Garner ThomsonKhalid Khan, MD

Medical NLP: Secrets of Communication

Date Aired: January 12, 2018

Episode Description

The words, body language and intention of communication can affect healing and our relationships. Communication imparts information that affects the listener’s mood and can impact the nervous systems of both the speaker and the listener for better or worst. This interconnection has been neurolinguistic. Utilizing neuroscience and the Mind-Body Connection, verbal and non-verbal influences on communication and health will be discussed.


  • Study of effect of language (L) on neurology (N) on behavior (P) Language has profound influence
  • All aspects verbal and non verbal
  • affects peoples outcomes
    • Burn patients shown pictures of ice.
  • Some patients discharged did better. They looked at all the possibilities.  They did not understand why in one ward people were doing better
  • Found patients doing better than others
  • Nurses use predisposition
    • You still here
    • when you are out where do you think you will go for work
    • This presupposes pt will go back to work
    • Bran has to think “I am away from this ward and I am doing things.

Where does brain et info
Candice Perth author Molecules of emotions

  • Info transferred to neurochemicals

What if language were inconsistent with body language and tone

  • Body language, tone, words have an effect
  • Any inconsistency an negate effect or make it worse
  • Birmingham
    • Reduced preoperative medicine 50 %
    • Then ere wa a change with a person who sai “You will be in a lo of pain
    • He patient will pick up contradictions maybe out worse
    • In preconscious or unconscious
    • Melenai amerdy took 1/10 second of doctors talking
      • Patients asked who can trust and nt trust, they could identify doctor being sued (works on an unconscious level
    • Candice Perth model wave forms  how   go through cascades of neurochemicals and neuropeptides that affect every cell in the bod
    • We have receptors opiate
    • Way phrase things different parts of the brain react
    • Patients in crisis are highly suggestible
      • Elderly mother hold on to husband’s arm or chance fall and break her hip which she did
      • Two AIDS pts with no symptoms “Technically you should not be here Within a week both were dad
    • Formal hypnosis
    • Informal hypnosis
    • Hypnosis is influence we try to influence each other all the tie.
    • Hypnosis no body understands, but everyone has an opinion

Medical NLP

  • Influenced by NLP
  • Look at health care sector
  • Borrowed from neuro, psychology, medicine, cell biology.
  • Put it into form so clinicians can use it and developed workable techniques
    • His mother had breast cancer after husband died
    • Weren’t supposed to tell people if had cancer
    • Find someone to look after your children, mother angry, “I don’t have time to die she died 42 years later of something else
    • Exceptional healings
      • Recover at unexpected rate
      • Spontaneous recovery
      • Everyone gave up on tha them
      • Doctors that are better
    • Characteristics
      • Want to take control of own processes
      • Heart sink patients Live longer
        • Take up time
      • MDs who think past the disease
      • Most x stops when condition fixed or referred elsewhere
      • Success outcome what life will be like beyond this
      • Not with a chronic condition, don’t know how to be well
      • They become the diagnosis
      • Think of people being proactive, live beyond he disease have a better outcome

NLPUpto individual to apply it

  • Istechnique to create other techniques
  • Connect on that level
  • Recipient does not have to work at it
  • People use more than one modality
  • For every modality have, there are two missing
  • How do you move them beyond that
  • Visual “It appears, it looks like it seems

mImic gesture, dress like them

faster way to rapport

  • Look at them mental note colour of eyes
  • Smile full face duchennes smile
  • Send a positive image of person speaking to
  • Optional (shake hands)
  • Web finger to thumb contact
  • They feel looked at
    • Changes our demenaour inside attitude, changes reaction
    • what is energy entirely everything
    • 72 %is relationship between therapist and patient
  • Ellen Langer “mindfulness”  we need to be conscious  If you are no here, you are not aware that you are not here
    • Now fashionable
    • Staying awake and aware
    • If we are mindless, automatic
    • If they are aware of smoking or bulimia have to go unconscious while doing it
    • Be present
  • Meidal NLP
  • Notice what is different and better
  • Opens up new categories in mind,


  • In the right context , anxiety is a good thing
  • It is too exaggerated, automatic
  • Anxiety always in the future is about something that might happen in future
  • Depression refers to things in past
    • Past eruize
  • How do you know you are anxious Where do you feel I in your body?
  • Are normal reactions for flight or fight
    • Heart rate increases races
    • Stomach churns system suspends digestion
    • Peculiar sensations in GI and limbs
    • It pumps blood to extemeties
    • Long term inc inflammation, ox stress,

Resonance frequency breathing  longer breath out through moutn
Six per minutes 10 seconds
Helps heart brain connection

  • Singing, meditating chanint help parasympatehtiitic
  • Relaxed state is not the say t go.
  • Thin if remove stressors people will get better. They dont’ get better because they do not have the ability to cope

Stress innouclation vaccine

Aevn Proges Steven Porgess
Social network  (F) the fight or flight (limibic)
Reptilian response ino brain sem and epopel freeze.


See what areas missing
Down to right physiologically semantically oriented
If eyes not moving full range see wha is missing
EMDR  Francis Shapiro

  • Hold the eyes and more through al directions
  • Tends to blow it out
  • Francis negative feeing went away
  • When thinke eyes are moving
  • 1/3 canial neres go to eyes
  • visualize they end look usar
  • down l internal dialogue
  • side o side auditory
  • visualize look p
  • down right access feeling
  • down left internal dialogue

visual head up high rpaid tspeech
mall models, medical NLP, NLP all models are false.


  • always reduce stress level of person infront of you
  • always follow rule 1
  • bring down the limbicd temperature
  • communication inside (internal dialogue)
  • internal communication aligned with external ommunciation