John Kamin

Toxic Soup: GMO glyphosate, aspartane, EMF

Date Aired: March 9, 2018

Episode Description

There are many toxins in our environment each of which act synergistically to compromise health. These toxins include glyphosate, GMOs, fluoride, EMF, and aspartane. The US Government not regulate these or protect the public, but supported putting these into the environment. For example, in 1996, Congress passed a law stating that cell tower placement could not be altered for health reasons. Cell tower radiation not only has adverse health effects but now has the capability to snoop into every home and to inject energy used in crowd control. John discusses aspartane. Although the US Government sued the manufacturer for hiding the cancer causing properties, the FDA this cancer causing substance for the food supply. The FDA also touted genetically modified foods to be totally safe although several FDA scientists advised against putting GMO onto the market. John Kamin will discuss this theme as it applies to genetically modified foods and glyphosate.

Synergistic Toxins

  • Fluoride, EMF
  • GMO glyphosate
  • Adjuvants in round up include arsenic


  • FDA plowed ahead with GM crops although their scientists warned against proceeding


  • His research was shut down when he found that GMO caused health hazards
  • Monsanto called Clinton who called Tony Blair with instructions to shut Pusztai down
    • Pusztai’s research was confiscated and his house burglarized

Cell towers

  • 1996 laws can’t stop placement of cell towers for health reasons
  • Swiss farmers, their animals, and plants all got sick when cell towers were placed
  • Firemen are starting to have difficulties
  • Receivers 100 times as powerful as needed
    • Can be used for crowd control and hurting folks and snooping in any building

Industry is installing all over world 5 G technology which is a military for crowd control

  • Will be the “internet of things” used in such areas as self-driving cars
  • Is extremely detrimental to humans, animals and the environment
  • The government is more interested in profit than the public health
  • Are 21 smart meters next to window
    • Used to communicate with devices to collect data and create file on every individual
      • What kind of book reading, when shower, etc. to sell to manufacturer so can advertise certain books or appliance repair.
    • Saturates everyone with excessive radio frequencies
    • Hardell showed causal connection with cell phones and glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas
      • Studies that contradicted these results used businessmen who used a lot of phones as a control group thus skewing the results.
    • Brain and heart function are electromagnetic in nature
    • Electromagnetic signal affects the heart and the brain first.


  • Good for tooth not the body
  • Studies that show fluoride helps with teeth are questionable
    • Fluoride show minimal benefit
    • Adverse effects outweigh benefits of benefits
  • Fluoride is a hazardous substance


  • Discovered by accident
  • Studies showed it caused cancer in rats
  • They tried to get the FDA to approve it
  • The FDA noticed all the health effects in studies and pushed it back to the manufacture
  • The manufacturer changed results or waited a full year until the animal decayed and the damage could not be noticed.
  • FDA noticed discrepancies, eventually t
  • The FDA and CDC decided to sued= the manufacturer for falsifying reports
  • Donald Rumsfield intervened to get the government to approve aspartame and drop the law suits against the manufacturer
    • Two voted for and three voted against
    • Another member was appointed to the committee which created a tie
    • The director of the FDA intervened and broke the tie so aspartame was approved.
  • There have been 1000s of reports about people having trouble with aspartame
  • Aspartame continues to be introduced into the food supply

Why is the safety of GMO a contentious issue

  • There is industry science and there is independent science
  • Industry science claims safety yet independent science shows GMO causes organ damage and tumour formation
  • Industry science alters the results
    • Alter test results
    • Eliminate undesirable outcomes by cutting out tumours documenting remaining animals as healthy
    • Altering the feed of the control / studied group to alter results so they can say there is no statistical difference
  • Independent Studies show organ toxicity and tumour formation

Government pushes profit over health

  • Us Ambassador to France, Greg simpleton sent diplomatic cable asking that retaliation be brought against France and countries that oppose GMO.
  • Same with GMO and EMF independent researchers are attacked.
  • Can’t come out with independent research in universities
    • NIH and IARC both said radioactivity from cell phones, smart phones cause heart and brain cancers
  • The government continues to raise the safe limit of toxins in food

