Joseph Pizzorno, ND

Toxins: Cause of Disease

Date Aired: December 8, 2017

Episode Description

Toxins are a major contributor to most chronic diseases. In history, there is the example of Mad Hatters Disease caused by mercury, and the fall of the Roman Empire has been attributed to lead poisoning. In 2010 there were 80,000 chemicals on the market. Very few of these were tested for safety. The exposure to toxins starts at an early age. Babies have been found with up to 200 chemicals in them before birth. Each year 6.5 billion pounds of chemicals are dumped into the air. These toxins have an adverse effect on our health and on our metabolic pathways. They can clog the liver, block insulin receptor sites, damage genes, undermine DNA repair and recovery, contribute to inflammation blood sugar problems, mitochondrial disorders, immune issues, and hormonal imbalances. Children are particularly susceptible during the window during which the brain forms and the interconnecting neurons develop.

The toxic solution

  • Mad hatters disease caused by mercury
  • Decline of Roman empire attributed to lead in the water
  • 2010 there were 80,000 chemicals on the market
  • 200 chemicals in a baby before it is born
  • each year, 6.5 billion pounds of chemicals dumped into the air
  • government states a little bit of a chemical won’t hurt you
  • these are synergistic and might act by different methods


  • physician of natural medicine
  • focus on he person
  • focus on why person got sick
    • genetics,
    • toxins
    • nutrition
  • Similar to functional medicine
  • modern medicine focuses on symptoms and alleviating the symptoms with a pill


  • are everywhere:
    • air, water, food, health and beauty ids, cleaning chemicals, chemicals used in our yards
  • We have always been exposed to toxins, but now level of toxins is higher and are man (and women) mad
  • Designed to be difficult to break down
    • Once they are in our body, they are difficult to break down
    • Eg DDT, half life between 3 and 10 year
    • In body causes oxidative stress particularly to nervous system
  • Many toxins cause damage hrough inflammation and posion enzyme systems that are primary antioxidant defences.
  • We are exposed to 100 chemicals in environment at levels harmful to our physiology
    • PCPs, bisphneyl A (BPA), arsenic, PCP, dsphenyl, perflourinated hydrocarbons
    • Is not just additive but synergistic
    • Organochlorine pesticide poisons insulin receptors
    • Arsenic points pancreas ability to make insulin
  • But government looks at toxins isolated and look at acceptable standards
  • Glutathione important antioxidant and most important to get toxins out of body
    • With each exposure to toxins, glutathione is depleted so are less prepared to fight off effects of toxins
    • One toxin might not be a problem, but exceed body’s ability to adapt; then have disease
  • Glyphosate destroys body’ ability to detoxify.
  • Organic pesticide impair catalase

In household

  • Heavy metal
    • Cadmium, lead, mercury
  • Arsenic
    • 10 % water supply in US, arsenic is so high that it is known to cause diseases in humans
    • Is measured in urine
    • Italian study followed 20,000 people for 20 years, people exposed to the highest levels of arsenic had the highest levels of disease including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes.
    • How much arsenic has to be in body before get ill, 25 % people in US have arsenic levels above amount shown to case disease
    • We feed arsenic to chickens to plumping them up
    • FDA recently stopped allowing this, but do not enforce
    • Arsenic added to food supply of chickens
    • Land is thus saturated with arsenic
    • Arsenic is in rice
      • Rice absorbs arsenic well
      • Chicken pooh used as rice fertilizer


  • Decreases learning ability, motor coordination, IQ, memory, verbal ability
  • In paint
  • In 61 % of lipstick
  • 50 years ago realized  lead was problem standard considered safe was 60 mcg /dcl blood
  • if person in bottom 95 % exposure level, these people were considered safe
  • safe limit went down to 10; now CDC considering reducing acceptable level down to 5.
    • So government took lead out of gasoline and paint
  • 100s of cities with more lead in water than Flint Michigan
    • 11 % of cities in New Jersey and wo counties had higher lead levels than Flint Michigan
    • Some areas near San Francisco have levels as high as well
  • exposure has decreased dramatically; yet we are still being exposed
  • persons with lead levels less than ten increase heart disease, heart attacks, brain cancer
  • people’s bones are saturated with lead. As go through menopause and andropause, lead comes out of the bones
    • Dale Bredesen mentioned that toxicity leads to one form of Alzheimer’s

In Oregon

  • Company making coloured glass released cadmium and arsenic

What percent of each chronic disease is caused by toxins

  • Compare level of disease to people with and without the toxins
    • They could not find a control group without the toxin exposure
    • Every toxin is found in every person


Connected to osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer

When zinc is low cadmium replaces zinc in the body

Zinc is needed for many metabolic reaction


  • Each filling releases one microgram mercury per day
  • Supposedly mercury has been released from vaccines
  • Vaccine problems due to the adjuvants in the vaccine
    • These over simulate the immune response

Treatment of Toxins

  • Identify the toxin
  • Stop exposure
  • Et toxin out of body
  • Replace enzymes poisoned by toxin
  • Takes months even years

