Thomas E Levy, MD, JD

Dental infections: Cause of Chronic Disease

Date Aired: March 30, 2018

Episode Description

Most people have cult dental infections which they are not aware of. Dr. Levy describes how these infections cause many chronic diseases including strokes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and arthritis. Root canals, implants and tooth extraction are typically sources of infections Other toxins which causes disease are fluoride and mercury both of which dentists gleefully put into our mouths.

Teeth affects through meridians, oxidative stress and inflammation

  • His interest in teeth started twenty years ago when he met Dr. Hal Huggins
    • He saw diseases that were reversed with fixing dental problems, vitamin C
      • None of this was mentioned in his medical education

Mercury toxicity  form amalgam fillings(Dr Boyd Hailey)

  • Causes a lot of diseases
  • Is a primary factor in multiple sclerosis
  • Is a hazardous compound
  • When it is put in the mouth
  • It releases gases especially when chewing or eating acidic foods
    • There is laboratory evidence and videotapes showing toxic mercury gases

Toxins Cause Disease

  • 100 % toxins cause damage by causing oxidation so molecules become biologically inactive
    • Where this occurs determines disease
    • Mercury goes into brain
      • Don’t get multiple sclerosis until years later
    • Cyanide goes into lungs oxidizes enzymes that incorporates oxygen so die in minutes
  • All diseases variable combination and concentrations of increased oxidative stress
  • The entirety of disease is caused by toxins
  • If have no toxins have no disease
  • Toxins are oxidants: only oxidants cause disease
  • Number one cause of toxins are infections
  • Primary source of toxins are infections
    • Greater than 95 % of these are in mouth
      • Infected gum disease
      • Infected root canals
      • Chronically infected sinuses and tonsils
      • These are usually asymptomatic
      • Heart attacks and cancers kill the majority of people on the planet are caused by dental infecitons
      • Main cause of heart attacks and breast cancer.

Dental infections

  • Many advanced diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Lou Gehrig’s Disease get better when dental infections are removed

Root Canals

  • Not all root canal teeth cause problems
  • If don’t maintain thyroid and sex hormones, root canals can give problems such as heart attacks and cancer
  • With and infected tooth, carve out the pulp and cut the nerve
  • It is difficult to render the tooth sterile; they all have infections
  • Not all infection disseminate
  • The ones that disseminate are larger chewing molars
    • When you chew on that tooth, the pressure is large, the infection at the tip of the tooth is where the lymphatic vessels and venous vessels drain so goes into whole body
    • Perfect pathogen delivery system to allow infections to disseminate toxins 24 -7
      • Strokes
      • Breast tumours
    • Apical abscess is exaggerated form of periodontal disease
    • Dental disease is primary cause of most chronic degenerative disease
    • Direct cause of heart attacks 90 % of time
    • Direct cause of breast cancer 70 % of the time
    • Most studies show reverse effect that when the dental infection is treated, the disease gets better. It defies logic to say this relationship is not causal

Depth of deep pockets is correlated with death rate

  • Depth of pocket indicates the amount of infection
  • The more infection that is present, the more dissemination of toxins and oxidating products throughout the body
  • The more sustained increased present of increased inflammatory biomarkers the shorter life is and the greater incidence of diseases
  • correlated with

Dr. Pessi Study

  • Coordinated with cardiologists treating patients with a heart attack who have a narrowing of the blood vessel. The platelets are activated and block the artery
    • 80 % of blood clots had identical pathogen profile identical an infected root canal
    • 30 % blood clots had pathogens typical for infected gums
    • He concludes that 90 % of heart attacks cause by these pathogens
    • Concentration for pathogen in blood clot was sixteen fold higher than that of the surrounding blood
    • So it defies logic that formed sterile blood clot
  • Published in Circulation
  • They all acknowledge that inflammation causes coronary artery disease
  • They don’t ask where inflammation comes from
  • Need to consume antioxidants in blood for inflammation and oxidative stress reaction

Other studies show when roto rooter infection out, atherosclerotic plagues narrow

