Lena Pu

5G Wireless: Depopulation of the Planet

Aired on: November 16, 2018

Episode Description

Research shows that wireless radiation such as from cell phone can result in brain cancer (Hardell), brain changed in the brain (hippocampus) of the offspring (Kaplan Suleyman). Wi fi disrupts inter-cellular communication, opens the blood brain barrier and the intestinal lining) leading to every disease imaginable. It affects human ovaries and sperm so some predict that human reproduction will stop within a few generations. 5 G and the internet of things takes this one step further with very low frequencies that disrupts many bodily functions. The US military has been researching this for years and has developed uses for crowd control (active denial) and transmitting frequencies to any targeted individual to create any desired disease. It also can be used for surveillance. Ms Pu sees this as a race between those of us who wish to preserve the human race vs those who want to make a quick profit before they are inundated with law suits as happened with the tobacco industry.

Cell phones

  • There is a collusion between the industry and government
  • There was never any appropriate testing
    • Past testing included SAR using plastic dummy heads for heating changes
    • There has been 80 years of research ( a lot done by the military) and they have known that EMF has all sorts of biological effects at the non thermal levels
    • She states that the FCC, knowing, lies and states, that as long as there are no thermal effects, cell phones are safe.
    • The FCC does not base its conclusions on health studies but bases their conclusions on the recommendations of IEEE (which the interviewer used to be a member of) ICNER
    • The FCC does not protect our health
      • FCC says 10 million micro watts over a meter squared is safe
      • The natural biological magnetic field cosmic rays (background radiation is .000000001. That is a difference of 18 zeros
      • The Bioinitiative Report which is a compilation of a lot of the science
        • Most recent version of this report states that the safer level is six to ten microwatts (not 10 million as the FCC is saying)
      • These levels set by the FCC are so high, that “anything goes.”
      • She states the FCC deliberately set these levels high. This allows the industry and the military to do what they need to do with these devices without any checks and balances
    • The government passes legislation to protect the industry

Health Risks

  • Interferes with inter cellular communication
  • Interferes with the calcium channels and interferes with intercellular communication
  • Opens up the blood brain barrier
  • Opens up the intestinal barrier
  • FCC says 10 million micro watts over a meter squared is safe
  • Hardell has done studies showing a likely causative relationship between cell phone use and acoustic neuromas and glioblastoma brain tumours
  • Suleyman study showed that putting a cell phone near a pregnant abdomen results in the offspring having brain changes particularly in the hippocampus
  • Studies show that keeping a cell phone in a pocket decreases the number of sperm and makes the sperm non functional.
  • There are permanent changes to a woman’s follicles. The eggs are set at birth.  If a woman has a cell phone or laptop on her stomach, the microwave radiation is absorbed by the water and the fetus.  This impacts every system of the fetus including a female fetus’ eggs
  • Barry Trower of the UK predicted we will not be able to reproduce in three generations
  • One study showed it took five generations of rats exposed to EMF before they were all sterile. Each generation had increased problems in reproduction decreased fertility count
  • The health effects will be immediate
  • DNA is affected by all frequencies even the low frequencies
  • The blood brain barrier is broken down by the 900 mega herz which is the same frequency as the cell phone frequency.
  • Marti Pall discuses the voltage channel calcium channel leaks caused by EMF.
  • All cell membranes are affected by these frequencies
  • Will decimate all the insects including butterflies
  • These waves are completely absorbed
  • Every cell in our bodies have signature frequencies – our whole body is at risk


  • She has background in science and toxins
  • She became electro sensitive
  • Is 2.5 gig hertz which is the prefect attenuation for water, e., water perfectly absorbs that frequency
  • Wifi is in all the routers in home
  • Is used in each classroom (points of contact)
  • This is the frequency people use to connect with their cell phones
  • There are cellular frequencies which is broadcast to connect to the cell towers

5 G (5th generation cellular technology)

  • Every frequency that has not been allocated before
  • Opens up the entire spectrum of microwave frequencies
  • Is in the millimeter wave lengths
    • These are a totally different “beast.” And will resonate with items of a similar width
      • Will attenuate with leaves
      • Will affect insects including bees and butterflies
      • Will affect the cellular level
      • Almost all of the millimeter waves are absorbed by our skin
      • The skin has nerves so it can reach all the other organs
        • So the statement that these waves only go skin deep is incorrect.
      • There will be many close cell towers. They will be one outside of your house.
      • Because of the competition between these companies, we can end up with cell towers on every other pole (or every pole)
      • Don’t underestimate what the industry will do
        • They will over blanket, over power.  They will overdo everything
        • Communities are likely to add more that one of these devices per pole

