Gail Pruitt, CN

Nutrition for you Dog

Date Aired: July 28, 2017

Episode Description

We have learned a lot about nutrition for humans and the importance of organic non processed foods. Is it any different for our four legged friends? Why give real food to dogs when you can always open a bag or can? The reason is dogs are real live beings and they need real food. We would never think of only feeding our children out of a bag or a can for the rest of their life.. and certainly not the same foods day in and day out. It’s just common sense. Dogs have lived with humans for at least 40,000 years, some experts think much longer. And these dogs have been eating the same foods as humans for that long. It was only about 100 years ago that big food companies realized how much money they could make with their manufactured food waste.

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  • Dogs are real beings who love you
  • Give them real, whole food
  • Apple has 1200 nutrients that work together enzymes, bioflavonoids phytonutrients

Commercial Dog Food

  • Have to put starch in it to make kibble
  • Have to cook it a long time
  • They  add 40 nutrients to bag so are compliant with regulations
  • Is not a good whole food
  • These 40 isolated nutrients are made in a lab
  • Dogs may not be able to assimilate these nutrients.

Two good foods freeze dried dog foods

  • Honest Kitchen dehydrated foods
  • Stella and Chewy freeze dried

Dogs Digestive system

  • It takes eight to ten hours for food to pass through the digestive system
  • It takes 24- 36 hours for people
  • Dogs have strong digestive acids
  • They have little amylase in their mouths to digest starches.
  • Like humans, they are subject to inflammation, oxidative stress and food sensitivities
  • They have fragile digestive systems


  • Dogs don’t have amylase in mouth to start digestive process
  • She recommends making a puree of raw vegetables with a variety of proteins
  • It is not good to change dogs’ diets often

Purdue University study in 2005

  • Gave fresh vegetables three times per week to dogs reduced rates of cancer up to 70 %


  • Need large variety of proteins with different amino acids such as

L carnitine  for the heart, proline

  • Has vitamin D
  • Liver is good and has vitamin A
  • Heart high in co enzyme q 10
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Rotate proteins
  • She gives canned salmon once every two weeks.
  • Make gelatine from bone broth
    • This is good for bone health
    • This fights inflammation
  • Crickets (for human consumption)
  • Higher protein


  • Dr Ohira’s probiotic
    • Not freeze dried
    • Cultured at room temperature for 3 -5 years
    • They play music to it


  • Dogs’ stomach acid breaks down bones.
  • Bones should be raw
  • Marrow bones
    • Never chicken, pork, lamb

Mild and dairy

  • She uses
    • Goat milk kefir
    • cultured foods
    • No cows milk protein molecules larger than in goat milk
    • Goat milk proteins smaller easier to digest

Raw foods

  • More nutrients, enzymes
  • Raw vegetables pureed as don’t have amylase to break it downs



Lots of minerals

Lots of proteins



  • yellow to bright red
  • over 600 different carotenoid
  • dark red to blue black are over 300 cartenoid
  • each has a different taks

What can they eat

  • Butternut squash
  • Yellow squash
  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkin
  • Bell pepper
  • Sweet pepper
  • Green beans
  • Kale
  • Lettuces
  • Cauliflower


  • Do not feed human vitamins
  • Whole Foods has animal vitamins

Vitamin from Egg Shells

  • Eggs wash shell
  • Let shell dry
  • Membrane is hyaluronic acid
  • Puree shells down to fine powdered
  • One t is 1000 mg calcium
  • Has 28 other minerals
  • Has hyalaruonic aicd
  • Humans can eat, can put in oven to make sure all the bacteria are out
  • 1 t per one pound of food


  • Grapes – ruins the kidneys
    • Don’t cook with wine
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate has theobromine
  • Onion causes anemia
  • Macademia nuts can be lethal
  • Xyeltol can die within an hour lowers blood pressure
  • Stevia lowers blood pressure
  • Nutri sweet
  • Aspartane
  • No high fats cause pancreatic problems
  • No table salt
    • Sea salt ok
  • Potatoes – can cause heart arrhythmia
  • Tomato plant stem heart arrhythmia


  • Nutmeg cause seizure and death
  • Rosemary can cause seizures
    • Dog foods have rosemary for preservative


  • No is GMO
  • They have no amylase so they cannot break it down
  • Corn is a mycotoxin easy to become mouldy


  • Dogs don’t have amylase to digest any kind of grain
  • Millet and quinoa – need to cook longer time, add more water and puree harder to digest
  • Can give hemp protein
  • Advises against gluten as every animal has gluten sensitivity
  • Gluten targets the villae in the intestinal tracts which are needed to absorb nutrients.


Doggie Flatulance

  • If eat rotting food, rooting gas

Dogs Like Smelly foods

  • Dogs have fewer taste buds (less than 2000)
  • People have > 9000 taste buds in our mouths
  • Dogs have more sensitive smell (one to 20 million times our smell)
  • If it smells good, they don’t need to taste it. They will just gulp it down

Pooh eating

  • Missing minerals
  • Need more calcium than we do

Colour of Pooh

  • Yellow orange pooh – too much orange vegetables won’t hurt them
  • Green to dark black  –  from dark green vegetables


  • Mostly from what they eat
  • Check parasites, giardia

Healthy Teeth

  • Start young with clean food don’t eat a lot of starchy food
  • Ohira probiotic paste put on teeth helps with tartar and helps gums
  • Clean food
  • Marrow bones
  • Brush teeth
  • Want to keep friendly bacteria in mouth not a lot of chemicals
  • Spray


  • No rawhide
  • Puzzles
  • Chemicals even in tennis balls

How to tell if  the dog is Happy

  • Plays
  • Kisses
  • Jump over
  • Like to go out an play
  • Dogs are happier if have a purpose in life

Dog Skills

Some dogs are trained to

  • Find cancer
  • Identify seizures before they occur
  • Blood sugar drops


  • Cedarcide have to vacuum constantly