Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Genetically modified foods: a health crisis

Date Aired: February 23, 2018

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Why does the US spend so much more on health care than any other country, with so little to show for it? While agrobusiness denies that GMO or glyphosate have any adverse effects, research shows otherwise. . Research shows that both GMO and glyphosate have adverse health effects. Dr Seneff posits that the US population is being chronically poisoned by a toxic chemical, glyphosate, that is pervasive in the food supply. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup. Because the government falsely believes that glyphosate is nearly harmless to humans, they have been very careless in monitoring it and have allowed it to permeate not only the food and water supply but also cotton products like Tampons, sterile cotton gauze, etc. Dr Seneff believes that glyphosate is the main contributor to the epidemic of debilitating diseases. Other toxins can individually can lead to illness, but combined these toxins make a toxic soup and act synergistically.


  • The US Government is passing things to hurt the citizens
  • Many toxins encouraged by the US Government (GMO, glyphosate,EMF, fluoride) contribute to illness
  • Examples
    • GMO
      • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists warned against GMO, yet the FDA pushed it into the US food supply saying there was total agreement
    • Fluoride (cf. Kennedy interview 3/16/18)
      • Is a biohazard that has no benefits except when applied directly on a tooth
      • It substitutes for iodine in the body.
      • Studies show it may lower IQ
      • This was a toxin too expensive to dispense with so companies decided putting it in the water supply was a good decision
      • Toothpastes containing fluoride have poison control warnings to call poison control if too much is consumed
      • The American Dental Association, who pushes the use of fluoride, reportedly receives corporate funds
    • EMF
      • Studies show it causes brain cancer, changes brains in offspring
      • Swiss farmers (and their animals) got sick when cell towers were placed
      • 1997 US Government passed a law that cell towers placement could not be stopped for health concerns.
    • Aspartame (cf. Kamin interview 3/9/18)
      • The FDA pushed this through inspite of the fact they knew it caused cancer
    • The US is pushing this on foreign governments
      • Pusztai
        • Monsanto called Clinton who called Tony Blair (UK) to discredit his research showing GMO was damaging
          • Pusztai was fired, his research confiscated, and home burglarized
        • Seralini
          • Several attempts to discredit his GMO research failed.
        • Hillary Clinton and US Ambassadors met with ministers of other countries to encourage GMO uses


  • Inspired by the rise in autism rates, she sought environmentalcontributions because genetic diseases don’t behave that way
  • Autism now 1 out of 36 boys and is continuing to increase
  • US will be financially ruined

Toxins Contributing to Autism and Other Illnesses

  • She searched for five years for which toxin was causing it
  • She had previouslybelieved round up was totally safe
  • Professor Don Hubert five years ago suggested that glyphosate (in round up) was hazardous
  • Glyphosate toxicity explained autism and many other diseases
  • Yet, other contributions include:
    • Particulate matter,
    • EMF (Martha Herbert)
      • Crossed the blood brain barrier
      • Possibly affects the calcium channels
    • All these toxins contribute to brain damage
    • Tylenol
      • Hurts the liver
    • NSAIDS
      • Have long term harm on brain as well
    • Mercury
      • Pregnant women with amalgam fillings, mercury goes into fetus

Sulfate synthesis, leaky gutà leaky brain barrier. Aluminum mercury, wayward proteins entering brain

  • Disrupts pancreatic enzymes that metabolize these proteins
  • Glutamate: Dr. Reid reverse her child’s autism symptoms
  • Are other pathways containing sulfate
  • Is in highly processed foods


  • Glyphosate increases toxicity of mercury, lead. Glutamate
  • opens blood brain barrier
  • End up with leaky gut
    • Studies preferentially kill good bacteria allowing path for the bad bacteria
  • Disrupts the bio acids
  • It was established that glyphosate disrupt liver enzymes
    • Insufficient bile acids
      • Unable to digest fatsà fatty liver disease
    • causes calcium uptake (like EMF does)
      • Studies show many cells respond to glyphosate by increasing their uptake of calcium
      • For neurons that will burn the neuron outà brain damage
    • Causes excess glutamate in brain shown in mind studies
    • Glyphosate interferes with sulfate synthesis, transport, delivery, and uptake
      • Mice studies show severe deficiency in heparin sulfate
        • A crucial molecule inside the cerebral spinal fluid
        • A deficiency of heparin sulfate in mice ventricles has been linked to autism
        • Only pathology introduced was ability to make heparin autism
      • EPES synthase is the target of glyphosate in the shikimate pathway
      • She looked at how glyphosate how it works and found correlation with glyphosate
        • Diseases associated with glyphosate
      • Is in MMR vaccines
      • Is sprayed on US pre-harvest wheat
      • Garbanzo beans are heavily sprayed with glyphosate: use organic hummus
      • Highest amount in bone marrow
      • With an injury, immune cells come out of the bone marrow carrying glyphosate
      • Glyphosate works this way into tissue slowly eroding health
      • Don’t notice after exposure


