Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN

You can Fix Your Brain

Date aired October 5, 2018


  • 1973 – 2011 59 % reduction in sperm count canary in coal mine
  • J Peds 250 pounds toxic chemicals per person day dumpted in US
  • In China 70 % entire lakes and rivers are contaminated
  • ¾ countries dump waste into water systems.
  • Polluting directly related to climate change
    • Lancet climate change greatest threat to human health
    • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change à scarcity of food
      • Loss biodiversity
    • Am Assoc Advancement Science damage water supply
    • BMJ climate change is an emergency
  • EWG 200 industrial toxic chemicals in pollutants in umbilical cords from US babies
  • We live in a society where we want everything now (pills)
  • Pump gas = benzene smell: lungs, blood, brain producing inflammation which damages nerve cells
    • Drinking broccoli juice increases urinary secretion of benzene by 61 %
  • Mexico City. Air pollution
  • Cigs when pregnant 79 % chance kid gets asthma
  • Lead poisoning caused his cataracts (lived in Detroit
  • PCB in breast milk
  • BPA antibodies to part of brain
    • Cumulative
    • Binds to human protein throughout body and forms epo epitote
    • Induce, inhibit and mimic hormones.
    • BPA one molecule is as potent as strongest estrogen estradiol
    • Is collateral damage / inflammation from antibodies to BPA
    • Pregnant women BPA; boys small balls,à low sperm
      • Girls breast don’t develop normallyà higher risk breast ca
      • BPA brain does not mature normally
        • Deficiency of myelin protective around hypothalamus à ADHD,
      • IgG army 13 %, IgM navy. 15 % to BPA
    • Heavy Metals
      • Pb, Cadmium, Ars, chromium , Hg
      • Cadmium, Pb linked to learning disabilities and decreased IQ
      • Lead exposure cause impulsivity and violent behavior
        • When not detoxified naturally goes to brain and bones
        • In cosmetics, toys, earthenware pottery, lead crystal, soil, bone broth
      • Mercury binds to BBB
        • ADHD, learning disabilities and memory impairment
        • Toxic to brain including central and peripheral nervous system
        • Can’t process thoughts
        • Can’t send correct message from brain to muscles
        • Neuro and behavioural disorders after inhalation, ingestion, or skin exposure p 107
        • Sx tremours, insomnia, memory loss, neuromuscular effects, headaches, cognitive and motor dysfunction
        • Fetus absorbs concentrations 40 x more than mom especially in the brain
          • A disaster for a developing neurological system.
          • Most Hg comes from mother’s fillings.
        • In dental fillings, cosmetics, fungicides, pesticides, medicines, vaccines, large fatty fish
        • Mad hatter dip creations in vat of Hg to stiffen them up
      • Cadmium
        • Depresses immune system function
        • Interferes with kidney function
        • Is associated with htn and cancer
        • Found in electronic cigarettes, traditional cigs, old water pipes, white bread, white rice.
      • Fl, Cl, Br fill thyroid receptor sites
      • PCB endocrine disruptors now in food chain
        • Lots in estrogen loving breast tissue
        • In breast milk
      • Formaldehyde in bed wood, kitchen cabinets
      • Scotchgard toxic compounds protects furniture from stains
      • Flame retardants in couch cushions, child’s car seat, mattress (organohalogens)
      • Sunscreens > 20 chemicals not approved for use by the USDA
      • Soaps, nail polish, hairspray, dryer sheets contain phthalate plasticizers such as BPA
      • Phthalates late pregnancy tended to score lower than other kids age 7
      • Gluten in shampoos, lipstick, makeup
      • Toxins, where deposit, weak link.
      • Immune system cannot keep up with all: used to be parasites, bugs viruses, molds, fungi
      • Endocrine Disruptors
        • Autoimmune ds 10 s as much in women
          • Endocrine disruptors affect women because chemicals attracted to estrogen receptor sites
          • In brain, uterine, ovarian, breast tissue
          • Ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, breast ca, brain dysfunction
        • In men, low testosterone, testicular cancer, small balls, low sperm count
          • Average male 1/3 level testosterone in men
        • Mold
          • Mycotoxins chemical defense against insects, microorganisms, nematodes, grazing animals, humans
          • In Pcn, immunosuppressants (cyclosporine)
          • Can cause infections, brain irritation
          • Spores disrupt the immune system and increase inflammation
          • Can cause infection anywhere.
          • 100 5 kids with hi eosinophils or ear infections have mold
          • Can grow in gut, nostrils, any body tissue
          • Food
          • Beneficial bacteria break it down til exceed tolerance
          • Sx
            • Abdominal pain, aches, appetite swings, blurred vision, confusion cough, diarrhea, disorientation, excessive thirst, fatigue, poor concentration, head ache, ice pick pain, increased urination, joint pain, light sensitivity, memory issues, metallic taste, mood swings, morning stiffness, muscle cramps, numbness, red eyes, SOB, sinus problems, skin sensitivity, sweats, tearing, T dysregulation, tingling, tremours, vertigo, weakness,
          • Getting rid of mold
            • Check glutathione and methylation
              • ALA, betaine, choline, folic acid, milk thistle, NAC, Selenium, vitamin B 6, B 12, Vit C,E
            • Foods
              • Asparagus, avocado, beets, black-eyed peas, broccoli, cruciferous veggies, garbanzo beans, garlic, lentils, liver, onions, pinto beans, spinach
            • Foods hi in Vit C
              • Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, grapefruit, green peppers, guava, kale, kiwifruit, oranges, red peppers, strawberries
            • Foods hi in Vit E
              • Almonds, avocado, butternut squash, olive oil, spinach, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes
            • Antibiotics
              • Good bacteria get wiped out
              • Bad bacteria become resistant to that antibiotic
              • Stop taking antibiotic prematurely, remaining undesirable bacteria form a biofilm which is protective
              • Microbiome not normal after 2 years
              • In animals, cattle, chicken, pork, farm raised fish
              • Tx
                • Phage tx
                  • uses bacteriophages which are viruses that live inside bacteria
                  • invade bacteria cells and disrupt bacterial metabolism
                  • bacillus subtilis- more specific > antibiotics Mega spore
                  • biocidin for microbiome balance, inflammation,
                • Stewed apples, applesauce
                  • 4 diced apples, 1/3 pot water, raisins, cinnamon, boil 8 – 10 minutes
                  • Skin starts to shine – meaning pectin released from skin
                  • Pectin helps heal and seal gut lining
                  • Chicken bone broth collagen
                  • Pomegranate juice

