Jeffrey Smith

GMO: Secret Ingredients

Aired on Dec 14, 2018

  • whatever works for industry rather than what works for health.
  • When industry started spraying crops right before harvest to dry them, the EPA raised the amount of glyphosate that was allowed on crops (eg. for berries, citrus)

Our democracy is driven by finance, lobbying, and influence

  • We have a corporatocracy not a democracy
  • In big pharma, big Ag and Telecommunications US policy is driven by corporations
  • Hopefully, individual eating habits can be changed by changing policy
  • European Commission are pro GMO
  • On February 16, 1999 when the gag order was lifted on Dr. Putztai, over 700 articles were written within one month in the UK
  • One editor states that GMO divided society into “two warring blocks”
  • This agitation caused food companies to withdraw GMOs from the market
    • On 4/27 , Unilever said no GMOS in Europe; the next day Nestles said the same thing, and many other companies followed
  • The US press did not report this so, the same companies that removed GMOs from their food in Europe continued to sell it in the US
  • Educating the US public has led to some companies withdrawing GMO foods from the US market
    • In 2014, Cheerios was the first company to withdraw GMOs from the US market
  • Posting on social media elicits corporate trolls who use shaming tactics
    • This interviewer received 30 plus pages of attacks and insults for posting a public meeting.

BT Toxin

  • Toxin and insecticide in genetically modified corn, cava in South America and in soy beans
  • It kills insects by poking holes in the guts of the insects
  • They put the gene from the bacteria that kills insects into the crop
  • Every cell of the plant has a gene that sprays this BT toxin at 1000 times the concentration than when it is used to spray plants
  • This is linked to allergic reactions, immune reactions, etc.
  • When the BT toxin was put with human cells in a laboratory, it poked the same holes in the human cells
  • BT toxin creates gaps inside the human cell
  • Glyphosate creates gaps between the cells
  • This result in holes in the cells of our body which allows glyphosate and BT toxins into the cells
  • For pregnant women this gets into the unborn fetuses where it gets into the brain explaining cognitive issues seen today
  • The EPA and Health Canada assume that the BT toxin has no interactions with humans or other mammals
    • They claim BT toxin starts out as a potential toxin which needs parts of its protein to be cut out which does not happen unless it gets into an alkaline gut’
    • The EPA and Health Canada ignored
      • Peer reviewed studies show that humans and mice react to the BT spray and damages the intestines
      • The BT toxin was changed so did not need to be cleaved and is immediately cleaved.
      • The EPA and Health Canada on their websites still claim that this has no effects on mammals
      • Jeffrey testified at the EPA and gave them all these citations
      • These agencies are not beholden to science but to their pro GMO position

Foods that are genetically modified

  • In corn and soy, 93 % is genetically modified in the US
    • Organic is not 100 % as organic foods have glyphosate in them
    • Even organic corn can have glyphosate in it due to cross pollination
    • Corn on the cob has a lower level
    • There is no genetically engineered pop corn
  • Cotton
    • used in cotton seed oil
    • There are glyphosate residues on tampons and gauze for bandages
    • Glyphosate was found in 85 % of the tampons tested in Argentina (we use the same materials in the US
      • Women should use organic tampons due to the risk or endocrine disruption and cancer
    • It should wash out of cotton shirts
      • Wash cotton shirts before using
    • Canola Oil
    • Beets used for sugar not the table beets
    • Alfalfa used in hay for animals
    • Some zucchini, yellow squash
    • Apples designed not to turn brown
    • Potatoes designed not to turn brown when cut or bruised
      • The creator of these potatoes wrote a book, “Pandora’s Potatoes: the Worst GMO”
      • He states they are so dangerous, that these potatoes can create diseases in humans
    • Aspartame


  • Avoid GMOs and the glyphosate that is in non GMO foods
  • Eat organic
  • Have people who haven’t converted to a healthy diet
  • He plans to put together a support system to help people with an organic diet
  • He is putting together a community screening licensing so it can be shown locally

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