Michelle Perro, MD,  Vincanne Adams, PhD,

What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Date Aired: March 2, 2018

Episode Description

What’s Making Our Children Sick? is a radical rethinking of the relationships between our children’s food, medicine, and health in the twenty-first century. Michelle Perro, MD, a veteran pediatrician with over 35 years experience successfully treating children, and Vincanne Adams, PhD, from the University of California, provide a clinical and scientifically sound explanation of the pediatric health crisis the agrochemical industry has helped to create, and present a food-focused, go-to resource for parents, practitioners, and health educators to follow. This book explores the links between GM foods, pesticides like glyphosate, and the emerging science around our gut health and offers a path forward to help heal our kids and reverse the compromised health of our food supply. Also discussed are other toxins such as EMF, aspartane, and the need for a medical model that looks for underling causes of medical conditions.


Dr. Perro pediatrics emergency physician working in Integrative pediatric care

Saw this chronic pattern of children who were very ill

  • Eighth ear infection for a 10 month old
  • Child on medications for asthma
  • Increasing rates of autism, ADHD
  • She got involved in pesticide advocate group in Marin
  • She learnedabout GMO food on gut and found that to be the common denomination

Dr Adams was at first skeptical, but came convinced that there was something important and that folks needed to know

Need to study

  • Chemicals that are endocrine disrupting, smoke
  • Known dietary issues
  • Quality of food
  • Proteins produced
  • Technology of GM process
  • Pesticides that are designed that go with GM


  • A lot of people focus on glyphosate, but just GM foods alone is a problem
  • Is the problem glyphosate, GM or both?
  • Pusztai showed that GM by itself caused illness in rats
  • Studied GM process in rats
  • GM process in itself causes health issues
  • Causeddisturbances in intestinal villi,  kidney and immune dysfunction, changes in organ sizes yet he was dismantled in two days
  • Why did that happen?

Michael Antoniou in January 2017 showed GM causes

  • significant changes in the liver,
  • oxidative stress
  • Changes in polyamines

Steven Druker wrote Altered Genes Twisted Truth

  • Through discovery found memos from FDA scientists warning against GMO
  • Was a lot of corporate influence
  • Herbicides were developed as alternative to DDT

Holes in the Regulatory System

  • FDA, EPA does not regulate GM as they are considered similar foods designed by selective cultivation and hybridization techniques
  • Never tested on humans
  • GM technology is important – but we are not eating these non food techniques.
  • This is a worldwide platform that we are pushing on other countries
  • In Africa, there has been a massive decline in their product and a massive decline in their livestock
  • Countries that eat the way the US do, are having health issues

People in US are sick

  • Dietary issues
  • Toxin exposure
  • Quality of foods changed two decades ago when GM seeds were introduced into the crop

Fluoridation of water

  • Decrease in IQ
  • Substitutes for iodine in the thyroid


  • Perfect storm with glyphosate, GM and toxins

Arguments for GM not fulfilled

  • Feed the world
  • Decrease need for insecticides
  • Produce enhanced foods such as golden rice with increased vitamin A
    • Have to eat a high amount of this
  • Farmers have to repurchase seeds every year as offspring seeds do not grow into plants
  • Farmers have to use increasing amounts of insecticides
  • 75 % of weeds are no resistant to roundup
  • Need more water, not less
  • Agribusiness corruption detailed in their good
  • They continue to benefit from this
  • One of the main agribusinesses had a profit of 11 billion dollars
  • Is a revolving door between agribusiness and the USGovernment
    • Taylor in agribusiness
    • Wheeler in EMF issues
  • Is revolving door between agribusiness and universities
    • Department of agriculture and plant sciences have a large amount of money
    • Science gets biased when funders have a vested interest in specific outcomes
    • Other researchers get blocked
    • Monsanto papers
      • A researcher was lectures
      • Were a lot of ghost writing to destroy the researchers
      • Researchers were silence.
      • Found evidence of renal tumours and cancers, so Monsanto hired other researchers who had other findings.
      • Truth has been obfuscated for years
      • This information is all available on line.

