EMF: sensitivity and health risks

Date Aired: September 15, 2017

Episode Description

Electromagnetic fields are one of the many environmental toxins that adversely affect our health. It affects all of us to varying degrees. It leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, immune disturbances and both a leaky gut and leaky blood brain barrier. Research studies showed that cell phones and cordless phones increase the risk of the brain tumours – gliomas and acoustic neuromas. A pregnant mother’s use of cell phones can change the brain structure of the offspring leading to increased anxiety, hyperactivity and impaired memory in the offspring. Guy will discuss his experiences as an electro sensitive person and his research which has resulted in ways that we can protect ourselves.



  • WHO classified EMF as a possible class II carcinogen
  • Results of Exposure to EMF
    • Oxidative stress
    • Mitochondrial damage
    • DNA damage
    • Immune disturbances
    • Leaky gut
    • Permeable blood brain barrier
    • Neuroinflammation

Research Studies

  • Lennart Hardell showed cell phones and cordless phones increase risk of glioblastoma and acoustic neuroma
  • For hours use of daily cell phones disrupts ability of brain to repair damaged genes
  • Low level EMF makes a rats blood brain barrier permeable.
  • Rats exposed to EMF no longer recall locations
  • Sperm exposed to EMF have decreased motility and number, abnormalities and oxidative stress
  • Sleep interfere with sleep on set and sleep cycle
  • Pregnant women
    • Taylor at Yale and Suleyman Kaplan in Turkey showed that wi-fi to the fetus
    • Increased anxiety
    • ADD like symptoms hyperactivity or impaired memory

Guy’s Story

  • He was physics major, studied quantum mechanics, electromagnetic waves
  • There were 32 cell towers across the street from where he worked
  • He had brain fog from mitochondria dysfunction
  • When he turned off EMF sources and fielded his bedroom he got better. He has to be careful but lives a normal life
  • e spent two years in denial
  • He wears protective clothing which reflects the microwaves away from him
  • He practices Electro magnetic hygiene

EMF Science

  • Interactions between waves there are many different types.
  • Radio started 1910s 1920s in low frequencies. Then electronics were made that worked faster and faster
  • Microwaves are giga hertze100 million cycles per second.
    • Microwave radiation is absorbed by water; glass does not heat up
  • The waves don’t travel very far because is moister in the air.
  • 99 % of humans are water. We are the biggest absorber.  Our bodies are not used to protecting us from microwaves.
  • Changes in blood are seen as immune reactions, Guy say
  • Sometimes causes symptoms
  • Light below red infra red heat (sun, heating systems).
    • These make the body happy
  • EMF has effect on blood
    • Red Blood Cells have an electronic charge so that blood cells can be kept apart so they can perform their functions.
    • If two red blood cells stick together, they block the capillaries and don’t get to their intended destinations
    • To keep young, we need to minimize EMF exposure
  • We are all bio sensitive
  • Nerves, blood, skin, the brain are all affected


  • People who respond are electro sensitive or electro hypersensitive.
  • Symptoms include cluster headaches, brain fog, migraine trigeminal neuralgia, fatigue, myalgia encephalitis

EMF Sensitivity Symptoms

  • Brain fog thoughts don’t work can’t function
  • Migraines, trigeminal neuralgia
    • Women say pain worse than child birth
    • Suicide; a15 year old student in the UK killed herself because they would no turn off the wifi
    • Most people do not believe them and think they are mental
  • Poor sleep
  • Pineal gland has parts of optic nerve
  • Heart arrhythmia -> problems in the heart, the most powerful electrical signal
  • Glucose metabolism disruption
  • Microwave passes through skull
  • Constantly tells the pineal gland that it is day light
    • Can reduce every day exposure by 1000 times
      • Wired computer.
    • Prevalence varies: 1.5 % Sweden; 13. 5 % in Taiwan
    • In Korea, there is digital dementia

Cell Towers

  • Firemen in San Diego got sick after cell towers wee placed on their fire stations
    • Firemen are coming out against some cell tower placements
  • Swiss farmers, their animals, plants got sick when cell towers were installed
  • In the US a low was passed in 1996 stating that cell tower placements could not be stopped for health reasons.
  • Biogeometry is a possible approach to mitigate exposure.