Uses of 5 G

  • Weapons
    • These are the frequencies the military uses for weapons
    • Active denial uses 90 mega hertz (in millimeter range) for crowd control by giving the sensation of burning
    • Every cell tower can be used as a weapon
      • They can aim these waves at a particular person
      • When they get the DNA signature, any individual can be targeted remotely from any where in the world
    • Can be used for snooping / surveillance
      • This is the ultimate goal of 5G
      • The internet of things will connect everyone in the world
      • They can do surveillance through the cell phone
        • They can put sensors on you, on your clothing, appliances (they will al be chipped)
      • They are introducing biometrics as used in facial scanning
      • She states she was told that they are putting this into our food.
    • They can put specific thoughts or words into a person’s head
      • This is called microwave hearing
      • There is a patent for this

EMF health effects are non insurable

Lloyds of London indicated that it will not insure for electromagnetic health effects

  • The cell companies have no insurance

Congress’ Misdeeds

  • Telecommunication Act of 1996 states cannot stop cell tower placement for environmental effect. A judge added that the cell tower placement cannot be stopped for health effect.
  • GMO’s cause cancers; glyphosate cause cancer. Glypohsate is everywhere even our health
  • Yet this law does not address operation and maintenance
  • They are revising the telecommunications act to make it 5 G friendly. Are changing “cell towers” wording to “two way antennas.”
  • When asked why Congress passes so many laws that hurt the citizen’s health (can’t find out if food has GMO in it, cell towers), Lena states that these are done for “full global control,” population control, genocide, ecocide. For roboticizing planet earth.  Is artificial intelligence related, she claims
    • She discusses United Nations 21
      • Energy consumption, sustainability, electricizing every thing to control energy consumption
        • This is a Trojan Horse, she states, so this agenda can take place
      • It is a race between artificial intelligence and humanity
    • Congress protects the industry. It is not for the people
    • The Industry runs the government
    • Revolving door
      • Tom Wheeler , telecommunication lobbyist headed the FCC
      • Taylor rotated in and out of agribusiness and the USDA
    • No one is left to defend the citizens who are not being heard; the power of the pocket book is the only recourse we have

Military Research

  • Did research with monkeys, rats and humans
  • In the 1970’s they started broadcasting signals into the US Embassy in Moscow. When the US learned about this, they said, “We want in on this.”
  • They studied what the effects are on the people in the building
  • Three Ambassadors came down consequently with cancer (two with leukemia), and they all died.
  • There were high rates or breast cancer, sterility, infertility, depression, high suicide rates and cancers of all kinds
  • They know which frequencies cause which disease
    • We know which frequencies our organs emit.
    • The each emits a resonance of 7.3
    • The human resonance has changed due to all the EMF frequencies
    • Rife found out which frequencies killed cancer cells. His work was confiscated when he dies
    • Note frequency specific micro-current addresses different frequencies
    • PEMF targets different frequencies

What Can We Do?

  • Microwave detecting Meter
    • Accousticom 2
  • Wire everything in the home
  • Consider shielding home
  • Don’t buy 5 G gadgets and tell manufacturers that w don’t want this
  • File notices of liability to town council meetings
    • Notice of liability to injurious actions on non consenting individuals
      • This can be filed against the decision makers, the persons installing the cells on the poles, the telecommunications companies, the FCC the device designers, manufacturers, the State level. – anyone who is involved in this monstrosity.
    • Empower movement website
      • This works above the legal system and is common law
      • This puts an individual responsible by name
        • They cannot hide behind a corporation or organization
      • Many cities in California have written protective ordinances that prevent 5 G
        • San Rafael, Mill Valley, Marin, San Anselmo, Sebastopol
      • 5CC is being sued by many people passed ordinances that there will be no cell towers within 1500 feet of homes
      • This is like the cigarette industry of the 1960’s
      • Shielding can reduce
      • She does not recommend clothing because it can concentrate it