JB Handley

How To End Autism

DATE AIRED:  September 7, 2018

Episode Description

Since the early 1980s, the number of vaccines given to children has nearly quadrupled, and the autism rate has gone up more than 30,000 percent during the same period. For American children, the current autism rate is 1 in 36. JB Handley challenges the common framing that vaccines are “safe and effective” and that the “science is settled. He discusses the emerging scientific evidence linking vaccines to immune activation in the brain. He calls for the American public health to acknowledge the adverse effects associated with vaccines and advocates for screening vulnerable children so that the children with the greatest risk for vaccine-associated harm can be excused from taking the vaccine

  • In the previous episode, Dr. Cowan commented that people need childhood diseases to develop a health immune system
  • Some of these childhood diseases are protective against future diseases in adulthood
  • Vaccine injuries is estimated to earn 20 billion dollars in 2020
  • Vaccine manufacturers have been indemnified against any damages, and the US tax payers will pay for such damages
    • US taxpayers have already paid for 3.6 billion dollars
    • Cowan estimates that only one percent of vaccine related injuries were compensated.
  • Adjuvants in vaccines has contributed to poor health outcomes

JB’s background

  • His son, Jamison, experienced physical and mental problems after each vaccine
  • At age two months in 2002, his son received six vaccines. By the next morning his son developed eczema, could not sleep and had a distended belly
  • After his son was one year old, he lost neurological skills, lost words, and exhibited unusual behaviours
  • was diagnosed with autism in 2004, and JB and his wife were convinced that vaccines contributed to his son’s autism
  • Mainstream medicine told him that his son would be permanently institutionalized and would never speak and that diet and intervention are parental placebos
  • His physician told him that his son’s autism was caused by vaccines
  • This discrepancy caused JB to further research this top and discuss interventions that can help children with autism.
  • cf, interview with Catharine Reid, PhD who reversed the symptoms of her child’s autism through eliminating glutamate from the diet
    • Glutamate is prevalent in many different foods such as gluten and diary.
    • Too much glutamate can cause brain fog, confusion, inflammation, and neurological problems
    • Removing gluten and dairy from the diet has resulted in improvements in many children
    • B 12 is important for these children
      • Important for speech
        • Half of autistic children do not have speech`
        • His son went from no speech to one hundred words within 24 hours of his vitamin B 12 shot
      • Is not absorbed orally
      • Use nasal and subcutaneous shots
    • Each child is different

Science has shown

  • Primary adjuvant in vaccines nano-particulate aluminum hydroxide, appears to be an autism trigger.
    • Adjuvants are needed to stimulate the immune system because the immune system does not recognize it
    • The immune response to aluminum is to send macrophages which transport the aluminum to the brain
    • Aluminum triggers an immune activation event which leads to autism
      • Chris Exley, PhD – a neurotoxin expert
        • Showed Alzheimer’s patient have a lot of aluminum in their brains
        • In macrophages
        • Postulated that the aluminum was brought into the brain via a “Trojan horse” from other parts of the body
        • A child’s brain is developing and is vulnerable to this aluminum brought into the brain. After age four, the aluminum does not have as much influence in causing autism due to the past development of the brain.
        • Yet, this aluminum can store in the brain and be a later trigger for Alzheimer’s Disease


  • Epidemiology the study of large numbers
    • Hundreds of thousands parents have the same story of their children regressing after vaccine appointments
      • Doctors who agree with these views are “muted.”
    • CDC relies on epidemiological studies to claim vaccines are not related to autism
    • CDC does micro studies looking at amounts of micrograms of mercury in vaccinated children
    • The CDC confuses the public on these issues
    • Note the tobacco industry
      • Hill and Nolton did the studies on tobacco, and there are working for the vaccine industry in studies.
      • It took forty years after the first scientific study showing the harmful effects of tobacco, where the tobacco industry, sowing doubts, paying politicians, creating false science until action took place
      • JB’s book hopes to shorten this process.
      • “Sowing doubt” allows many to remain silent
      • Many are denying that there is an autism epidemic
    • One study out of Jackson State University published in 2017 showed that children who were vaccinated had dramatically higher rates of neurological problems (autism, ADHD) and higher rates of chronic illnesses such as asthma
    • Combine this study with aluminum studies Chris Shaw in Canada, Chris Exley (UK) , and a researcher in Paris G Giraldi, have shown a clear pathway between injected aluminum, immune events and the neurological issues with autism
      • These three researchers felt so strongly that they each wrote letters to the US health services stating that vaccines caused autism.
      • Repercussions are astronomical for scientist who draw connections between autism and vaccines.
      • The vaccine vs unvaccinated study had difficulty finding a publisher
    • Biological Science