Misinformation Campaign

  • Astro physicists started education public saying we have been genetically modifying foods for ever
  • In natural breeding there are natural boundaries that cannot be crossed
    • Can’t cross different kinds of trees
  • With GM, they cross different species and different kingdoms
    • Crossing a plant with a virus
    • As nature does not allow such breeding genetic engineers jump through many hoops with geneswhich is not exact and can produce toxins and allergens that cannot be detected
    • Use folks such as Henry Miller to write articles
      • Henry Miller defended cigarette companies, chemical companies for money


1989 outbreak of EMS. eosinophilia  myalgia syndrome was traced to an L tryptophan supplement from a single Japanese company Showa Denko.

  • They used genetically modified materials to increase the output of tryptophan causing the problem
    • Caused a new toxin that caused an epidemic of irreversible disease
    • No other manufacturer used GM and there was no disease in the other companies who made GM
    • When this company stopped using GMO bacteria, their products ceased to cause health problems.
  • Eosinophils are a type of white blood cells that fight infections and allergens
  • Normal blood levels of eosinophils is 100 – 200 cell per microliter
  • In EMS, the blood levels were 400 or even higher causing eosinophils to attack tissue and cause damage and severepain
    • Myalgia
      • Extremely severe joint and muscle pain,
      • Swelling, rashes, congestive heart failure and paralysis causing a respirator to breath, and death
    • 10,000 people affected
    • Approximately 100 died

 GMO bacteria are used in

  • Cheese production
  • Supplements

Symptoms GMO Toxicity

  • Hard to detect: Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease
  • Double blinded GMO study on pigs (physiologically similar to humans
    • 168 pigs
      • First group fed GMO soy and corn (common in US)
      • Pigs fed under same condition for 22.7 weeks equivalent to 4.3 human years
      • GMO fed group had 20 % increased stomach inflammation and the severity of inflammation was 3- 4 times worse
        • Can lead to poor absorption and cancer
      • Uteri of female pigs were 25 % heavier
      • GMO fed pigs had liver damage (the main detoxification organin the body.

Corporations’Responses to Independent Research

  • Attack and minimize research
  • They attack the researcher
    • Pusztai
    • Serolini

Cigarette industry hire experts to confuse and create doubt

  • Henry Miller


  • Stephanie Seneff published many studies on the effects of glyphosate
  • Industry says that glyphosate affects the shikimate pathway which is in plants and not humans
  • Yet the shikimate pathway is in our gut bacteria.
    • Gut is considered our “second brain”
    • Gut bacteria produce breakdown products that our brain and immune system need for proper functioning
    • A reduction in good bacteria and an increase in bad bacteria I GI linked to lower IQ, decreased reasoning capacity, tendency towards violent behavior, cancer, ADHD
    • Pesticides and herbicides cause a leaky gut syndrome and are likely to be associated with a permeable blood brain barrier allowing all sorts of toxins to enter and damage our brains.
      • EMF also causes leaky gut and a permeable blood brain barrier
    • Glyphosate inhibits cytochrome 450 enzyme detoxification pathway and the liver

8.4 million children are on psychiatric drugs

  • One million of these were less than five years old
  • 300,000 were less than one year old

Glyphosate found in

  • Breast milk
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Organic food
  • Pregnant women
  • Antarctica


  • Before birth have dozens of synthetic materials and heavy metals in blood stream at birth
  • These were passed to the child by the mother
  • Immediately after birth infants are injected with more chemicals
  • Trace amounts of PFOA in one part per trillion show harm
    • This is the equivalent of one drop of water in an Olympic size swimming pool
  • Corporations are free to dump toxins into water, air, soil
  • (Cf shows on toxins (Pizzorno, Campbell)
  • These act synergistically. They have different mechanism.
  • Studies
  • Levels of lead -higher in some cities in California and in 13 % of cities tested in New Jersey than were found in the flint Michigan water supply