DYI Cleaning

  • 1 c water, ¼ c dishwashing soap, 1 T baking soda, ½ t borax
  • Scouring Powder 1 c baking soda, 10 drops rosemary essential oils
  • Disinfectant 1 c water, 2 T castile soap, 1 t tea tree oil, 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • Glass cleaner 1 c water, 1 c vinegar, 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • Porcelain polish 2 T cream of tartar, ½ c hydrogen peroxide
  • Wood floor cleaner 3 T castile soap, ½ c vinegar, ½ c black tea, 2 gallons water
  • Wood cabinet cleaner 2c water, 2 T vinegar, 1 T lemon oil

Eight ways toxins affect our brains (Pizzorno)

  • Poison enzymes -less effective
    • Enzymes are molecules that speed up rate of all chemical reactions
  • Displace structural minerals resulting in weaker bones. Eg. Bones
    • Lose bone release toxins
  • Toxins damage BBB through molecular mimicry
  • Damage DNA which increase rates aging and cellular degeneration
  • Modify gene expression
  • Directly affect function of our cell receptor sites
  • Interfere with hormones and cause imbalances such as endocrine disruptors
  • Inhibit body’s ability to detoxify

Fasting 12 hours

  • Burns stored fat cells releasing toxins
  • LFTs improved
  • Weight loss
  • Gene repair
  • Improved CVD health, insulin sensitivity
  • Less accumulation damaged cells and less damaging of cells, less ROS
  • Lower TG, ghrelin (hunger hormone), normal leptin, , insulin
  • Reduced cancer risk


Be kind to yourself: Need difficulties to change

  • His Christmas Cookie Syndrome

Brain health

  • Brain vitality, clarity, energy
  • Better memory
  • Less fogginess, tired


  • Gluten summit first
  • Docuseries: betrayal
  • Book Autoimmune

This book

  • How brain works
  • How autoimmune cascade affects its function
  • Different condition s that affect health condition: and how they affect the brain
  • Lean about gut
  • Toxins
  • Leaky brain

Water jacket won’t stop flood

Need ladder out of the pool


  • Reversed 100 people with AD
  • Over 100 mechanisms contributing
    • Mold, gluten sensitivity
    • TBI
    • LPS in blood
  • Inhalation AD

George Goodheart, DC founder of kinesiology

  • Structure: DC, massage, sleep position
  • Biochemistry: what eat, drink, consume, breathe
  • Mind set: emotional, spiritual
  • EMF

Four Immune Systems

  • GI system (70- 85 5)
  • Liver: kupffer cells
  • WBC in blood stream
  • Brain: glial cells
    • cortex
      • 84 billion glial cells protecting the brain protecting BBB
      • 34 billion neurons
    • Cerebellum
      • More neurons > glial cells
    • Ancient arm of immune system cellular or innate
      • Protective handguns firing chemical bullets and creating inflammation to destroy threat
      • Humoural, adaptive immune system
    • Environmental exposure: bacteria, virus, parasite, offensive dietary proteins and peptides
      • Innate/ cellular arm produce cytokines first responders
        • Recognize and destroy
        • Antibodies stay in body 2 – 6 months
        • Elevated antibodies when innate , first responders depleted & ineffectiveà excessive inflammation, autoimmunity
          • From biochemical: food sensitivities, env toxins,
          • Posture, intestinal permeability
          • Emotional: stress
          • EMF

