Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP

Hormones and Health

Date Aired: March 23, 2018

Episode Description

The endocrine system is like a symphony coordinating health. Dr. Dale will discuss her the keys to health and hormone balance. She will discuss the causes for a breakdown in the endocrine system including a weakened immunity, dental conditions, an imbalanced nervous system, neurotransmitter imbalances, diet and life style and scar conditions. She will discuss how these imbalances can be restored towards optimal wellness.

Hormones have been supplemented in the past.

  • Horse urine
  • then bioidenticals
  • Research on Hormone rejuvenation started in 2000
  • This was before the woman’s health initiative describing some of the toxicities
  • She has 20,000 case studies mostly other doctors’ patients.
  • She’s trained 7500 doctors total

People need to be more empowered to help themselves

  • Eat organic
  • Avoid GMO
  • Do google search on things you put on your body
  • We are in charge of our choices
  • Trust ourselves

Allopathic approach to hormones

  • If you are a woman over 40 and are having any issues, doctors assume it is hormones.
  • She likes saliva testing which she finds is accurate
    • It replicates what patient is experiencing
  • Blood testing not accurate as it does not test for hormones; it only tests bound hormones
  • Any hormone therapy will be toxic unless use homeopathy
    • When you give bioidentical or other hormones, body thinks that it is supposed to supply these hormones
    • Can lose and stop circadian rhythm from what it is supposed to do because you are replacing the body from what it is supposed to do
      • Never want to replace the body from what it can do on its own
      • Want to empower the body to get back into cycle to make own hormones to function healthfully
        • Diet
        • Good nutrition.
        • How to clean vegetables from radiation and other toxins
        • Fukashema affected our food and fish

Homeopathic remedies for Hormones

  • When you take a homeopathic remedy, body takes out what it needs and stops when levels are normal
  • It is self-regulating.
    • Herbs are not self-regulating
      • Bioidenticals and pharmaceuticals are not self-regulation
    • It totally safe and has no side effects
    • In Germany they test each remedy
    • In homeopathy does not use the wrong remedy if it is given

Neurophysical testing

  • Test any remedy or food
  • Incorporates kinesiology with filters to filter out errors
  • Electrodermal screening (Electro-acupuncture)
  • Pendulum which is not accurate depending on person doing it
  • Neurophysical reprograming or testing

Blood testing is important for body chemistry, but is not effective for hormones

  • People can order their own blood testing through Direct Labs
  • You can look up herbs etc. on and


  • She invented a kit for men and women
  • Need to cleanse body or any hormones that were taken
    • Has an organic cleanse
    • With homeopathic remedies to help the adrenal glands and help longevity

Health providers need to be empowering

  • Give information on all modalities
  • Provide choice
  • We need to be detectives to learn how to be healthy
  • We need to be more proactive
  • We have to take care of ourselves in our changing environment

Look at causes of hormone imbalances

  • Stress
    • Affects adrenal cortisol levels
    • Body stress relates to adrenal stress which is cortisol levels
    • If you are nice to your adrenal glands, will make appropriate hormones
      • Stop sugar, cane sugar and substitute stevia or jackfruit
        • Will help with sugar ravings
      • Coconut sugar is good and low glycemic
      • Some people have trouble with xylitol
    • Make sure you love what you do or it can be stressful on the body
  • Cortisol
    • Cortisol is key to regulating hormones
    • Toxicity from hormones affects cortisol levels and diurnal/ circadeanrhythms
      • Circadian rhythm is the body clock

Cleaning vegetables from radiation

  • EPA found Tuna and other fish have nuclear radiation
  • She does not eat fish anymore due to the contamination to the fish from Fukashima
  • Fish is not healthy today
  • In Scotland, Ireland, the fish might be OK

Wash veggies

  • 8 drops good grade hydrogen peroxide in a sink full of water
  • Soak vegetables for five minutes
  • Rinse off with clean water
  • Get food grade hydrogen peroxide in some health food stores
  • Can order it on line at Amazon

Things that cause hormone levels to break down

  • Any kind of prescription drugs will be a stressor on body
  • Teeth
    • Dental infections, root canals, mercury fillings are toxic, implants
      • All root canals are infected
    • Mercury in the teeth
      • Mercury is illegal in some Scandinavian Countries
      • Some implants have mercury implants
    • Teeth can be connected to meridian
    • Each tooth is like a little organ
    • Meridians start at hands and feet and passes through the teeth
    • Need to go to a biological dentist
    • Many other countries do not do root canals
  • Diet
    • Sugar
    • nonorganic meat
      • Hormones and antibioticsin it
      • source of about 80 % of our insecticides
      • organic farm raised meat still affected by radiation
      • is pesticides on grounds, GMO grass
    • People with a lot of emotional issues
      • Don’t know how to deal with challenges and build up emotions.
      • She has neuro emotional remedies homeopathic remedies for emotions
        • Help release emotions from the body
      • May need to talk it out with therapist
    • Cell phone tower
      • Need to be at least a mile away
      • Can get cell phone blockers (
      • Remedies might not be permanent due to close by cell towers
      • com is a non profit website which tells the locations of cell towers within four miles, who owns it and the phone numbers
      • Not everyone can move to the middle of no where. If they did, they would put a cell tower there.
      • Treatment use homeopathic reedy and sacred geometry in home
      • Shambala Healing tools has powerful sacred geometry forms
    • Toxic relationships can cause endocrine disruption
      • Work on all relationships
    • Alcohol
      • Can have occasional organic wine without sulfates
    • Scar tissue
      • If had surgeries this cuts over an acupuncture meridian and
      • can block the meridian
      • Get sonar machine and rub over scar so is not as visible and open meridian flow
      • Can get acupuncture on either side of scar
      • Caster oil rubbed into scar tissue every night
        • Helps pain and scar tissue
      • Vaccines
        • In Europe they vaccinate kids with homeopathic remedy
          • A homeopathic nosode made from the virus or bacteria
          • US is the worse country for vaccines
          • We are sending the vaccines to countries in Africa
          • We need to occupy truth

The people making cell towers and toxins know the damage they cause, but they don’t care.  They only care about money


Do a cleanse every six months

  • her website has organic cleanses
  • To get toxins out need cleanses and homeopathic remedies
    • She has homeopathic remedy for glyphosate
    • Has radiation formula
    • Formula for nuclear radiation
    • Formula for EMF
    • Three different types of Mercury
    • all heavy metals, leads
    • Any toxins including vaccines
    • You can do it


Have form of relaxation


  • In Switzerland farmers got sick when cell towers went in
  • Biogeometry made things get better

CBD helpful for

  • Thyroid issues caused by mercury fillings
  • 52 million Americans diagnosed with thyroid issues
  • Products with estrogen can affect the thyroid
  • Conversion of thyroid hormones happen in liver and kidney in addition to thyroid
    • Most of conversion is in the liver
  • Cleanse will help thyroid until dental issues are handled
  • Thyroid is affected by high estrogen levels