Cordless  Phones

  • Has a base transmitter transmitting the whole time
  • This can be worse than exposure to wifi as the signal from cell towers is weaker than the signal from a cordless phone
  • Cordless phones can be a confounding factor in cell phone studies
  • Handsets have own charging center
  • Base station keeps blatting away
  • Distance is friend
  • Cordless voice is packaged into pulse pattern
  • These pulses from digital devices is critical to how I affects biological systems
  • Many consider electromagnetic sensitivity like allergy. The standard cure is avoid the allergen that is creating the response so have a rest from the toxin
  • Get EMF below their sensitivity, then bod not triggered all the time so the body can relax.
  • Typically weaker and weaker symptoms trigger reaction
  • Will get more and more sensitive for example to wi fi. So symptoms get worse and worse.
  • The analogy between a constant signal and the bursting signals from cordless phones of smart meters is like comparing  the light from a candle  compared to the light emitted from a strobe light.

Smart Meters

  • Dirty electricity are using same power
  • Connected to grid and effects adds up
  • People know when showering, when the lights on and when someone is putting the kettle on
    • so criminals can know when some one is home or out of the house
  • With signal burst, it is like strobe light vs. a candle.
  • has two transmitters
    • One for inside the house telling how much electricity are using
    • Other transmitter that sends the data back to the network telling how much electricity using.
      • This has stronger intermittent signal night and day.
      • Is like a Chinese water torture
      • If a neighbor gets a smart meter, one needs to shelter from it
    • Stop smartmeters UK

Dirty Electricity

  • A type of EMF pollution within the home
  • This occurs when the electrical power lines and wiring within the home contain frequencies other than the normal 60Hz (US) or 50 Hz in Europe. These additional frequencies piggyback on the electrical wiring and radiate into the environment
  • Sources
    • Solar panels
      • Have an inverter in the roof which generates a frequency so the electricity can be pumped into the grid
      • These inverters do not make clean electricity
      • The effects vary.
    • Smart Meters
    • CFL and LED light bulbs
    • Light dimmer switches
    • Electrical devices
    • Wireless Technology (as wireless frequencies conduct along copper wiring
    • Radios
    • Other peoples’ dirty electricity
    • Car Chargers
  • Filter Remedies
    • Stetzer Filters
    • Greenwave Filters
    • Guy believes there are better filters as well
    • These do not always solve the problem

Other Countries’ Legislation

  • Israel France don’t allow wi fi in preschool children more sensitive smaller head, thinner skull, cells dividing faster lot more susceptible to damage that will effect them later in life
    • ASD, ADHD Hugh Taylor offspring had hyper
    • Martha Herbert autism
  • Belgium not legal to give child cell phone
  • Turkey illegal to advertise cell hone to children
  • Britain started to do something.
    • Industry lobbying stopped them
    • Industry is bigger than even food production
    • Media get a lot or revenue from advertising cell phone

US Response

  • Head of FCC in the US was strong cell phone lobbyist
  • Same lobbyist that defended tobacco companies still defend corporations.
  • If three studies show that EMF has no effect and one that finds an effect are supposed to average tests.  Is nonsense

EMF Protection

  • Minimize electrosmog exposure
    • Electrosmog is the sum of exposure to wifi, cordless phones, cell towers, smart meters, etc. Even the refrigerator will send out and scatter signals
    • Make sure exposure is low enough so a reaction is not triggered
  • Insure Good Sleep
    • Sleep is the time when the body restores, replenishes and detoxes
    • Some say that people cannot detox at night if exposed to EMF
  • Distance if your friend
    • Don’t hold cell hone near head
    • Headsets should not have a metal wire in them should have air in them
    • Do not use cell phone in moving vehicle
      • Rain, bus, car, elevator
      • A person’s head serves as antenna
      • He signal gets strong when moving from tower to tower searching for a signal.
    • Turn wi fi off a night
    • Stand away from blenders, vacuum cleaners when in use
    • Preferably attach computer to Ethernet wire
    • Use a land line, not a cordless phone

Building Protection from Microfrequencies

  • Microfrequencies can be reflected because they are near enough to light frequencies.
  • Put up aluminum will block microwaves from passing through
  • People in flats are exposed to electrosmog from all six surfaces
    • Can shield the walls facing transmitters
    • If all six sides are reflective any signals  will bounce off get internal reflection

Wall Paint

  • There is special paint which absorbs microwaves to shield from electrosmog exposure
  • Need at least two coats of a special dark grey paint
  • If there is streaking or a crack in the paint, the microwaves will seep through.

Wall Paper

  • Reflective layer first.


  • curtains silver lined provide protection
  • They are expensive
  • They tend to go brown with time.