Excessive Inflammation

  • Every degenerative disease linked to inflammation
  • throw gas on fire
  • Light switch is on
  • inflammatory cascade à cellular damage, organ inflammationà initiate antibodies in that organà dysfunction, damage
  • NFL 99 % have CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • College football players 91 %
  • High school players 21 %

Brain Inflammation

  • Forgetfulness – nerves that carry messages
  • Depression – frontal lobe
  • Seizures from inflammation in occipital lobes.

Molecular Mimicry

  • To remove damaged cells with autoantibodies.
  • If molecular mimicry to corn, tomato, spinach, soy or tobacco, make Ab to nerves of brain and eyes called awauporin 4 à vision problems
  • When have a toxin (food sensitivity, mold, stress, hormones, bugs)à inflammatory cycle occupying first cycle responders
  • The demand of innate immune system is greater than is, adaptive immune system comes in,
    • There are powerful but not precise.
    • Creates lots of debris and creates collateral damage
    • Body makes autoantibodies to get rid of damaged cells
    • When inflammation is ongoing, Ag exposure is ongoing, keep making autoantibodiesà damage and dysfunction
  • Molecular Mimicry
    • Most common cause of brain dysfunction (AD, depression, anxiety, sz, schiz)
    • Mistake and destroy genetically similar molecules to toxins
    • Proteins like necklace
      • GI produces enzymes to break into individual pearls called aa
      • These amino acids build each cell.
      • Humans do not have enzymes to break down wheat so get peptides
        • Ab to gluten attack cerebellum, myelin
      • GAD glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)
        • Converts glutamine, most dominant in wheat to GABA
        • If sensitivity to what, low gABA
      • Ab to wheatà Ab to GAD
      • Ab to casein have ab to myelin basic protein and myelin oligoglycoproteins (biomarkers MS


  • US consumes 165 g q D: Europe 10 – 20 g QD
  • Breaks down into exorphins ~ morphine
    • Like a belly laugh
    • Damage opiate receptors
  • Benzodiazepine chemicals
  • No enzymes can fully digestà inflammation, leaky gut
  • Fassano gluten causes permeability intestines in every human
  • Celiac disease: have psych dx, gluten ataxia
  • hard time digesting foods and absorbing nutrients à Lack aa,
  • Sx anxiety, ataxia, ADD, brain fog, Chronic fatigue
  • Cognitive impairment, delayed puberty AD, depression, down syndrome, sz, failure to thrive, h/a, hypotonia, learning disorders, peripheral neuropathy, psychosis, recurring pain, short term memory loss, sleep disturbances.


  • Not fully digested causing inflammation in intestines
  • Some of these macromolecules are exorphins stimulating opiate receptors
  • Milk broken down into casein which contains exorphin called casomorphin
  • 2 T cows milk negative impact on brain
  • Even human breast milk stimulate opiate receptors so will suck
  • Opioids in cows milk 10 x stronger than human milk
  • Opioids in casomorphin are 10 x potent than morphine
  • Bovine casomorphin-7 (bcm-7) ~ disruptive brain function and neurological disorders such as schiz and autism
  • Other type ~ SIDs
  • Casomorphins exaggerate histamine release of food allergies stimulate craving for more hi fat food


  • Very inflammatory, dm 2
  • Uses lots of Mg
  • Bredesen believes is primary cause of AD


  • Molecular mimicry inc inflammation
    • Continuous influx of wheat à lose brain cells
    • His clinic. 26 % had antibodies to cerebellum ataxia
      • 22 % antibodies to wheat.
      • Problem is not muscles but is brain
    • We lose 7 – 10 milliseconds q year after age 20
    • Positive predictive immunity
      • Fatigue, lack energy, memory, mood shifts are signals
    • Brain police chief in charge hormone production
    • Microbiota mayor modulates police chief telling him what to focus o andexplains what to do
    • Many more messages from gut to brain

Leaky brain  36

  • Heals within four hours
  • Breach allows macromolecules in,
    • Glial cells activate fight producing inflammation to destroy macromolecules
    • Immune system creates antibodies to rid damaged tissues
    • Can measure elevated antibodies to brain


  • If recurring insults, macromolecules enter brain, the calm immune system (microglia) are overactive firing bazookas
    • With collateral damage, immune system generates antibodies to macromolecules which entered
    • à DAHD, sz, anxiety, depression, schiz, bipolar, dementia, PD, MS, AD
  • TBI, shaken baby,
  • Some exercise beneficial to BBB
  • Inflammation from
    • Bacteria, parasites, viral parasites, autoimmune disease
    • Burnt sugar (BBQ chicken, black toast


