David Kennedy, DDS

Dental Health: Fluoride and Mercury Health Hazards

Date Aired: March 16, 2018

Episode Description

Toxins are a major contributor to inflammation, oxidative stress and disease. Fluoride and mercury are biohazards and toxins that create serious health problems. Fluoride may help a tooth when fluoride comes uno contact with the tooth, but fluoride leads into contact with a tooth, but does harm to the body and has been blamed for lowering IQs by five or six points. Fluoride has been found in our food including Wheeties and fruit loops. Mercury, self also causes inflammation and serious health problems. Simply brushing teeth or a dental exam cause mercury vapors to go into the body and brain. Learn more about these issues from Dr, Kennedy. He also will discuss how to remove mercury from the body.

  • No reason to add chemicals to water supply that are not tolerated by the human body unless there is a purpose
  • Yet, the stated purpose of adding fluoride to the water supply is to stop tooth decay
  • This makes fluoride a drug. This is an unapproved drug not approved by the FDA
  • The FDA never approved swallowing fluoride prevents tooth decay
  • Fluoride is a toxin so swallowing fluoride makes us sick

OSHA supposed to make workplace safe

  • Letters JanetNapolitanoand UCLA
  • They are trying to apply OSHA standards to schools. This is illegal
  • OSHA standards are 300 times higher than the standards for schools
  • They tear schools down that don’t meet EPA standards
    • Unlawful levels of mercury in schools
    • In dental schools they lie to dental students saying FDA approved fluoride


  • Fluoride grabs on to whatever it is near and will kill anything
    • Why are we brushing our teeth with it?
    • Why not use baking soda or iodine?
    • The lethal dose of fluoride is found in a fanny pack the size of tooth paste for a 40 pound child.
      • Iodine lethal dose is 10 – 20 times as much as anyone can possibly swallow
    • Used to die quickly now takes longer
    • Used in smelting metal to make concrete
    • Welders had inhaled fluoride
    • Fluoride is the 13 th most abundant element in the world
    • Is fluoride in every food because fluoride is put in the water
      • Is found in Wheeties and fruit loops
      • Is found in cans and packages
    • Some food producers put fluoride in the container
    • Fluoride is a pesticide
    • Allowed fluoride Levels that is legal to have on food is gigantic

Mercury and Its Toxicity

  • Health Effects
  • Mercury causes tremor but not every time
  • Mercury causes narrowing of vision, neurological impairments.
  • Mercury ruins parts of bodies by stripping sulfur and sticking itself between two sulfurs
    • Mercury goes into the red blood cell
    • Mercury knocks iron out of the red blood cell so the red blood cell does not work
      • Get anemic because not enough oxygen
      • Iron goes around looking for free radicals
    • Kennedy believes that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by mercury
    • Every bad component of Alzheimer’s including amyloid plaque is caused by enzymes that are broken by mercury
    • Alzheimer’s brain has excess mercury in the brain
    • Can give animal Alzheimer’s disease by making them inhale mercury
      • Does not work by injection or eating it.
      • Smoking teeth is his video showing brushing or examining teeth causes mercury vapors to go up towards the brain.
    • Atomic absorption to measure mercury. This is required by law if mercury is to be removed. Yet there are only three such machines in California.  This law is not enforced.
  • Mercury when it gets to brain causes a biological train wreck
  • Mercury seeks out sulfur
  • Sulfur is in lining of nerve is tubulin which binds to nerve by sulfur
  • Tubulin starts to come out
  • Tubulin missing from nerves is a sign of multiple sclerosis.
    • He has had patients recover from MS when he removed mercury fillings
  • Removing mercury have to protect the airway

Mercury Studies

  • University of Washington and the NIH study in Portugal
    • Put fillings in orphans and followed them
    • The boys who were CPOX positive were impaired in all five domains in five years
      • Impairs kidneys within 5 years
      • 14 % of population in US has impaired kidneys
      • This data was hidden
    • James Wood from Washington showed mercury causes harm

Industry Influence

  • Trade association determine dental school curriculum
  • They are in love with money
  • Dentists owns dental insurance company. Delta dental
  • Dental and medical education taken over by the trade associations
  • Industry gets rid of a half of million tons of fluoride annually
  • Cost to remove a gallon of mercury is $2.50

Trusting the Government?

