Roderick Lane, ND

Health: Simple Solutions

Aired on Jan 25, 2019

Episode Description

It is often said that naturopathy is the medicine that doctors have forgotten, by remembering a time when identified condition could not be treated with a complex drug cocktail (because that cocktail did not exist) we can look in the light of modern anatomy physiology biochemistry and haematology at what the physicians at that point did do and interpret this into a more modern context. There seems to be a group of key nutrients that are fundamental to virtually everyone of the modern ill-health scenarios that naturopathic physicians and doctors are confronted with. In the same manner there are a couple of diets that seem to be ‘ground zero diets’ in the same way they have a massive sphere of influence that crosses multiple conditions. It is not the miraculous nature of these diets that causes change it’s a fact of these diets do some fairly straightforward things, they reduce inflammation, balance insulin levels, and reduce blood sugar. Roderick shares his wisdom.