Thomas Cowan, MD

Vaccines, Autoimmunity and Childhood Health

DATE AIRED: August 17, 2018

Episode Description

Over the past 50 years, rates of chronic illness, learning disabilities, and allergies in children have exploded–1 in 6 children has a diagnosed learning disorder, 1 in 50 has autism attributes these rising numbers to the US current vaccination policy. In his new book, Vaccines, Auto-Immunity, and the Assault on Childhood, Dr. Cowan shows how childhood illnesses, which help children to develop a robust immune system. With vaccines, the development of natural immunity is not supported. In addition, vaccines contain adjuvants which are toxic substances. Dr. Cowan discusses how the increasing array of vaccinations can have adverse effects on children’s health. He advocates a balanced dialogue on these issues.

Interesting Points

  • We should be careful in suppressing childhood diseases and in suppressing the body’s healing processes in general.
  • Hippocrates felt fever is needed for healing
  • Cowan’s book focuses on the fact that modern medicine has overlooked the importance in fevers in preventing future diseases.
  • He also believes that one should not overlook the very direct stimulation of the antibody immunity process through vaccines as vaccines are a major player in the current proliferation of chronic diseases.
  • The topic of vaccines is controversial because it is the crown jewel of modern medicine.
  • Vaccines are increasing.
    • There used to be 3 – 6 vaccinations before the age of three or six
    • Are 69 vaccines before the age of 18 and another 60 – 70 between ages between ages 18 – 65. All of these are mandated.
  • There is a lot of money in vaccines. The herpes zoster vaccine brings in $749 million dollars per year.
  • The US Government makes citizens, buy this product, the manufacturers have no responsibility to show its effectiveness, and have no liability for any damages
  • DPT vaccine, one of the most widely given vaccines, has never been studied in prospective studies. A Danish group published a study showing that in an African village, children who received the DPT vaccine had a five-fold increased mortality than those who were not vaccinated
    • These experts report there were never any prospective studies showing beneficial survival with the DPT vaccine
    • The proportion of persons vaccinated with DPT is used as a measure of the performance of national vaccine programs.
  • The vaccine manufacturers in the UK and the US are indemnified from any damages in perpetuity.
    • The vaccine court was set up so harmed person sues the justice Department, and the tax payers pay for damages from a vaccine related injury.
    • The cap is $250,000 per injury
    • The US Government has paid out about four billion dollars to injured persons
    • Estimates are that only one percent of injuries are compensated, so this could involve hundreds of billion dollars in injuries
      • There is no discovery phase of these trials. Because the CDC does not recognize autism as a vaccine consequence, then autism cannot be compensated.

Dr. Cowan’s Background

Anthroposophical medicine

  • Is a way of thinking
  • Originated with Rudolph Steiner
  • Childhood diseases are important for health

There is an increase in chronic diseases in adults and children

  • One in 2.5 children have an allergy
  • One in six have a developmental disability
  • One in eleven has asthma
  • One in thirteen have severe food allergies
  • One in 36 has autism (used to be one out of 10,000)

In anthroposophical medicine

  • We are born with two different immune systems
    • When we are exposed to a viral infection, toxin or other exogenous influence, the substance will infect millions of cells which become infected
    • The cell mediated immunity centered around the with blood cells go in and combat, digest, break-downs and cause these cells to be excreted these cells
      • This includes mucous, skin, urine, and bowels
      • This occurs in the first 7 – 10 days when we feel sick
      • When we feel sick, it is a manifestation of the cell mediated immunity: it is not directly from the toxin
      • If a person is infected and then given prednisone to suppress the cell mediated activity, the person will not feel sick.
      • They could even die from the exposure but they won’t feel sick
      • By stimulating the white blood cells, a person can feel sick
    • The humoural immune system (the antibody immune system) prevents a recurrence of the illness.
      • This is the memory part of our immune system
      • This codes or tags for a unique part of the invader’s capsule so this invader will be recognized in the future and eliminated by the antibodies
      • This does not require a cell mediated reaction
      • The antibody reaction has no symptoms
      • After the cell mediated reaction, a person does not get the disease for a second time
      • People don’t get measles, chicken pox, mumps more than one time in their lives
      • Before the vaccine era, every disease included these two immune systems