  • DNA of root canal treated teeth found in occluded clots in cerebral aneurism
  • Periodontal DNA found in plaque of strokes
  • The degree of periodontal disease is important in determining degree of cerebra vascular disease or strokes
  • A greater neurological deficits in stroke patients with advanced periodontitis at time of admission to the hospital
  • DNA of periodontal pathogens in brain aneurisms, carotid plaque, coronary artery plaque
  • In arthritis periodontal DNA in synovial fluid
  • Is involved in pulmonary disease
  • In spite of this obvious connections, doctors appear reluctant to change their way of practice
  • Periodontal infection associated with
    • Recurrent lung infections
    • COPD
    • Higher in asthma
    • Five time increased likelihood of bronchial inflammation

Some of teeth are on acupuncture meridians

  • Is a magnifier and can magnifier of effect on meridean

Periodontal Disease associated with cardiovascular disease or strokes

  • Infections
  • All neurological disease
  • All autoimmunity diseases
  • Increased all mortality
  • Coronary disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • Bowel disease
  • kidney disease
  • Every type of cancer
  • All primary neurological diseases including seizures

Can see symptomatic dental infection with three D ex ray

Ozone and Dental Applications

  • Don’t need to surgically remove it
    • Typically abscesses are drained.
  • Resolves cavitations
  • Lowers crp. An all cause of mortality
  • Knocks out inflammation, viruses, bacterias

Mercury removal

  • Need a biological dentist
    • Maybe oK for a young person
    • But the acute exposure may lead to health problems
    • Need to give a lot of vitamin C (IV before, during and after)

What do we do to make gum health healthier

 Mild periodontal disease

  • Don’t be preoccupied with flossing
  • Water irrigation is best
    • Water pick or water irrigation
    • Add a little hydrogen peroxide. Causing further sterilization
    • They will start regrowing gum within a week or two

 Advanced periodontal disease

  • Scaling, deep probing

Infected tooth

  • Extraction with later implant or a bridge
  • If missing a lot of teeth denture with bridge
  • If patient does not want extraction, can do a root canal.
    • Is better than chronically untreated tooth
    • Go to dentist who performs the most procedures
    • Need to monitor crp if this rises, can lead to heart attack
    • If crp, thyroid function and hormone function is good, patient might do well with root canal.

There are many asymptomatic infected teeth

Almost everyone with a heart attack has an infected tooth or root canals

So many people with root canals have heart attacks, but not all patients

Root canal can isolate infection. Infection can remain isolated

All root canals are infected

Only issue is how large is infection at tip

How good is immune system at keeping infection isolated.

Best is to extract tooth

  • If don’t want to remove tooth root canal
  • Measure crp.
  • Make blood levels better with ozone
    • Too help immune system function
    • If it does not work, tell them leaving root canal in increases risk for chronic disease
  • Strong immune function
  • Good thyroid functioning
    • Normal reverse T3 in cell. Inefficient formation of T3 in cells not in thyroid
    • High T 3 can single handedly cause infection to metasticize
    • Means enzymes properly converting T 4 to T 3. So infection dose not metastizes.
  • Good sex hormones

Support immune System

  • Identify new and ongoing toxins as they tear down immune system
  • Long term slow detoxification program
    • Saunas
    • Inositol
    • hexaphosphate
    • Alpha lipoic acid

 Take high doses of antioxidants

  • Vitamin C
    • Stimulates immune system in at least 19 different ways
      • Increases antibody, interferon, T cells, B cells, Natural killer cells


  • Nutribullet – pulverizes vegetables
  • Calcium zeroscienc supporting calcium as beneficial
    • From marketing by dairy industry
  • Iron, calcium, copper no need to take these as supplements
    • Are required by body in tiny amounts
    • Above that level, changes cellular metabolism so that cells become chronically diseased malignant increase oxidative stress or go into apoptosis or rupture
    • Osteoporosis is burning of bone, calcium is smoke that comes out
      • Calcium dose not reduce fracture incidence
      • Magnesium, vitamin C, D and vitamin K reduce bone fracture