  • Linked with celiac



  • Exhaust from bacteria and viruses (EBV, HSV), can bind
  • LDL binds to LPS making it less dangerous forming LDL/LPA
    • When this sticks to vessel wall immune system protects by making antibodies to it called oxidized LDL bad guy
      • Inflammation makes foam cells go inside blood vessl walls swell, rigid, inc BP
    • LPS leaks out of intestines toxin,à sepsis
    • LPS damage will start at weakest link

Lectins bind to molecules in body


  • Bidirectional, important in health
  • Breaks food down to small particles so can be absorbed
  • Size two tennis courts
  • Intestinal epithelium- barrier to prevent toxins, antigens, and microorganisms into blood
  • Selective filter to distribute nutrients
  • Relay switch for messages coming from good bacteria in body
  • Microvillae have digestive enzymes act like scissors cutting
  • Gut torn, macromolecules formedà antibodies

Gut Immunity

  • 70 % immune system in gut


  • 23 K genes, 5 lbs, twice as heavy as brain
  • Job development, regulation, and maintenance of intestinal barrier
  • Bacteriodetes. Good bacteria
  • Firmicutes not dangerous but can overwhelm bacterioidetes
  • Akkermansia
    • DM1, anxiety won’t go away
  • Leaky gut affects brain hormone production
  • Microbiota controls how bodies respond to stress.
    • Sends messages to brain via spinal cord and blood stream
    • Instructs hypothalamus how to respond to stress
    • Hypothalamus tells pituitary gland which stressors are priorities
    • Pituitary gland sends messages telling organs which hormones to produce.



  • Too little HCl allows undesirable bacteria to flourishà dysbiosis

Fix body will fix brain

Week 1

  • Listen to body
    • Forget where keys are
    • Forget names formerly knew well
    • Walk into room forgot
    • Lost when traveling to unfamiliar location
    • Folks note relatively poor performance
    • Problems work, name finding
    • Read and retain little
    • Decreased ability remember names of new
    • Lost or misplaced an object of value
    • Tested for failing concentration
    • Mild to moderate anxiety


Week 2 read about Bredesen

Week 3 Keep track of what eating

Week 4 review EWG

Week 5. Baseline for brain health by create timeline

Week 6. Find FM practitioner

Week 7. Strengthen core

Week 8. Dr. Pedram Shojai’s exercise in conscious breating

Week 9. Eliminate gluten, dairy and sugar

Week 10. Recipes without gluten, diary, sugar

Week 11. Learn about EMF

Week 12. Recognize small wins

Loss of smell first sign

  • Sensonics International smell test
  • Olfactory cortex linked to area of brain affected by PD< AD substantia nigra

Hypoperfusion (43) oxygen,  glucose, aa

  • Connected to celiac
  • In thalamus repetitive behaviours
  • In R Temporal lobes. Obsessive desire for sameness, clothes,
  • Left temporal lobe. Impairments in social interactions and communication
  • Causes
    • Food sensitivity
    • Allergic rxn, anaphylactic shock
    • Dehydration, vomiting, Blood donation, diuretics, hemorrhage
    • Depression, Emotional stress, fear, Fatigue,
    • DM,
    • TBI, severe burns, snake bits, surgery, toxic shock, trauma
    • Heart dysfunction, heart meds,
    • jaundice, bed rest


  • Beta amyloid exhaust of immune rxn loaded with antibodies
    • Is IgM antibodies to herpes virus
      • Compromised immune system not held in check


  • Alpha synuclein proteins twisted in gut before sx
  • Constipation is an early sign


  • In 42 years loss 58 % wildlife
  • Sensonics International smell test
  • Test cerebellum one foot at chest 10 seconds
  • Myelin Ab. MBP, MOG
    • Tingling hands, feet, leg give out
  • Test leaky BBB trauma with antibodies to
    • S100B
    • NSE neuron specific enolase
  • Neural Zoomer blood test from Vibrant Wellness laboratories
    • Sensitive biomarker of brain antibodies MS< BBB, peripheral neruopathey, brain autoimmunity, HSV, AD genes
    • com/ neuralzoomer
  • Walk upstairs out of breath CV and brain hypoperfusion
  • LPA antibodies Vibrant wellness called wheat Zoomer
  • Sepsis
    • Shiver
    • Extreme, worst pain
    • Pale, discolored skin
    • Sleepy difficult to rouse, confused
    • I feel like I might die
    • SOB
  • Sock marks food toxic causing water to dilute
  • Celiacs large foreheads (69)
  • HOMA measure insulin sensitivity
  • Tatoos use new needle, ink, vegetable-based tattoo ink
  • Vit C
    • Nitrites and nitrates convert to dangerous nitrosamines when no vit C
    • Eat before hot dogs, cured meats
  • Chlorine filter for shower head
  • Check mold (
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Test permeability intestines
  • Test brain
    • Confirm if immune system attack own tissue
    • Enable dx before sx
    • Predict ds flares
    • Predict and monitor response to tx
    • Describe organ or tissue damage
  • Ab biomarkers
    • Correlated to ds activity and severity
    • AB ~ to clinical manifestation
    • Predictive of ds occurrence
    • Valuable indicators of tx response and side effects
    • Useful tool for dx and management for organ specific
  • Liver function press finger between shoulder blades. 1 – 2 seconds to disappear
  • Congested liver, blood can’t get there quickly enough
  • For strong bones
    • Ca, Mg, boron, strontium, vit K, vit d