In Household

  • Rugs, building materials, mattresses, furniture, flame retardants, fake grass in the backyard
  • Air
    • City house is exposed to large number of chemicals
      • Benzene
      • Particulate matter exhaust from diesel trucks
      • Diesel has particulate matter
      • Is small penetrates deeply into lungs
      • Bound to particulate matter are volatile organic chemicals
        • These are toxic
        • Live 50 feet from highway with diesel trucks have 50 % increased risk of a heart attack
        • Live 100 yards (football field) have a 15 % increased risk of heart attack
        • Studies have shown autism correlated with particulate matter
        • Et an air actor
        • Havepeople take off shoes before entering house
      • Water supply et water filter
      • Cleaning supplies
        • Are toxic, some neurotoxic
      • Health and beauty aides
        • Heavy contributor to disease particularly diabetes
          • Diabetes has increased
          • Is correlation with number of toxin in body
        • Have phthalates
          • Solubilize and stabilize fragrances
          • Binds to cell
          • The pancreas has to overproduce insulin to get sugar into the cell
          • Forcing the pancreas to produce insulin for so many years, pancreas burns out
          • There more toxins in body, increased percentage of diabetes and obesity
          • These chemicals are called obesigens
          • If fat without chemical toxins, don’t get diabetes
          • It is the toxins that are making us fat quickly that cause diabetes
      • Diabetes
      • correlation with PCB phthalates, PBA, possibly arsenic
        • not sure if causal


  • Plastic packages, cash register receipts, cans
  • Causal many diseases
    • Replace with bisphenyl F are more toxic than bisphenyl A
    • Store bought lentil soup have 12 times BPA than people who eat home made lentil soup
  • Block insulin receptor sights cause oxidative damage to our brains
  • Causal BPA blocks receptor sites on cell that insulin activates


  • In stinky stuff people put on
  • Average male puts on 16 chemicals per day
  • Average woman puts on 11
    • Will have 300 times higher levels phthalates in bodies
    • These bind to testosterone and estrogen receptor sites
      • Block testosterone that decreases
    • In Europe phthalates banned

Milk butter , meat absorb phthalates

Women with most phthalates have children with IQ s lower b 7 points

  • They never got IQ back
  • Have doubling ADHD
  • Decrease BDNF neuron evolve and connect
    • Helps brain regenerate
    • Phthalates and organo pesticides block so brain cannot regenerate

Food is making us sick

  • Depleted soil lower nutrients in soil, zinc  down 50 – 85 %
  • If conventionally grown, food is low in nutrients
  • Slow nutrients, body ore susceptible to toxins
  • Soybeans high phosphate fertilizer
  • Many these fertilizers contaminated with cadmium
  • Study women with osteoporosis tracked down to high levels of calcium
  • Cadmium goes into kidneys which can’t convert vitamin d
  • Source was soy which these women were eating
  • 20 % osteoporosis due to cadmium
  • soy 95 % genetically modified

Dirty dozen fruits Environmental Working Group (

Apples, strawberries, spinach, grapes, peaches, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, kale, collard greens imported nectarines, potatoes, tomatoes, imported snap peas

Clean fruits and vegetables

Cabbage avocados, onion asparagus mango papaya, cantalop, sweet potatoes, kiwi, eggplant, grapefruit

Potassium Brominate in bead to increase volume

  • competes with iodine in thyroid
  • decrease iodine consumption used to be in bread, wash outside cows


  • biohazard lose control over dose person gets
  • white dots on teeth
  • is neurotoxin
    • have a 7 point drop in IQ
  • Butane added to chicken nuggets
  • BHA BHT added to extend the self life
  • Sodium benzoate to carbonated water
  • Tarzanine dye to chees to make it yellow connected to sasthma
  • Sulfite for dried fruit s asthma
  • MSG neurotoxin
  • Aspartame neurotoxin
  • Old form of splenda had chlorophenols aform of dioxins and agent orange
  • 50 % pesticides used worldwide developed by Germans in WWI for chemical warfare
  • feed our meet
  • farmed fish havePOP, PCB, tylenol  whole pharmacy
  • worst food farmed fish high in POPs,  DDT, PCB
    • are difficult to break down
    • stay in environment long time
    • BBT banned in US in 1977
    • Hals life in body is three to 25 years

Organic, wild fish

  • Help facilitate body’s detoxification system
    • We need to help body
    • Increase dietary fiber
    • If not enough fiber, we reabsorb toxins through hepatic recirculation
    • Liver dumps toxins into tug
    • Enteropathic recirculation come back
    • Before eat 100- 50 g fiber per day now eat 15- 20 g fiber per day
    • Glutathione important in protecting for environmental toxins
    • Take NAC 500 g per day
    • 25 g fiber more per day
    • For mercury,   give DMSA 250 mg every third day
    • For high levels of toxins use biosequesterants
      • These bind to chemical toxins
      • Can result in oily, smelly diarrhea so use lower dose

We now accept as normal that get older get more disease

Is not inevitable

Book: The toxic solution