Rob Kramer recently retired from FDA statement

  • GM seeds not good, slow to germinate, need massive herbicides, fungicides and nutrients
  • Need more water

Michael Pollen

  • Shift to agricultural system to mass commodity crops
    • Started so can produce food to feed the world
    • Local farming does well in providing local food which is healthier
  • Need to find market for these products. Soy and corn
  • Financial benefits of using GM seeds, fertilizer and herbicides do not provide fiscal profit
  • Increasing weed resistance and insect resistance
  • Farmers had to use increasing amounts of toxic plants

BT technology

  • Turn plant into an insecticide
  • People eat the insecticide

Scientists in 1980s who spoke out quickly got silences

  • Marginalized
  • Or careers were destroyed, fired

John Kamin

  • Aspartame
    • Company fudged the research.
    • Government sued them for fudging the research by eliminating the rats that developed cancer
  • Rumsfieldphenagled so that the FDA approved aspartame for the US food supply
    • FDA voted against it
    • He had another official appointed to decision committee
    • The vote was tied and the tie breaking vote allowed the carcinogen aspartame to be put in our food
  • Similar modelof Government putting harmful substances into the environment
    • Lead
    • Cigarettes
    • Also glyphosate WHO possible carcinogen
    • Also EMF
    • Consider fluoride

What are the alternatives?  What can mothers do?

  • Eat organic
  • Drink filtered water
  • Balance internal and external environment
    • Decrease toxic load at home
  • Body reflects what is going on in external environment
  • Kids have become toxic soup
  • Shift belief on what medicine can and cannot do
  • Look at quality of food eaten and how it is produced
  • Think how soil health is connected to gut health
  • Perro spends two hours talking with patients on what their exposures are what they can afford, do they have food sensitivities
  • Figure out what the body system failures are
  • Look at root cause not band aid or pill for ill medicine
  • We are an interrelated complex organ system

Previous relevant Occupy Health Podcasts

Gut Health

  • Vojjani, Tom O’bryan, Christine Rocshe. Gut
  • Chris Kresser talked about such a health system
  • James Lavallediscussed “the pill for ill “ system which continues to create side effects
  • Michael Ash, DO looks at connection between gut and soil

Food sensitivity

  • Smith
  • DrDuetsch

Improving autism

  • Catharine Reid “cured “ her child’s autism

Systemic Problems

  • Neurocognitive issues
  • Rates keep increasing
  • Is an epidemic. (under 1 out of 100
    • Have most sever gut issues
    • These children get significantly better
    • Massive increase with autoimmunity
  • Asthma
    • 1/68 kids
    • 1/6 African American children
  • Food allergies
    • 40 % children have food allergies
    • She saw at least 90 % of her children who were chronically ill had Ig issues
  • Cancer is on the rise
    • This takes a lot time to develop and might not show up to the third or fourth decades

Gut complaints

  • Constipation, reflux chronic pain, chronic constipation,

To help the child’s guts

  • Might be different for each child
  • Eliminate gluten and dairy. Main offenders
  • Use probiotics
  • Have growth of specific bacteria
  • Homeopathy uses drainage
  • Healing herbs
    • Slippery elm, marshmallow root
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Colostrum
  • Give body ability to heal it self

When gut gets better use nutrient restoration

  • Glyphosate is a metal chelator
    • Chelates metals in soil
    • Magnesium, manganese, cobalt, calcium copper, zinc (over 200 metallo reactions in brain require zinc
  • Glyphosate is also an antibiotic which destroy the gut
  • Destroys the shikimate pathway which is in our gut
    • Plant uses to develop its amino acid
    • Humans are 10 – 90 % microbial These cells have the shikimate pathway
    • This pathway is being destroyed.
  • Seralini has shown there is arsenic in glyphosate as well.
    • Perhaps this is added to glyphosate to prevent “flash”
    • The inert ingredients (surfactants) break down cell membranes causing damage
  • Breaks down barriers including the blood brain barrier
    • Glyphosate gets into brain as does undigested gluten
      • Sets off microglial cells giving chronic inflammation in brain.
      • Leaky gut, leaky brain
    • In Indiana 90 % pregnant women had glyphosate in their urine

 Brenda Eskenazi UCBorganophosphate  in Salinas Valley these kids have the highest rate of a difficult ADHD

Moms had difficulties with pregnancy

Poor neonatal outcomes

  • Low motor tones
  • Not good infancy outcomes
  • These chemicals are worst during pregnancies
  • These chemicals make epigenetic changes in the fetus causing damage later
  • More glyphosate develops weed resistance, more use other chemicals
  • Have higher rates of neurological problems (Eskenazi) particularly in kids who do not have enzymes to metabolize. Have 7 times normal rate

Other researchers

  • Insecticides contain acetylcholine controls muscles and regulation of attention
  • High birth rate of defects found in the children of migrant farmers
  • Methyl bromide fungicide found on strawberries found in blood of newborns and in breast milk
  • Organochlorides kids have delayed coordination and cognitive dysfunction
  • Atrazine banned in Europe used in US disrupts endocrine

Federal Government

  • Voted not to label GM in food
  • Voted in 1996 that you can’t stop cell tower placement for health reasons