What to do

Genetic Testing

  • Apo E
    • 2 Apo E 4 10 x risk AD by 75 as those with none
    • One study 4 APoE4 20 x AD
    • 40- 65 % AD have at least one copy of ApoE4
    • 1/3 AD are ApoE 4 negative
    • Nigerians highest apoE4 rates, little risk developing AD

Test Ab

  • Autoimmunity takes up to 40 years
  • Crp inflammation predictor CHD
  • + Ab Purkinje cells 52 % predictive chance killing off brain tissue
  • BBB
    • To zonulin tight junction (also in BBB)
    • To Actin BB surface cell
      • A smooth muscle protein forming cable network in endothelial cells
      • Measure of intestinal permeability and brain
    • LPS
      • By product from gram negative bacteria too big to go thru
      • In AD, PD
      • S100B BBBB
        • Measure degree of recovery
      • Neuron-specific enolase (NSE) predictive measure of head trauma
        • Tells about leakage
      • Brain tissue Antibodies
        • Transglutaminase 2 (TG 2) celiac ds
          • Can cross react with TG 3 (skin) TG6 (a primary brain component
        • TG6à BBBB
          • Means immune system attacking brain
        • Gangliosides dev muscle ds
          • Periperhal neuropathy
            • 22 % CD pts
          • Cross react with campylobacter jejuni, hemophilus influenza
        • HSV. HSV 1 amyloid plaque
        • Chlamydia pneumoniae. DNA Linked with AD
        • Gliofibrillar acid protein (GFAP)
          • Levels inc with CVA, TBI tells how bad injury is
          • High levels GFAP immune system makes antibodies
        • Myelin basic protein (MBP)
          • MS, autism hi MBP, brain endothelial cell (B4) Ab.
          • Cross react after strep infection
        • Glutamic acid decarboxylase
          • Brain, in CD, non celiac gluten sensitivity
          • Hi ~ insomnia and anxiety
        • Alpha and beta tubulin
          • Part of microtubules
          • Hi in alcoholic liver ds, demylenating, recent onset T1DM
        • Purkinje cells
          • In Ab to gluten in 26 %
        • Synapsin
          • In most neurons of CNS and peripheral NS
          • Anxiety, depression, BAD, schiz
        • Environmental exposures
          • Cyrex II Immunity reactivity screenj
          • Cyrex pathogen 12 bacteria, vius,
          • Real Time Labs Urinary Mold
          • Provocative Challenge Urine test for heavy metals.
            • BLOOD FOR TWO WEEKS
            • HAIR NAPE OF NECK 2 MONTHS
            • CHELATOR, 24 HOUR URINE
          • You are placebo by Joe Dispenza, DC



  • Body regenerates, reduce inflammation

Increase exercise


  • Eliminate sugar, wheat, dairy inc veggies, fruit, non farmed fish


  • Folate (B 9) folium ( leaf)
  • Active is 5-MTHF
  • Cobalamin (B12) detox
  • D3
  • Fish oil
    • Brain cell, brain function, stabilize chol, turn on genes
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Wireless router off airplane mode
    • Improve sleep
      • Melatonin 2- 5 mg QHS
      • Reduce stress (meditation

Gluten withdrawal

  • Especially if hi gluteomorphin (or casomorphin)
    • Stay hydrated, more salt, calm, move


  • 2 regular Asa QD cause leaky gut, start entire autoimmune response,à leaky brain and BBBB
  • Peripheral nervous system
    • Connects spinal cord to rest of body
  • Spine shrink during day (lost water)
  • 25 % people with LBP have multiple dysfunctions in brain and CNS affecting fear memory center amygdala
    • Amygdala
      • Reptilian brain, ancient
      • Evaluating fear and negative emotions
    • Neck curve lordosis to distribute weight of head over neck and shoulders
    • Caused by use of pillow
      • Pillow under knees, hand towel under neck 10 minutes before sleep
        • Small towel to larger towl
      • Car seat move back seat forward, pillow in LBack
    • Shoes worn out on outsie wear out spine fasterà inflammation, arhtis
    • Downward facing dog

