Stephen Sinatra, MD and Tommy Rosa

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth

Date Aired: march 3, 2017

Episode Description

Have you ever wondered what healing is like in Heaven? What would Jesus say about modern day healing? Tommy Rosa died, went to heaven, spoke to Jesus and came back to share his wisdom. However, one need not believe in Jesus to benefit from Tommy’s experience. Other spiritual masters’ names can be substituted as all religions have the same goal. Like a radio station, people choose the path with which they resonate. Tommy confirms that what a person faces in the after life is consistent with that individual’s belief system. Tommy collaborates with well known cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, MD as Tommy’s information coincides with Dr. Sinatra’s approach for optimal health. Tommy learned about healing, mitochondria and healthy life styles. While Tommy, had no idea what the mitochondria are, these energy generators are seen as the source of Chi / prank/ the life force. In this show you will learn about the combined wisdom of Dr. Sinatra and what Tommy brings from heaven.

Book: Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth


Tommy Rosa was hit by a car five years ago, “went to heaven,” and talked to Jesus. Tommy approached Dr. Sinatra at one of his lectures and told him that he had a staff infection in his new hip. Tommy added that SPIRIT told him, and he and Dr. Sinatra became friends, traveled together and wrote a book.

Tommy’s Description of Heaven

Tommy describes going up a white tunnel of light permeated with the smell of frankincense and myrrh (which helps elevate the “vibration” so that “heaven is not a shock_. He felt relaxed, totally at peace, and not scared. He was floating six inches off the ground, and a man with a beard, halo ad beautiful robe, said “Hello Tommy.”

“What a I here for?” asked Tommy.

“You are hear to learn about health and love,” the man responded.

“Why me?” Tommy wondered.

“Why not you?” was the response.

They discussed mitochondria (Tommy did not know what mitochondria were)

He found that God was loving and unconditional love. This unconditional love fills our bodies and makes s vibrate at a higher level so we can start to heal ourselves and become healthy.

Tommy states that hundreds go to heaven and return with a different “energy” and vibration. People go there for knowledge and repair. Tommy believes that he went to heaven to help folks get rid of the fear of death.


Religion is in “this” (earth) dimension. A church is the selective energy of its believers. He states that God gives us different ways to experience different cultures, nationalities, and ways of learning. The goal is that we learn that we are all connected.

Radio Host’s Comments:

  • All religions are good leading to the same place. They are like tuning into the radio station with which you resonate.
  • Jesus said there are a thousand paths to my door” (the religion or atheism does not matter
  • I believe that I religion we need to look at what we have in common, not our differences.
  • What you find in “heaven” depends on your beliefs. For example a person of the Jewish faith would not meet Jesus.
  • Some ties the message from the “higher power” can be subtle – like a breeze.
  • Emoto found that thoughts and words changes the structure of water.

God (Higher Power) puts people in your path

  • Tommy’s wife when she saw a presentation of Dr. Sinatra told Tommy, “He will be your doctor and your good friend.” One and a half years later, they met and felt a divine spark.
  • Dr. Sinatra believes that Tommy was placed in Dr. Sinatra’s life for a reason. It gave Dr. Sinatra an opportunity to examine his development and confirmed his own work with mitochondria. Dr. Sinatra sees his life as connected by dots. He believes that a large part of his life was divinely guided although he did not believe it at the time. While Dr. Sinatra believed in free will, he realized that a lot of these dots were placed in his life for a reason.
  • The unconscious drives our characters in directions we thought we would never go.

Mitochondria is the source of the vital force (“vibration”)

  • The vital force (prana, chi) is associated with mitochondria
  • Mitochondria make the energy substance ATP
  • When the vital force (mitochondria) are used up, we age
  • Tommy’s discussing mitochondria with Jesus validated Dr. Sinatra’s life long work focusing o mitochondria support

Fortifying and protecting mitochondria is the essence of anti aging.

  • The supplements dr. Sinatra uses to support the mitochondria and reverse heart disease are
    • Carnitine- acts as a ferry boat to take nutrients to the mitochondria and to remove toxins
    • Co Q 10
    • Ribose- the center ring of the energy substance ATP
    • Magnesium
  • Stem cells have the possibility of repair, rejuvenate and renewing cellular tissues
  • Fat stem cells are 1500 times as powerful as bone marrow stem cells.
  • There is the possibility or renewing 40 % of the heart I a life time
  • In the mean time, metabolic cardiology is buying time until our stem cells take over
  • We replenish at night


  • When disconnected fro the physical, motional and spiritual
  • Illness can be a way to wake up about the path our lives are taking.
  • When our vibration (vital force) is lowered.
  • Higher vibration creates the space for healing
  • At higher vibrations is where miracles occur.

Substances that lower Vibrations

  • Illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, GMO foods can lower vibration for a couple of weeks
  • Toxic emotions such as anger, rage
  • Negative thoughts
  • Vigilance such as waiting for the other “she to drop.”
  • Toxins such as mercury in our teeth., insecticides, chlorinated water.
  • Lying is one of the worst ways to lower the vibration.

To Raise vibrations

  • Unconditional love
  • Carnitine, co 10, ribose and magnesium

Vibrational healing : The Medication of the Next Decade

  • We all have vibrational energy
  • Bacteria and fungi have their own frequencies
  • Each body part has its own frequency
  • Each food has its own frequency
  • Kale is the food with the highest frequency (3500)
  • The body’s frequency is 1500
  • Sugar has a very low frequency (700)


  • Eat less food because detoxification does not take place while digesting
  • It takes 8 – 10 hours to digest lobster and shrimp
  • 3-4 hours to digest meat
  • 15 minutes to digest water
  • 30 minutes to digest fruit
  • DMSA, chlorella, cilantro

In summary,

  • We all have the ability to heal ourselves
  • Eat the right foods,
  • Stay positive
  • Raise vibrational energy