Vince Giuliano

Healthy Longevity

Date Aired: February 16, 2018

Episode Description

People are living longer lives than in the past. With the aging of the baby boomers, the percentage of people older than sixty- five will comprise more than 22 % of the population by 2030. Unfortunately, age-associated chronic diseases and conditions are increasing just as fast. It is not likely that there will be a single scientific breakthrough that will extend our life expectancies. Rather Dr. Giuliano believes that life extension will be through a series of small steps including small hermetic challenges to positively tweak our metabolic functioning in a positive direction One such tweak is caloric restriction, intermittent fasting. Others include small exposures to other stressful situation such as cold and exercise

Life span has increased

  • Cavemen lived til age 22
  • Last year leveling off
  • 100 years ago 50
  • Today lifespan from birth 80 – 81


  • Universal, biological response
  • Every species has a typical lifespan
    • varies by species
    • Lasting minutes to millennia
  • Lifespan of an individual is tiny compared to the Universe.
  • We won’t live forever
  • We can probably expand lifespan to 115
  • Can we expand our lifespan to maximal age known (122)
  • He believes that genetics plays only 12 – 15 % of contribution to our health
  • Epigenetics what activates, turns off and keeps genes in healthy balance

Reasons for increasing life span

  • Vaccines,
  • clean air,
  • water,
  • sanitation
  • Learned what microbes are
  • Fewer people are smoking

European Countries may have a longer life expectancy

Evolution protects the species rather than the individual

  • Did not want older people to be consuming resources
  • We can hack this
  • He believes we improve our health incrementally with a series of small hacks
    • Many incremental things we can do
  • The aging programs has many facets. Are many things to do
    • For example what can you do to keep car going – lots of things
    • Greatest achievement is extending life span of auto using total quality management
      • Found out what worked, stayed with it and then move on to something else
        • For example getting up and walking every hour
      • Is not one magic pills
      • You have to work at this
      • Many folks have chronic diseases
      • Does not look encouraging doing what we are doing now

Health is multi dimensional

  • So there are many interventions
  • Varies by individual
  • Use best knowledge available. We are all different

Why are we aging prematurely

  • Exposure to too many stresses
    • Too many Chemicals
    • Too much exercise
    • Oxidative Stress
    • Some biological pathways may not function that well
  • Epigenetics
    • Relies on methylation
      • Can reverse some of methylation patterns
      • Can reverse aging in selective dimensions.
        • Research on reversing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
          • , Dale Bredesen
          • Pharma anticlonal, mono clonal treatment
        • Aging clocks
          • Hair grey, teeth
        • Zymo research. Tests for different genes
        • PSK-9 inhibitors
          • Prevent Cardiovascular disease by turning of cholesterol in every cell
            • We need cholesterol in every cell for cell walls and hormones
          • Make statins obsolete
          • Traditional pharmacological approach take a pill to manage situation


  • If you don’t use it, you lose it
  • If you want to live long you need stress: physical and metal stress
    • Need serious mental and social challenges
    • Hormesis a little bit of stress produces strong stress resistance
    • Need stress: too much can kill you
      • Trigger strong epigenetic response
    • Little bit of radiation is good for us because it upgrades radiation defenses.
      • Tight blood pressure cuff increases blood flow by 40 %
      • Cold stress gets cold in am and pm
        • Activate heat shock proteins and cold shock proteins
        • Hot saunas. Heat shock programs
        • Polar bear swimmers who go under ice
        • Make now angels, then jump in hot sauna
        • Put new soldiers under lots of stress
  • Caloric Restriction
    • Stresses metabolic system
    • Activates upgrades certain proteins
    • Suppress pathway MTOR
    • Produces healthy response
    • Increase sirtuins,
    • Increases FOX O gene


  • Monitor what makes you bright in the morning and gives you energy
  • Monitor what takes energy away
  • Start with simple things
    • Respect own body patters of sleep and awake
    • Respect daily circadian clock
  • Diet is extremely important
    • He like Mediterranean diet
      • Fruits and vegetables are still alive when you eat them.
        • These cells have stress response
        • These upgrade own stress chemicals.
      • Not too many preserved meats
      • Minimize meats
    • Eat fish
    • He does not believe in a particular dietary protocol
    • Vitamin D 3
    • Fish oils, essential omega three oil
    • Supplements
      • Ashwaganda
      • Ginger
      • Boswellia
      • Curcumin with liposomal and nano technology

Diseases that kill you have. A lot of inflammation

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