Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Glyphosate: The Scourge of Mankind


aired on 3/24/17


We have the most expensive health care system in the world with the poorest returns.

  • Food supply is the biggest problem for our health
  • GMO round ready crops were developed in the late 1990s as a means to reduce use herbicide use; they  did opposite
  • Glyphosate is the prime killer in Monsanto’s herbicide called Roundup  is in our food


Glyphosate is found in organic produce

  • Organic food is testing positive for glyphosate
  • Glyphosate is found in organic produce as often as in non organic produce but at much lower levels (10%)
  • Canadian, Tony Mitra has found glyphosate in many foods and reports that Canada and USA produce the most toxic foods on the planet, with regard to glyphosate contamination.

GMO crops

  • Include corn sugar beets, alfalfa, tobacco, cotton, soy, beets alfalfa, canola
  • Are key components of processed food
  • Oreo cookies, gold fish crackers, cheerios loaded with glyphosate. These are fed to children
  • Sugar (from beets) and high fructose corn syrup are contaminated with GMO
  • Peanuts and hummus are high in glyphosate
  • Milk cows get glyphosate and push it into milk
  • Stephanie believes that gluten, peanut, soy and casein intolerance is related to glyphosate
  • Switching to a gluten free flour such as chick pea flour has even more glyphosate
  • Rats fed GMO, had GMO in their brains
  • Stephanie states that GMO foods introduce toxins into the body.

Glyphosate’s Effects on Health

  • suppresses enzymes that break foods down and leads to a leaky gut
  • sets off an autoimmune reaction. The immune system reacts to these GMO “non self proteins” and through molecular mimicry will react to body parts.
  • Per a previous speaker, glyphosate brings aluminum into the pineal gland where melatonin is made.
  • While Monsanto admits that glyphosate disrupts the shikimate pathway, they say not to worry because this pathway is not in the human body. Yet this pathway is in our microbiome and results in disrupting the manufacture of the neurotransmitters tryptophan tyrosine phenylalanine.  It will also interfere with the production of serotonin, melatonin, melanin, thyroid hormone, and B vitamins.  All of these are made through this pathway.
  • Stephanie believes that glyphosate disrupts human DNA by inserting itself where there should be a glycine molecule. These proteins will not work.
    • Functioning glycine is essential for many metabolic pathways in the body.
    • For example, myosin is a protein in muscles. If a specific glycine in myosin is replaced by alanine, this could result in losing 99 % of the muscle capacity and could result in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Stephanie states the evidence is overwhelming, and that just about any disease can be triggered by glyphosate
  • She speculates that glyphosate may contribute to ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism are increasing exponentially; both can be triggered or exacerbated by glyphosate. She predicts that by 2032, half of the children will have autism.
  • glyphosate will cause a lot of problems in sulfur, and methylation, difficulties frequently found in autism
  • Glyphosate gets into collagen which is 25 % glycine. This causes painful joints.
  • Glyphosate is also an antibiotic so will directly adversely affect the gut.
  • Glyphosate also breeches the blood brain barrier.
  • Leads to inability of precursor stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons
  • Glyphosate binds to aluminum and mercury and carries these into the pineal gland where they are deposited. The aluminum in the pineal gland can lead to a disruption in the circadian rhythms and a sleep disorder.   Poor sleep is a risk for most chronic diseases
  • Glyphosate depletes Manganese making glutamate more toxic. Manganese is an essential enzyme for converting glutamate to glutamine.
  • Many children with autism have been found to have high levels of glutamate
  • She believes that diabetes and obesity are directly related to the glyphosate in our food.

She notes that reactions to glyphosate have become worse since 2002.

  • There were 50 % more reactions since 2002
  • The reactions became worse and include facial swelling anaphylactic shock,

Future Montsanto Herbicides – Worse?

  • Getting rid of glyphosate and substituting other herbicide will be more toxic
  • dicamba gluphosphonate is an analog of glutamate will result in glyphosate substituting for glutamate in protein
  • Many weeds are already resistant to glyphosphonate.
  • She states that this herbicide can result in microcephaly.
  • This herbicide is used in Brasil where many cases of microcephaly were attributed to the Zika virus.
  • In Brasil they also put larvacide in the drinking water.


  • Many vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate including the MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine
  • The growth medium for the measles vaccine is contaminated with glyphosate (as in is grown on gelatin sourced form cows and pigs fed heavy glyphosate)
  • As glyphosate breached the blood brain barrier, the measles virus from the MMR vaccine can get into the brain. Glyphosate is incorporated into hemoglutin? And through molecular cross mimicry, the immune system will attack the mylin which coats nerve cells in the brain

Stephanie’s Proposed Solutions

  • Need to ban herbicide
  • Go back to organic diet. We may need to import organic food
  • She stats the government is corrupt and there should be a grass roots herbicide movement.
  • The EPA just doubled the allowable amount of glyphosate in our food.
  • If we shut down glyphosate, eventually disappear take years