourhood
  • Doctors state patients come in with the symptoms but don’t realize where the symptoms come from
    • Skin rash, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations
    • Headaches from lack of oxygen getting to the brain
    • Insomnia destroys melatonin enabling sleep
    • Heart palpitations
    • Irritability interferes with neurotransmitters
    • Ringing in the ears, dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Fatigue because mitochondria are harmed
    • Memory loss because EMF destroys the hippocampus where memories are made
    • Food allergies
    • Bleeding nose
    • Harms fetuses are more susceptible to EMF symptoms because they were exposed since conception
      • Phone on pregnant abdomen affects hippocampus of offspring
    • Skin rash, muscle aches
  • These symptoms can start with smart meters
    • These pulse frequently
    • Microwaves cook our insides
  • When she worked on the computer, her hysterectomy scar was painful
  • When she was sensitized she could not leave her house
    • She could not walk in the community with the smart meters
  • She found ways to heal her gut
    • With a leaky gut, undigested proteins enter the blood stream.  Antibodies are made against these proteins.  These antibodies also go after parts of the body similar to the proteins through molecular mimicry.  This starts autoimmune diseases
  • She found energy dots that helped.
    • These allows the red blood cells to separate
    • These are programmed with human energy to strengthen the energy field and programmed to transform what is coming off the computer and wifi to human energy
    • This harmonizes energy around us
    • Every organ has a specific frequency
    • This might not be measurable with an EMF meter

We are doing the opposite of health in so many areas

Children are more susceptible

  • Heads are smaller, skulls are thinner
  • Past studies were based on heat measurement
  • Most of the damage is not from heat
  • Harm to children
    • Wifi put in baby’s diapers, baby’s oneseys, in women’s vaginas to communicate with the fetus
  • Baby monitors are very damaging

5 G

  • Is closer to the ground, are more cell towers
  • Each cell tower has 4 G and 3 G capabilities as well
  • Have influenza symptoms
    • In November 2091 5 G was rolled out in Wuhan where there was later a covid outbreak
    •  In Italy, 5 g was rolled out in Italy as well
  • EMF adversely affects immunity against viruses
    • Study shows EMF stops the body from making Th1 cells
  • Congress passed a law in 1996, that cell phone placement cannot be stopped due to health and environmental reasons


  • Make bedroom EMF proof sanctuary so body can do necessary repair
    • The night time is when repair is done
    • Cell phones and blue light decrease melatonin
    • Some people turn circuit breakers off
  • Minimize exposure, wifi, smart gadget
  • They have smart dots that can go on all the technology
    • Helps prevent damage
  • Electric and hybrid cars are harming us
    • Our cells are oxidized in 30 minutes just sitting in an electric car which has many sensors
  • Grounding helps repair the damage
  • Avoid polyesters and synthetic fibers as they attract EMF