Kitty Wells

Spices: Designer Drugs for anti-Aging

Date Aired: February 9, 2018

Episode Description

Anti-aging science is big business, with billions of dollars being poured into pharmaceutical and technological approaches. However, there are natural and nutritional means protect health, increase longevity, slow aging processes and even reverse the damage. Spices are real superstars on this stage. From helping prevent plaque in your arteries, cooling chronic inflammation, supporting digestion, easing aching joints, protecting DNA, supporting insulin sensitivity, protecting tissues from cross-linking, preventing tumor growth, stabilizing cellular membranes, clearing extracellular junk, aiding cellular renewal through apoptosis, to thinning

“Getting old is not for sissies”

Aubrey de Greys approach to aging. 

  • We will age our way out of it
  • She wants more natural
  • Looks at key cellular damages that come with aging


  • Spices address everyone of his issues
  • Is a lot of science behind spices.
  • Spices were first medicines
  • Contains unique compounds
  • Interacts with transcription factors that turn genes on and off
  • The intelligence of plants that interact with the sun, water
  • Have many multiple, simultaneous benefits
  • More beneficial through out history
  • No adverse effects
  • Men are attracted to spices; they sailed the world to find spices
    • Responsible for the first global system of commerce
  • Are aromatic
  • Spices have many compounds that interact so extraction of compounds for a tablet not good
    • Are many simultaneous benefits
      • It is the synergy of the many compounds in spices
    • There is nothing made in a lab that has so many simultaneous benefits without adverse effects


  • Want organic
    • Non organic products have pesticides, herbicides
  • Simply spicy company is reputable
  • Need to read description of company practices
  • Make sure don’t irradiate
  • McCormick spices are irradiated and the nutritional value is lower

Spice Benefits

  • Upregulate Nrf2
    • Transcription factor ( a protein in the cellular membrane
    • Response to environmental stimuli to tell certain genes to turn on
      • These make very protective antioxidant and anti inflammatory compounds
    • Has cascading benefits
    • Turn on enzymes
    • Helps mitochondria
  • Spices that turn on Nrf2
    • Turmeric
    • Ginger
    • Cinnamon
    • Cardamom
    • Rosemary
    • Oregano
    • Garlic,
    • parsley,
    • sage and
    • thyme
    • Green tea


  • Turn down NfKB
    • Master switches that turns many harmful genes on increasing
      • Inflammation
      • ,deterioration
      • Implicated in cancer, Alzheimer’s
    • Spices that turn on NfKB
      • Turmeric
      • Garlic
      • Ginger,
      • rosemary
      • cloves
      • cacao
      • coriander
      • basil,
      • oregano,
      • cinnamon,
      • anise
      • red chilies,
      • cloves
      • fennel

Specific Medical Conditions

Prevention of Arterial Plaque

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
    • Reduced BP, plaque
    • blood
    • Helped with inflammation
      • Plaque in arteries
      • Reduces total cholesterol
      • Used three centuries BC
    • Blood cleanser used in Chinese and ayurvedic medicine

Thinning blood

  • Turmeric, ginger
  • Pulmonary Embolism, strokes
  • Also possibly garlic
  • Most spices are blood thinners
  • Licorice
  • Cayenne, cinnamon, oregano, peppermint, thyme\
  • If taking concentrated blood thinners worry about concentrated levels of spices

Joint pains

  • Tumeric and ginger
    • Compared to NSAIDs
      • Problems in gut, brain
    • Meta studies
      • 2015 on ginger 500 mg – 1 gram dose statistically significant pain reduction was similar to pain relieve from NSAIDs with out side effects
    • Aspirin
      • Chemical derived from salicylic acid an extract of willowbark
        • This was extracted by Bayer pharmaceuticals
      • She states aspirin kills 16,000 people per year
    • Cinnamon
    • Boswellia – Frankencense
      • Often mixed with turmeric

Lowering blood sugars

  • Diabetes is an economic crisis that will bankrupt the US
  • Metabolic syndrome the stage before diabetes
  • Pharmaceuticals contribute to poor insulin regulation
    • Statins, beta blockers, antipsychotic
  • Blue zones where people live to be 100
    • Includes Okinawa,
    • These people all had good insulin sensitivity
    • Terry Grossman 87 % of persons older than 40 are insulin impaired
      • Dells to not respond to insulin optimally
        • Comes from refined carbohydrates
        • Cells lose sensitivity to the signal
      • Spices that tturns on genes that make muscles more sensitive to insulin
        • Cinnamon, cayenne, fenugreek, turmeric, ginger, garlic, holy basil
      • Thai study patients given turmeric less diabetes

Brain Health

  • Turmeric
    • Clears amyloid plaque
    • Clears inflammatory substances that accompany deposition of amyloid beta
  • Keep bloods sugars normal
    • Inflammation of high blood sugar effects the brain
    • Each time blood sugar rises or too low. Adversely affects brain
  • Lipid membranes need to be stable so messages can go in and out
    • As we get older, cell membranes get rigid, communication not taking place
    • Part of wrinkles, aging, start of cancer

DNA Damage

  • A study looked at spices in culinary amounts
    • Ten different groups ate these spices for ten days in a row
      • Rosemary, ginger, turmeric and cloves reduced inflammation
      • When heated ¼ t turmeric. Reduce DNA strand breaking by 50 %
      • DNA Damage Repair protect from strand breakage
    • Rosemary, ginger, clove, turmeric

Adrenal Health

  • Adrenal fatigue.
    • Body under stress and body pumps out cortisone which has ill effects on body
  • Adaptogenic Herbs
  • For building adrenal health
  • First Find out if adrenals over active or underactive


  • Licorice
  • GERD
  • Specific Spices


  • Studies lowering fasting blood sugar
  • Increases insulin sensitivities
  • Epigenetically turns on genes that make muscles more sensitive to insulin

Curcumen /Tumeric

  • Good for
    • Inflammation
    • Oxidative stress
    • Gut
  • Blood cleanser used in Chinese and ayurvedic medicine


  • Blood cleanser used in Chinese and ayurvedic medicine


  • Spices are world’s oldest medicines
  • Science is discovering science behind their magic
  • If you don’t take it, it does not work
  • Can take supplements, drinks (elixirs)


  • Have a plant heavy diet to help epigenetics
  • Don’t need to use a lot.
    • Use consistently and generously
  • Cooking in oil helps to bring out beneficial compounds
  • After 20 minutes of cooking, compounds start to bread down
    • So layer on extra spices later in cooking process

She makes:

  • Spice elixir drinks
    • .Instant concentrated drink
    • Concentrated spices
    • Adaptogenic herbs
    • Has a chai flavor, chocolate flavor