  • is an amino acid
  • In DNA code
  • Amino acids assembled as beads on a string
  • Each protein has a unique assemble string
  • Proteins are the workhorses of the body
    • Enzymes
    • Ion channels
    • receptors
  • The order of amino acids is essential to get that protein to work correctly
  • Many proteins have places where glycine is needed
  • If glyphosate substitutes for glycine, then these proteins won’t work.
    • Plants and bacteria substitute alanine for glycine to protect from glyphosate
      • Alanine is closest to glycine 

Monsanto studies

  • Looked at muscle tissue radioactive glyphosate reached the muscles, but they could not find the glyphosate
  • They added enzymes which resulted in increased glyphosate
  • Can see glyphosate is there from the measured radioactivity, but can’t see glyphosate because it is incorporated into another protein
  • When you digest that protein, that molecule is freed up by digestion
  • Glyphosate makes protein difficult to digest
  • Food sensitivities are related to undigested proteins

Diseases which have increased with use of glyphosate

  • Diabetes
    • Diabetes, obesity correlated with the advent of glyphosate
      • Plastics also contribute as the adversely affect the insulin receptor
    • Diabetes and obesity correlate with the advent of glyphosate
    • Glycine is in insulin receptor so if this does not work people will end up with type II diabetes
    • Are other toxins that will also directly affect the insulin receptor
  • Obesity
    • Lipase which digests fats has glycine in it
  • Alzheimer’s
    • Amyloid beta plaque a key component of Alzheimer’s Disease
    • A peptide sequence of amyloid beta has two glycine regions that are a source of trouble. It causes the protein to misfold
    • Glycine residues in proteins prevent amyloid misfolding
  • Prion Disease
    • Has a specific sequence: glycine in these proteins cause trouble
    • ALS, and Parkinson’s Disease

Increasing Toxicity

  • Cytochrome P450 enzyme in liver
    • Make bile acids
    • Detoxify other toxic chemicals
    • Glycine not working adversely affects detox ability and digestion
    • Bee Colony destruction
      • This works synergistically with neonicotine
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      • Myosin is important protein in the muscle: important in muscle contraction
        • If you swap alanine for glycine, muscle is brought to 1 % capacity to contract
      • Joint Pain and opioid addiction
        • Collagen has largest amount of protein in it
          • 20 % is glycine
          • In joints, skin, bones
          • If collagen not working properly,
            • Loses elasticity, water
            • bone is rubbing against bone and hurts
          • Autism
            • Heavily affected by the gut (cf. Catharine Reid interview 12/22/17)
            • Many autistic children have an Imbalance in gut microbes
            • Gut and brain are intimately connected
              • Stephanie states there is a .9997 correlation between autism and glyphosate exposure
            • Some say it’s a coincidence: Stephanie Responds some of the questions are caused by the delay in the presentation of autism.
          • Other Disease that have Increased
            • Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer
          • Liver disease
          • Kidney disease
          • She believes spraying glyphosate on pre harvest wheat contributes to gluten sensitivity and food allergies
          • Glyphosate causes bad teeth

New Fertilizers

  • Gluphosinate
  • Natural analogue of glutamate
  • Weeds are mutating to be resistant to glyphosate
  • This will be 1000 times more toxic
  • bi Cambra
    • Contains 2-4 D which is a component of agent orange

Why are we letting this happen?

  • Industry uses money to influence legislators
  • Dark act we can’t know if GMO is in our food
  • Our food is poisoned are we headed to destroying the world
  • Legislators are controlled by chemical industry
    • Chemical industry running the country
  • Will be out downfall: our healthcare costs are the highest
  • Bradstreet
    • Nagolase produced by cancer cells, a possible contaminant in vaccines
  • She believes that these toxins will increase the need for pharmaceuticals
  • We need to solve it grass roots switch to organic food
  • FDA scientist warned against it
  • GMO Premises Advocating its Use Not true
    • Increase food supply
    • Need fewer insecticides
    • We have not increased our crops

Gardisel for HPV Vaccine

  • Supposedly protects against cervical study
  • No study linking HPV to cervical cancer
  • Some receiving HPV vaccine are getting cervical cancer
    • This kills out many good viruses leaving some bad ones
  • Japanese 95 % vaccine rate
    • Cervical cancer rates reduced to 1 % after this vaccine was prohibited in Japan
  • HPV vaccine side effects
    • Anaphylactic shock
    • Seizures
    • Going unconscious
    • Termination of menstrual cycle
    • Autoimmune and Neurological Problems
    • Getting cervical cancer
      • Usually a disease of older people
      • Yet young women getting HPV vaccine are getting ick
    • Studies on HPV vaccine
      • Control sample were given substance with aluminum in it
      • So both groups had high death rates


  • Into soil and food
  • Substitutes for iodine
  • Gloms onto anything in body
  • Combines with aluminum to form aluminum fluoride complex t that looks like phosphates
  • Fluoride comes out as toxic residue from phosphate fertilizer plants
  • So distribute it over the water supply
  • Causes fluoridosis in teeth
  • Causes brittle and dense bones
  • Need to discard it as a hazardous waste
  • Toothpaste contains hazard warnings if too much is consumed.
  • 450,000 child studies fluoride have twice the amount of lead in it

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