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Master Diabetes

Date Aired: October 20, 2017

Episode Description

Diabetes is a world wide epidemic affecting an estimated 422 million people. In the United States, one in three Americans is either diabetic or prediabetic costing an annual $242 billion in medical treatments. Dr. Morstein describes how people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, can gain and maintain excellent control of blood sugar levels while living full, active, enjoyable lives. Her goal is to empower readers to take control of and manage this challenging condition. She discusses her comprehensive, integrative approach for treatment, prevention and possibly reversal of diabetes. She discusses her approach which includes Eight Essentials® of treatment and prevention. These Eight Essentials include: a low-carb diet; exercise; good sleep; stress management; healing the gut and microbiome; environmental detoxification; supplementation; and medications.

Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP

book: Master our diabetes; a comprehensive and integrative approach


  • Search for ways to heal and not have the condition
  • Training 4 years of medical school, then residencies, board exams
  • Nutrition, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy
  • Address people comprehensively
  • remove obstacles to cure
  • stimulate healing the healing power of nature

Allopathic Paradigm

  • using medications and surgery as main focus of treatment
  • In chronic disease, use of medications is palliative
  • Conventional treatment for diabetes: metformin and insulin


  • Person lost the metabolic capacity to process carbohydrates
  • Cabs break down into glucose use for energy
  • Insulin tells ells to take insulin in for use
  • Type 2 Diabetes make insulin but cells are not listening
  • Type 1 Diabetes not making inulin

Symptoms diabetes

Type I Diabetes

  • hunger , eating, thirst, urinating
  • Urinating is the only way to get sugar out,
  • Body cannot use sugar as it does not get into cells
  • Can lose weight

Type 2 Diabetes

  • diabetes 90 – 95 % diabetes
  • Abdominal fat, beer belly
  • Some are lean
  • No energy, don’t feel good
  • May notice yeast infection, thrush, wounds don’t heal well
  • Wounds get infected, get sick, don’t get over infection well
  • Immune system is not performing
  • Blood draw will diagnose

Effects of Diabetes

  • As a result, high levels of glucose remain in the body causing damage
    • Causes damage to brain, eyes, kidneys, nerves, lining of blood vessels
      • Each time the blood glucose gets low or high, it adversely affects the brain
    • Uncontrolled diabetes causes the damage
    • Damage from glycated end products
  • With high blood glucose levels,
    • blurred vision, sore muscles, cranky
    • Blurred vision with high and low blood glucose levels
    • Mood changes
    • Blurred vision not unless over 240- 250
    • Increased risk heart disease, dementia before doctor notice changes in blood sugar
    • In prediabetes, there can be high blood pressure, neuropathy, and damage to the body
  • Several ways oxidative damage can occur
    • Advances glycosylated end products glucose binds to proteins and deforming them causing oxidative damage in body
    • HbA1c measures how much glucose sticks to hemoglobin



  • when HbA1c over 6.5
  • Fasting blood sugar needs to be > 126


  • when HbA1c reaches  7
  • At this stage there can be

Sleepiness after meal

Can be

  • Food sensitivities
  • Candida
  • High blood sugar


Eight essentials of Treatment

I. Low carb whole food diet

  • Blood glucose readings can drop within a week
  • Making changes to have food fit into life
    • No grain, rice, pasta
      • Use almond flour bread
      • Avocado ice cream rather than regular ice cream
    • Grass fed to avoid chemicals, insecticides, herbicides which are associated with producing insulin resistance

  I. Exercise for weight loss and heart toning

  • How much do I exercise?
  • How little do I sit down?
  • Lifespan makes a portable treadmill so are walking as are a compute

  II. Sleep

  • If snore, do a sleep study
    • For appetite control
    • For glucose control
  • Poor sleep à crave carbs

  III. Stress management

  • Raises cortisol which signals liver o make more blood sugar
  • If a person does not know how to process stress, it can raise blood sugar
  • Diabetes causes stress on the body

  IV. Gut Health

  • Damaged from GMO, processed foods, too much sugar, alcohol, antibiotics, anti inflammatory medications
  • NSAIDS (within ½ – 1 hour the gut becomes leaky yet we think these damaging medications are damaging
    • GMO leaky brain, chelates aluminum
  • Leaky gut inflammation, oxidative stress, connected to brain
    • Leads to autoimmune disease against insulin and he beta cells that is diabetes 1.5 with antibodies
    • Gut connected with type 1 diabetes
      • Have intestinal permeability (leaky gut) leading to an autoimmune reaction
      • Type 2 diabetes have negative changes in microbiome (viruses, bacteria, fungi in human gut
      • Healthy gut keeps the systemic body healthy
      • Unhealthy bug sends through inflammatory chemicals and endotoxins that get into the cells leading to inflammation and insulin resistance
      • Affects how we process calories making us gain weight
        • More fat, protein
    • Treatment of Gut Issues
      • Low Carb Diet removing grains, at more proteins and fats can have negative side effects on microbiome
        • Can reduce bacteria that produced short chained fatty acids which is food for the colon
        • Can go systemically
        • So she adds fiber power
          • Beneficial in removing toxins
        • Low carb diet lose weight  release chemicals need fiber to bind these ad take these chemicals out
      • probiotic to keep microbiome healthy
      • Vitamin C
      • Digestive enzymes
      • Check Food sensitivities to remove a food that is detrimental
      • Stool analysis a specific microbiome problem
        • Overgrowth of yeast, bacteria

   V. Environmental detoxification

  • Lead to inflammation, and oxidative stress
    • Found in poultry and rice
      • Added to chicken feed
      • Also in processed wood in the past
    • Who notes Arsenic can cause insulin resistance
    • WHO Concerned about lead
    • Persistent Organic Pollutants
    • 80,000 chemicals put into environment each ear
    • newborn has 260 chemicals found in cord blood
    • Mercury found in large fish and dental amalgams
  • How to prevent exposure
    • Stop exposure to new chemicals
    • Sauna to help remove toxins
    • When work out wear clothes so sweat
      • Sweat environmental chemicals and heavy metals can come out through the sweat
    • Clean house and food of chemicals
    • Organic exterminators
    • Not storing food or cooking in plastic
    • Some take their shoes off when get home
  • Chemical Detoxification
    • Whether you eat, drink or breathe you have chemicals in
    • Help or liver, gut, skin, kidneys to detox
    • Eat cruciferous vegetables broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage
    • Sulfur containing onion, garlic
    • Bitter foods radicchio, arugula, chicory
    • Dandelion, milk thistle
    • Weight loss
      • Losing weight without difficulties: is a good sign that the toxins in the released fats are draining without difficulties
      • If lose weight and plateau, and cannot lose more weight, think the chemicals are backing up increasing insulin resistance preventing further weight loss
      • Check weight
        • is coming off
        • energy is increasing
        • there are good bowel movements


  • Diabetes care published articles on benefits of supplement in diabetics life
  • Put back nutrients that might be deficient in
  • Low in zinc, chromium essential fatty acids  magnesium,
  • Help with appetite control
  • Gl balance
  • Insulin balance
  • Depression
  • Healing diabetes complications which are based on oxidative damage
    • Take antioxidants for healing and preventing these complications..
    • Multiple
    • Fish oil
    • Fiber powder
    • Has her own vitamin formulation diamen
    • Vitamin D
    • Gut
    • Probiotics
  • All multiple fish oil, fiber,
  • Analyzed individually with comprehensive plan
  • When reversed, cannot go eat donuts or pizza
  • Can put into remission, but not cure or irradicate it

Master our diabetes; a comprehensive and integrative approach

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