Exercise protects spine and brain


  • Pulse goal 180 – age
  • Inc neuronal plasticity
  • Delay onset neurodegenerative decline
  • Slow functional decline after neurodegeneration saturated protect people with ApoEf
  • Inc number of new neurons and promote their survival

Drink before and after exercise flush toxins out

Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Sans Helye stress with health concerns
  • PNS should be running 90 – 95 % of the time
  • SNS without insulation, overused, burn outà inflammation
    • Wear out wires, sympathetic exhaustion, depleted


SNS                                         PNS

Fast                                          Slow

Little insulation                       deep breathing, relaxed, calm

Positive Outlook

  • Placebo (perkins tractors metal pointers)
  • Uncover thinking
  • Thoughts create our energy
  • Conscious breathing,
  • Meditation
    • Help neurogenesis
    • Present and aware
    • Affirmation, biofeedback, breathing, energy, expressive (journaling, poetry, humour), hypnosis, movement (alexander technique), prayer, psychotherapy, qigong, visual imagery, yoga
  • DiClemente and Prochaska, Norcross stages of change
    • Pre contemplation
    • Contemplation
    • Determination
    • Action
    • Maintenance


  • Detox flush out, avoid
  • Identify foods sensitive to
  • If not enough fluids these redeposit into brain cell
  • Water will lower toxic load.

Signs of eating inflammation

  • Rosy red cheeks, broken capillaries around nose
  • Forehead and check
  • Is strong correlation between red faces and low stomach acid production.
  • Yellow face tone. (take B 12 for HCl))
  • Brownish yellow color on front of legs (insulin problems)
  • Rough, bupy skin on backs of arms
    • Lack vitamin A or good fats
  • Eczema patchy red, cracking, itchy skin
  • Skin tags under arms, neck, grown (sign DM2)
  • Dry skin robbing good fats from skin
  • Easy bruising weakened blood vessels
  • Cracked feet and heels (lack EFA)
  • Dry scalp diet high in refined sugars and lacking EFA
  • Diagonal creases in ear lobes à 5 x risk CVD
  • Sensitive scalp. Vitamin D
  • Hair loss of thinning
    • Lack of HCL can supplement)
  • Hair loss lower legs, pubic. Low DHEA and testosterone
  • Gum bleeding inflammation
  • Scalloped tongue suggestive food allergies
  • Cracks in corner mouth. (vitamn B
  • Dark circles under eyes. Allergic shiners
  • Horizontal creases on lower eyelids (Dennies lines) food allergies
  • Weak fingernails stomach acid and pepsin
  • White spots under nails lack Zn
    • can be lack pancreatic enzymes or wheat sensitivity
  • Often joint aches
    • Eliminate nightshade (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tobacco)
  • Sock marks edema eating toxic foods edematous to dilute toxin
  • Rub nails on abdomen x 3
    • Red strick histamine

Vit C 250 mg protect against ozone on lung function

Broccoli juice

  • Increase secretion benzene by 61 %
  • Inc secretion acrolein (burning gats) by 23 %
  • Broccoli sprouts pull toxic chemicals out.

Fish oil supplements can prevent pollution particles from entering body


Vitamin B (folic, B6, and B 12) counteracts effects fine particulate matter.

Making Broccoli Sprouts

  • 2 T broccoli sprouting sees to wide mouthed jar
  • Cover with few inches filtered water, cap with paper towel
  • Warm, dark over night
  • Drain liquid off, rinse with fresh water
  • Tip so fluid can drain thru paper towel BID
  • Few days one inch keep out of sun
  • Store in fridge

Food Toxicity

  • More environmental toxins in food, more wt retaining microbiota you feed
    • Thee overwhelm response system
    • Triggers and fees survival bacteria in gut.
    • Calorie hoarding microbiome. Says I want more
    • Inflammation increases storage capacity of WBC spare tire
      • Are 17 hormones produced by WBC : 15 of which produce inflammation
      • Produced to keep toxins away from brain
    • The body holds on to the excess fat to protect
    • End exposure get rid of fluid and start burning fat where toxins stored.
    • Avoid calorie dense food.


