David Spiegel, M.D.

Hypnosis and Health

Date Aired: December 15, 2017

Episode Description

Hypnosis creates a state of aroused attentive concentration with a relative constriction of peripheral awareness. With controlled thinking suspended, hypnosis is to consciousness as what looking though a telephoto lens is to a camera. It is an effective method for managing pain, and treating anxiety and stress-related disorders. Past studies have shown that people hypnotized before operative care have a shorter procedure time and a significant reduction in intraprocedural complications, such as hypoxemia and vomiting The mind and body are intimately connected. With suggestions to change perceptions of pain and color, this passively received language, altered activity in he brain where “uncontrolled” perception occur. his show will discuss hypnosis, hypnotizability and the amazing interconnect between the mind and the body.

GustaffSchaffenberg offered to teach young doctors.  Trained his father for pain and PTSD>
After thw war, his father was interested in hypnosis

Dr. Spiegel  firstpt he treated was a young asthmatic wheezing stopped.

  • Nurse in the room reported him for hypnotizing pt without mother’s consent
  • Intern told him he had to stop doingnit
  • They came up with a radical idea of asking the pt.
  • He felt any technique that violated an unknown Ma law was worth looking into


  • To mainstream is alternative
  • To alternative medicine is mainstream
  • People were suspicious of it
  • Reduces pain, stress, reduces procedure time

He put his kids to sleep withit


  • He used self hypnosis for pain control
  • Notes said that he used so few medications that they must not have cut many nerves
  • His wife used no pain medications

Likened to olderstproefession
Everyone interested but no one is interested in it
Frued in autobiography reliefed of pain by going back to traumatic events

  • He felt transference is what caused hypnosis to work
  • In Freud’s office he had a picture of Charcot doing hyponalysis

FinneusQuinby had spinal weakness and had to be carried by father was curred using animal weakness.

  • She later attributed this to the word of god Marylin Baker Eddy

Mesmer started it all

  • Induced sz like epidoses he felt there were agnetic fields around pt
  • He went to Paris and

Voltaire we did everything we could do to safe fathers life we even sent the doctors away

Lousi 16 ben Franklin, Guillitane  (9created mind body problem

Hynpsosi was nothing but heated imagination

Founder had a rough go

Hypnosis highly focused tt relative wsupcenisiaon of peripheral attention
Absorbption focal att
Dissociation put other things outside consciousness

Nobody is capable to refuse things but are less likely as judgment is suspended

Many had it was a good idea at the time
Less likely to judge or defeat bad ideas with bad ideas

How does it work
fMRI NIH  what happens in brain
highlyhyp  greater functional coon  Fcortex and the salience network (what you pay attention  anterior cignular cortex

air traffic controller

know what you are thinking about not worried is something else

connected to insula where mental state where brain is geared to send messages

alter visual perception

brainconfiuged to max

3 inverse connectivity between the functional part and a deep structure the default network  (ruminating.
Think this is the basis for dissociation

Hypnosis can alter how brain works
Colleague at Harvard can turn down pain
Person has to pay attention
PET parts of brain that processes colour
Blood f

Blood dec when look ad B and W
Increased when see colour
They could make colour look B and W and vv
They changed the blood floow consistent to what they thought they saw.  Beleiveing is seing.
Can change what you actually see

Pain studies
Eliver series of shock to the wrist.
Highly hypno  gave shocks to wrist see EEG
Hypnotized saying your hand is in ice water
Major compeonets of EEG disapperared
2/10 , 310 second were half as big.
They literally flet less pain

MRI  PeierRainville
Similar instructions
Hand is cold thingling an numb and will focilter out pain  somatery cortex
He reduced activity in htat region

Same stimulus  pain is there but won’t bother you  pain relieve not somatosensory but in the anterior cingulate cortex

Foucs on commitment to protect and respect body.
Need body to live
Focus on what you are for and not against

Mind mgt technique
Shyp more W focues , more problem solving

E good way to manage life
Might get relief from pain

Hyp many times
Meditate BID

Some evidence differe
Refuced activity default post ACC which is different with findings in hypnosis.

Less case in childhood
Most children hypntoziable
Is wonderful time
Work and play area ll the same
Formal operations logic exceeds experience  tall bottle looks bigger
As we grow up we apply hypnotiz
20 s set
10 % extremely hypnno
1/3 not hyp

higher functional conn exec control and salience ACC in highers
highlyhyp  caught up and lost in movies and sunset

personality traits
higherlyhyp rate theselves as trusting
see from other pt of view
disciple in search of a teacher
intuitivie trusting gullible

headorikjudmgnetive, ciritcal  don’t swallow thing easily

for high heres what to do

for low have to netotionate


midodysseansodyysian engaged hten pulls back and reflect

hypnotizable visual arts, architecture
method become that person and enter them.

Less hyp math, logic, calculation > highly h

Hypn correlated with da levels
Measures  hyp
Had cSF
Maked correlation and Hva acid and hpn
Areas are Da

Highly hyp  have specific form of COMT in da pathway

Better ground discrimination


Stomach acid
Ken kleingastoenter
Put in Ng tube to measure stomach acid
Had them eat imaginary meals
S stop I am full
89 % increase in gastic secretion
then no food 39 % decrease
inject with petagastrin
still had reduction of stomach acid.
Can change it in either direction


Sx PTSD analogy to hypnosis

  • In trauma float above body
  • Detachment were calm
  • Laater feeling catch up with them.
  • Must pyhotx involve reexposure but are in control of what doing
  • Essence of trauma is helplessness.
    • They woule rather feel guilty
  • Hypnosis go back and siocciate and allow brain toe get involed in traumatic expericne
  • Revisit give enhanced control over what happened

PTSD highly hypno
Fewer complications precedures took less time
Saved money because took less time saved 317
Inflammation, gut, ox stress

Hypnosis reduce stress related inalmmationeg cellular rxn to ag  such as TB skin test
Proinflammatory cytokines might be stress realted
These create mentl stress

Flu hih cytokines feel week little energy , a lot like depression
Is interaction btenbrian and immune system

ma make them hyp
Or hypnotizable more vulnerable to get PTSD
Oakland fire  endanger themselves smore  go look
They accept level of danger than other shouldn’t
Dissociation is a protection but also can be a danger.

Sleep risk CVD, AD

Cigs ¼ of people successful

Captwho don’t sleep weel die ealeir
Do what gmtolde you sleep welel, eat well sleep
Sleep improves vagal tone
Need a lot of vagal ls

Socialisol is ~ cigarette smoking and high cholesterol
Learn to deal with death
Reduce pain
Liver longer
Medn social support and integration is found in marriage
And for women single
So women iswhahthleps.
Relation with woan is good for health relation with men not helpful

Double mastectomy
13 % all owmen
1/3 under 40 are having double mastectomy
ovary removal necessary if mutation carier
if don’t have mutation, mastcomy does not make difference
they think it si and issue of anxiety
areenrolligngint  a study.

Nothing to do with belief
Hypnosis enhancines control
Tool for enhancing control
Asset to use brain better to help brain and body cope

recruit women
723 6421

can teach ourselves how to do it.
Is a skill you can learn yourself.

osmoking is poins
Need body to live
Need body for protection
Better success rate that other laternative
Scan resturctueappporacb
Eith and durgs worse because are not thinking stragit
Less successful than

Pain lange less meds, less anxiety, less cost, staff more relaxed.