  • FDA staff warned the FDA to be careful with GMO
  • FDA approved aspartame although they knew it was cancerous
  • The FDA does nothing about mercury
    • Can’t legally open an amalgam, the levels of mercury are very high
    • OSHA does not do anything about this mercury exposure because it states it is waiting for a complaint
  • Why California legislature does not understand the toxicity of fluoride?
    • Large amount of money contributed by the American Dental Association
    • Gave Pete Wilson over $100,000 in 1994 for his campaign a year before he signed the bill
    • Pete Wilson comes from San Diego where they rejected fluoridating water three times
  • When you try to regulate., industry partner with the regulator
  • Elected officials low in ethics as there is a revolving door between FDA and industry
    • Regulators are not willing to regulate: don’t do their jobs
    • Questionable whether the government can regulate


 Figure out what is wrong and fix it

  • Avoid what takes away from vitality
    • Mercury in water
    • Fluoride in tooth paste
    • GMO in foods
    • Glyco-phosphates
      • Kill bacteria in intestine which is essential for survival
    • g. cell towers
      • 1996 law
    • Toxic moldy coffee was sent to US because we don’t regulate
    • Prominent government leaders living in Sacramento have non-fluoridated water
    • None of California legislators order fluoridated water – have pure water delivered to them
    • Howard Pollack lobbyist UCSF
      • Is it safe for a baby on formula to have formula made from tap water
        • Get spotted teeth, kidneys, brain
        • Is a deadly poison
        • These lobbyists are paid by US public
        • None will answer what is safe for a baby’s formula
      • WIC programs say can’t tell public that fluoride is dangerous or it would inhibit fluoridation program

 To protect self from fluoride and mercury

  • Daily dose of iodine. Then more mercury comes out
  • He believes cure forHashimotos in iodine
    • All vitamins die when exposed to fluoride
    • Fluoride replaces iodine
    • Bromide same thing added to bread
    • Couch as bromine. When sit in any foam chair sit in cloud of bromide.
  • Avoid fish. They are all contaminated
  • Can eat minnow and anchovies
  • Oceans contaminated by burning coal and throwng hundreds of millions of tons of mercury into air

 Eat selenium

  • Prevents cancer in animals
  • Carcinogen selenium. Only 10 % get cancer
  • If get cancer. Selenium does not help
  • Helps in glutathione for mitochondrial disease
  • Helps in converting t 3 to T 4
  • If take too much selenium get blind
  • Need 2 – 600 micrograms per day depending on size

Dr. Kennedy is developing a remedy

  • com. early access
  • In process of final study. Sucks up mercury. In 2 weeks encapsulates it and excreted is harmless
  • Stop Parkinson’s shaking
  • Stops Alzheimer’s Disease from worsening.

Antidote to fluoride is selenium, iodine, magnesium

  • Can get rid of some of it
  • Gest stuck in bones need bones to turn over
  • Postmenopausal women are not turning over bone so fluoride gets stuck in body
  • Vitamin C is antidote to fluoride poisoning

 Keeping teeth healthy

  • Hygiene
    • How to save your teeth his book
  • Neem, H2O2, baking soda, salt, iodine, ozone
    • Peroxide makes gums sensitive after a while
  • Goals is to disrupt negative bacterial activity
    • Bad bugs are anaerobic cause gum disease
    • Bugs came from mothers or lovers
      • Don’t let dog lick face or mouth
    • Water picks
    • Need tooth brush with one third bristles so will carry it into
  • Be careful
  • Dentists are deceiving us
  • Stop topical fluoride treatment


  • Distillation removes fluoride
  • Reverse osmosis reduces fluoride
  • Use Distilled water
    • Rats with distilled water fewer cavities, cancer and longer lives.
    • 11,000 animals better for animals drinking distilled water