  • Plants main source healthy carbs and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antiox, anti inflammatory
  • Rqw nuts, seed, butters healthy protein and fats
  • Start ketogenic, intermittent fasting
  • Check HOMA q few weeks
  • Avoid gluten , dairy, sugar


  • Rice, soy, corn, cotton (oil) , canola oil, sugar beets, zucchini yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa


  • Kills plant easier to harvest
  • Plant sucks up more nutrients
  • Alters microbiome, inc intestinal permeability
  • Detox of liver
  • GI disorder, fat, depression, autism, infertility, cancer
  • Buy local organic, non GMO

Fresh Foods

Health gut

  • Cinnamon
  • Cruciferous vegetables lower inflammation in intestines
  • Dark coloured fruits with hi polyphenols such as berries, cherries and red grapes
  • Green tea is prebiotic
  • Omega 3 FA grass fed beef, cold water fish
  • Parsley tomato juice

Spices to inhibit amyloid plques

  • Cinnamon, dates, ginger, ginseng, rosemary, sage, turmeric


  • Natural storage carbohydrate in > 36K plants
  • Prebiotic regulate for cold resistance
  • 70 % inulin comes from wheat
  • Fermented foods

Fruits low glycemic

  • Apricot, plums, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, berries
  • Good: acai, apple, apricot, avocado, banana, berries, cantaloupe, cherry, coconut, cranberry, fig, goji, gooseberry, grapefruit, guava, honeydew, juniper berry, kiwifruit, kumquat, lemon, lime, loquat, lichee, mango, nectarine,olive, orange, papaya, passionfruit, peach , pear, persimmon, pineapple, plum, pomegranate, pomelo, quince, star fruit, strawberry, watermelon


Good nuts

  • Almond, Australian nut, beech, walnut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, chia seeds, filbert, flaxseeds, hazelnuts, hemp seeds Indian beech, kola nut, macadamia, pecan, pine nut, pistachio, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, safflower, sesame seeds, sunflower, tiger nut, walnut


Glycemic index

Yam 37, sweet potato 44, new potato 57, mashed skin 70, fries 75, bake potato 85, instant matched potatoes 86 red skin boiled potatoes 88

Clean 15

  • Sweet corn, avocados, pineapple, cabbage, onions, sweet peas, papayas, asparagus, mango, eggplant, honeydew melon, kiwifruit, cantaloupe, cauliflower, grapefruit


Dirty dozen


  • Grass fed beef high in cLA
  • CLA
    • Use cholesterol in healthy way
    • Builds up good bacteria in gut to keep wt down
    • Take CLA build healthier microbiome and lose wt
    • Can lose one pound q month
  • Good meat:
    • Beef, bison, boar, chicken, duck, egges, elk, goose, lamb, pork, turkey, veal, venison

Biological Value

  • Eggs 100 %, cows milk 91 %, fish 83 %, beef 80 %, chicken 79, soy 74, wheat 54, beanx < 50 %


  • Lots POP persistent organic pollutants
    • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), brominated flame retardants, pesticides
    • Salmon
      • Hg same in wild and farmed
      • PCB< dioxin, toxaphene, dieldrin 3 x in farmed salmon
      • Farmed has 6 times O6
    • Vital choice seafood from Alaska
    • Low Hg:
      • Anchovies, butterfish, catfish, calms, crab, crawfish, croaker, flounder, haddock, hake, herring, mackerel, mullet, oysters, perch, plaice, pollock, salmon canned, fresh0, sardines, scallops, shad, shrimp, sole, squid, tilapia, trout, whitefish, whiting
    • High HG
      • Bluefish, grouper, Spanish mackeral, Chilean sea bass, tuna (albacore, yellowfin
    • Highest Fish Hg
      • Mackerel (king), marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish, tuna

Healthy fats

  • Coconut good for brain
    • Contains MCT neuroprotective
  • Avocado, coconut, ghee, macadamia, olive oil


  • Amaranth, arrowroot, buckwheat, rice, potato, bean
  • Millet, polenta, tapioca


  • Cocnut kefire, fermented cucumbers, kimchi, kombucha, olives, pickled ginger, sauerdraut


  • Green tea inc Bifidobacterium
    • Polyphenols are anti bacterials
    • Go after bad guys in microbiome C diff, C perfringens, Strep pyogenes
  • Root vegetables, beans, legumes, bananas, cooked rice, cooked potatoes, chicory, asparagus, artichokes, onions, garlic, leeks, soybeans, human breast milk

Gluten free only refers to alpha gliadin free

Going diary Free

  • Cow’s milk 8 x as large as breast milk
  • Goats’ milk 6 x size breast milk
  • If milk animal has protein structure > 62 % similar to human milk, that milk is likely to be hypoallergenic
  • Soy Milk phytoestrogen impact
    • Soy milk study from Asian institutes where foods made from whole soybeans
    • Stuff added to soy gums, gluten
  • Coconut milk lauric acid heart health saturated fat that improves HDL
  • Plain milk substitutes have 6 g sugar added (flavoured 12 (3 t) – 20 g (5 t)
    • Milk can be added
    • Shellfish dipped in milk to reduce fishy odor.
  • Ghee fats of butter with casein protein removed
  • Not milk:
    • Calcium lactate calcium steroyl lactylate, cocoa butter, cream of tartar, lactic acid), oleoresin, sodium lactate, sodium stearoyl lactylate