Interesting Events

  • Between 1900 and today, morality rates have decreased by 54 %
  • Public health officials estimate that vaccines were responsible for between 1 and 3.5 % of this decrease in mortality. Other causes include sanitation, less crowded living conditions, and nutrition were responsible for the decrease in mortality
  • At Harvard, there was a mumps outbreak, and all those with the mumps had been vaccinated against mumps
  • The DTP vaccine in Guinea Bissau had a five-fold increase in morality for those vaccinated
    • It makes their immune systems more susceptible to other infections
    • The author was a very pro-vaccine advocate
  • In the Philippines, the vaccination dengue fever program was suspended because of a lot of problems
    • They realized that a child who was vaccinated for dengue fever had a much higher risk of dying if they caught dengue fever
    • Is causing a scandal in the Philippines
  • The HPV vaccine created a worldwide scandal due to adverse events yet the CDC is now advocating that this vaccine be given to boys as well as girls
    • Japan stopped it
    • Was front page news in Ireland. Many girls are in wheel chairs
    • In Colombia, there is a class-action suit against Gardasil
    • The CDC study compared girls who received the HPV vaccines to girls who received only the aluminum adjuvant to a control
    • They comingled the control group with the aluminum- only group
    • What the study showed that the aluminum group and vaccine group had dramatic problems compared to the control
  • Gardasil is a Merck product and is a primary profit center for Merck.
    • In the past, Merck sought out and discredited doctors who commented on vioox
    • Merck has a history of protecting its profits at all costs

He believes pre-eminent scientists to stand up to say

  • The autism epidemic is real
  • Many scientists agree that vaccines are a primary trigger to autism


Revolving Door between industry and Government

  • The head of CDC, Juli Gerberding went to head merck’s vaccine division
  • The author of the original CDC study on vaccines (which compared children who received a little mercury vs a lot of mercury in their shots Thomas Verstaeten was hired by Galaxo-Smith-Kline in Belgium because he had a different opinion on the study
  • Similar stories with Tom Wheeler in the FCC and

Recommended Solutions

  • He believes vaccines should be a parental choice.
  • In the mid 1980s there were only three vaccines, DPT, MMR and polio and the vaccine rate was approximately 60 %
  • Now there are 11 licensed vaccines for children. By the time a child is five, the child will have received 38 separate injections for these vaccines and the vaccination rate in the US is greater than 90 %
  • He wants to strike a compromise between the management of infectious disease and acknowledge the neurological damage resulting from vaccines
  • He recommends
    • screening for vulnerable children including
      • Genetic mutations
      • Family markers of autoimmunity
      • Physical symptoms that the children are exhibiting
      • His son had every marker for risk
        • Maternal risk for autoimmunity, MTHFR gene, recurrent ear infection distended belly, poor sleep
      • Mitochondrial function
    • Reduce the vaccine schedule as many other countries do not give so many vaccines
    • The titer tests shows if an antibody response was generated towards the vaccine
      • After the first vaccination, most children mount an antibody response, yet these children receive excess vaccines
    • Until we acknowledge that vaccines can cause autism, there will be no discussio

Herd Immunity

  • Is a marketing concept
  • In 1985, there were only three vaccines with a 60 % vaccination rate, yet there were no epidemics
  • Most adults are way behind vaccinations. Most people over age 40s are out of date with vaccines and are effectively unvaccinated (as the vaccines last only years)
  • Many workers at school are unvaccinated, yet there are no epidemics
  • Herd immunity has not been achieved and won’t be unless all adults are vaccinated

Polio Vaccine

  • The reduction of polio might not have been due to the vaccine
  • Polio myelitis occurred only in 1 % of the persons with this benign virus. How did this benign virus enter the nervous system
    • One theory is through DDT escorting the virus into the nervous system
    • Another theory was due to number of tonsillectomies in children.
  • IN third world countries giving polio vaccines, that the vaccines induce the polio events per studies at Cambridge University
  • There was not a massive regression after polio vaccine as it does not include aluminum
  • There was not a case of polio since 1979