Theory of Vaccines

  • Vaccines intend to give the antibodies to produce a “life-long immunity” while skipping the step of cell mediated immunity during which time the patient feels ill.
    • People were told they would have a life-long immunity
      • This is not true as at best vaccine immunity protection lasts ten to twelve years with the initial vaccine and two to five years with each subsequent booster.
      • College students started getting measles again when they expected to have immunity for life
        • The antibodies wear out
      • People were told that immunity from a vaccine shot is identical to the life-long immunity conveyed by the cell-mediated immunity process
        • This quickly debunked
          • Nephrotic syndrome an autoimmune disease which goes away when the measles goes away,
          • Yet, giving the measles vaccine did not protect from the nephrotic syndrome.
  • If you stimulate the antibody arm of the immune system over and over with a full frontal assault on the cell mediated component
    • Preventing its occurrence with vaccines
    • Suppressing symptoms with prednisone, antipyretic drugs such as aspirin and Tylenol; suppressing coughs with cough medicines
    • Modern pediatrics is an attack on the cell-mediated immunity and through the vaccines, a boosting of the humoural immune system

However, generating both arms of the Immunity System has long term Benefits

  • People who have had chicken pox have a 21 % less chance of getting a glioblastoma brain tumour
  • Studies show that there are fewer chronic diseases in people who went through the natural immunity process (i.e. getting childhood diseases
  • The vaccines thwart the body’s natural process to clear out toxins
  • John Coley treated thousands of cancer patients by injecting bacterial toxins giving them fevers for one month
  • The remission rate was approximately 40 %
  • Hippocrates said give a medicine to induce a fever, and I can cure any disease
  • His approach is to help patients get through their times with fevers so they will have better immunity and health in the future.
  • Fevers immunize children against future disease
  • A bigger issue is patients demand medications that interfere with the healing process (e.g, anti-mucous medications which interfere with the healing properties of mucous.
  • Palliative approaches such as pain medications do not heal diseases
  • Get laughed at if ask to treat the underlying problems.

Adverse Events in Vaccines

  • People who had the zoster vaccine have 2.7 times the risk of arthritis and alopecia (baldness)

Adjuvants in Vaccines

  • Vaccines contain adjuvants (helper)
  • Adjuvants are toxins with stimulate the antibody part of the immune system
  • Without adjuvants, vaccine antibodies would not be effective
  • Examples are aluminum and formaldehyde
  • Yehuda Schoenfeld (editor of Israeli medical Association Journal) says throughout life time normal immune system is tolerant of self-antigens.   Vaccines is one of the mains conditions that disturbs the homeostasis in susceptible individuals resulting in autoimmune phenomena and autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants.
    • In summary Dr. Schoenfeld states that the adjuvants are a direct cause of autoimmune diseases around the world.

Definition of an Autoimmune Disease

  • Over one hundred million people have autoimmune disease
  • Antibodies attacking body
  • How come there are so many autoimmune diseases
    • Complex question involving food allergies, the gut, toxin, undigested proteins that enter the blood stream and generate antibodies, infections, antigens leaking into the blood stream, chronic stimulation from adjuvants in vaccines.
    • The purpose of vaccines was to generate antibodies for immunity
  • Examples Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, Allergies, asthma, eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Former Commissioner of the FDA. Dr. Herbert Ley Statements

  • The FDA is not protecting people
  • What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing is as different as night and day
  • Examples
    • FDA scientists warned not to put out genetically modified foods, yet, the FDA proceeded
    • The FDA knew aspartame caused cancer yet approved it as Donald Rumsfield was hired by the manufacturer to get aspartame approved.
    • The EPA (Dr. Villianatos) always sided with the pesticide manufactures and the labs that researched these products were corrupt.
  • There needs to be a healthy debate over these topics

The Fourth Phase of Water

  • Water has a fourth phase – a gel phase.
    • Jerald Pollock wrote a book on this.
  • This gel phase is more efficient that pumping water
  • There is a specific train of events
    • If the gel is healthy, there is health
    • The gel is like jello
    • Proteins form the endoskeleton of the cell upon which the gel is formed.
    • If the gel is distorted,
    • With ill health, the gel heats up and excretes the toxins out of the body forming mucous
    • The gel reconstitutes into a health state
    • ATP unfolds the protein allowing them to interact with the water to form this gel.