Most reactive gums

  • Carrageenan, mastic gum, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, beta-glucan, gum tragacanth, guar gum

How to go Sugar Free

  • American eats between 130 – 145 pounds sugar. Table sugar and HFCS
  • Ave 152 pounds caloric sweeteners 52 t QD
  • Refined carbs feed cancer cells
  • Excess sugar feeds wrong kind of yeast, encourages excessive growth bad bacteria
  • Spenda inc growth calorie hoarding bacteria that triggers wt gain, kills beneficial intestinal bacteria and blocks absorption of prescription drugs.
  • Brain uses ½ all sugar energy in body
    • Thinking memory, learning
  • Lack glucose, no NT
  • Communication breaks down
  • Hypoglycemia poor attention, cognitive dysfunction

Digestive Enzymes

  • produced in pancreas and SI to break down fooe3 advanced Plus needs to react before leaves stomach
  • take gluten assisting enzyme before each meal


  • Porphyromonos gingivitis
    • Floss, swish coconut oil

Drugs shut down all inflammatory genes (yet need inflammation

  • EGCG most powerful antioxidant polyphenol
    • Modulate genes to heal intestinal permeability
    • To protect from damage of powerful drugs that shut down TNF production
    • Protect elasticity of blood vessels
    • Protect our thinking capabilities
    • Neuroprotective action
    • Reduces formation of beta amyloid in AD and alpha synuclein in PD
    • So many genes to produce an anti inflammatory effect
  • Lycopene in tomatoes
  • Curcumin in turmeric,
  • Vitamin C

Gluten sensitivity support packs

  • Promotes creation healthy tissues in intestines, skin, brain, jt, digestive system

Colostrum cure for leaky gut

  • Produced by mammary glands in birthing
  • Antibodies
  • Modulates genes best
    • For gut,
    • Growth factors to close the tight junctions
    • Activates genes that repair microvilli. Repair shags ruined by gluten
    • Peptides of colostrum identical between cows and humans
    • Low in allergens, casein

Vitamin D

  • Exception for healing intestinal permeability
  • Supervises function of tight junction
  • Critical role in tying and untying shoelaces of gut. Make it tight
  • Sun


  • Fuel of epithelial cells
  • Increases yeast growth and inflammation

Fish Oils

  • Omega 3 reduce risk CVD
  • EPA anti inflammatory: turns on anti inflammation in gut
  • Turns off other inflammatory genes
  • DHE major role in fetal brain development and retina during first 2 years.
  • 35 % of walls of brain made of omega 3 fats
  • Inc kds IQ by > 3 points
  • Only from diet
  • High quality fish oil


  • Supports microbiome like fermented foods
  • Introduce beneficial bacteria
  • Take fermented foods with mixed probiotic
    • Lactobacillus, bifidobacteirum, bacillus subtilis (inc Bifidobacterium and saccharomyces


  • Non toxic
  • Produce non specific biological response to resist stresss
  • Normalize
  • Bacopa
    • Improve cognition, and speed
    • Improve word recall and memory
  • Ganoderma lucidum
    • Mushroom protects hippocampus when exposed to toxins from dying due to inflammation
    • Improves cognition
  • Ashwaganda
    • Improve immediate and general memory, executive function, sustained attention and info processing speed
    • Restore BDNF
  • Tulsi Hoy Basil
    • For chronic ds, dm, met syndrome
    • Improve cognitive flexibility, eattnetion, improved working memory
  • Cordycepts sinensis protects brain from toxins
  • Centella asiatica
    • Revitalize brain and nervous system
    • Increase attention span and concentration
  • Sutellaria baicalensis
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Protect cells against beta amyloid plaque


  • Etoh, alpha tocopherol, alpha tocotrienols, avena, avena sativa, barley, beta glucans, beta glycans, beta tocopherol beta tocotrienol, brewers’ yeast, cereal fiber, cernilton, ctric acid, cross linked starch
  • D alpha tocopherol, D beta tocopherol, delta tocotrienol, dextrate, dextrimaltose, dextrin, D gamma tocopherol, dietary fiber, gamma tocopherol gamma tocotrienol, hordeum distichon, hordeum vulgare, maltodextrin, maltose, missed tocopherols, tocotrienol, modified starch, oat beta glucan, oats bran, extract, fiber, grass
  • Rye grassm rye grass, rye grass pollen extract, secale cereal, sodium starch glycolate, starch, tocopherol (acetate, succinate), triticum aestivum, vit E, wheat. –, wild oats, xanthan gum, yeast


  • 1979 paper link between living within ¼ mile high power electrical wiers and childhood leukemia
  • 1991 sleeping with electrical bblanket increases breast cancer 31 %