Promises of agribusiness for GMOs not fulfilled

  • Promised to increase the food supply
  • Promised to feed the poor
    • We produce enough food for 11 billion people
    • In 2009, the Union for Concerned Scientists found that
      • GMO has not increased crop yields
      • Traditional agriculture is responsible for all the increase in crop yields
    • GMO companies take natural highly yielding plant, they insert new genetic material into it
      • In many cases there are reduced yields
      • But was little higher than the previous strain of the plant
    • Golden rice, they say increases vitamin A, but the amount of rice need to get benefits is extremely high
      • This has been a failure and has not increased vitamin A
    • There are high levels of vitamin A in boiled kale, boiled spinach, cantaloupes, baked butternut squash, boiled carrots, boiled sweet potatoes
      • A single boiled sweet potato contains 1000 % of daily vitamin A requirement enough to feed ten people
  • Promised to reduce the need for pesticides
    • These crops were designed to be resistant to herbicides.
    • Crops are regularly doused with herbicides
    • Due to herbicide resistance, farmers have to spray more often in larger doses using multiple herbicides of higher toxicity
    • BT crops, insecticide used inside crop
      • GE genetically designed so that each cell produces insecticide inside th plant
      • So insects that feed on it instantly die off by punching holes in the insects’ stomachs
      • Humans also consume this
      • It has been shown to punch holes in the stomachs of humans leading to leaky gut syndrome
    • Chemical fertilizers have increased due to depletion of nutrients and microbes in the soil
    • Depleted nutrients in soils

False Security

  • BPA
  • BPA-F and BPA-S have the same effects as BPA

 Rachel Carson discussed hazards of agrichemicals and industrial pollutants. Silent Spring

  • On a path of self-destruction
  • DDT, dioxins


  • Trying to alter all the plants in the world so they can profit from them
  • control the movement of food
  • control who can grow what
  • have decreased the biodiversity of crops
  • The soil needs biodiversity

Alternative Solutions

  • UN report on agriculture found that small farms are more productive per hectare, more diverse and more resilient to climate change
  • Conservation agriculture. Uses cover crops to increase soil bio-health, decrease erosion and need for pesticides
  • Agroforestry
  • Integrated Pest management
  • Organic farming
  • 30 year side by side farming. System farming performed by the Rodale Institute
    • Organic farming is far superior to conventional farming in every aspect including health, economics and energy efficiency
  • We don’t need GMOs to feed the world

What can we do

  • Organic farming bans GMO, and synthetic chemicals
    • Has higher nutrient density
  • Fruits and vegetables and a plant-based diet
    • Health conditions improve
  • Herbs and spices have high antioxidant levels
  • Minimizing grains and sugar
  • Alkaline diet as cancer cells love acidity and sugar
  • Milk products meats cause these diseases

Glyphosate binds to metals and reduced nutrients absorption and synthesis

Many grains are desiccated with glyphosate before harvest so residues remain in food

  • Is this the reason gluten causes so many problems in the US
    • There is an increase in gluten sensitivity in the US
    • This is not as much of a problem in Europe
    • This is a problem. Undigested gluten gets into the blood stream eliciting an antibody response
      • These antibodies cross react with body parts (molecular mimicry)
      • Islet cells in the pancreas, Purkinje cells (balance cells in the cerebellum and thyroid cells are very similar genetically to gluten
      • The antibodies attack these organs
        • There is a syndrome called gluten ataxia where gluten causes staggered walking

Most GMO fed to animals

When consume animals consume those GMO

GMO bioaccumulatesin animal fat and tissues, fluids

Lots of pharmaceuticals pumped into animals

  • Antibiotics, hormones insecticides
  • The increased cortisol enters the body as well


  • There is a lot public is not being told
  • Chemo and radiation have a cre rate of only three percent.
  • They cause a recurrence of unrelated cancers
  • Make cancer cells more resistant to treatment in the future
    • Chemo and radiation don’t klll cancer stem cells
  • Mammograms ineffective and cause harm
    • Many false positive
    • Can cause metastasis due to high pressure on the breast
    • Thermography better alternative
    • Initiationprotein and progression
    • Transition of cell from normal to abnormal function
  • Caused by toxic chemicals, animal fats and animal proteins
    • chronic metabolic acidosis
      • Caused by eating meat, grains
      • A lack of vegetables
    • Emotional and mental imbalances