Dave Asprey

Bulletproof Your Life 


Date aired: March 10, 2017

Episode Description

How can we biohack our health towards optimal wellness? Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive shows how to use simple lifestyle modifications to prime the body and brain for optimum efficiency. In his personal journey to answer these questions, he spent one million dollars, raised his IQ 20 points and effortlessly lost one hundred pounds. Dave addresses: – how to reset the appetite set point for effortless weight loss – how to lose weight effortlessly through bulletproof coffee and a diet high in healthy fats, organic vegetables sprinkled with organic proteins. – how to detect which suspect foods are kryptonite to the individual – the toxins in our coffee that some foreign countries won’t touch – the health risks of molds – how to be a better, healthier you with an optimally tuned body and brain through the bullet proof life style

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Bullet Proof Diet

I   For two weeks eat a simple diet with grass fed meats, wild caught fish, vegetables that cause least problems and healthy, undamaged fats.

  • Eat the foods that make everyone feel good: high in energy and nutrients and low in toxins
  • Avoid the foods known to be unhealthy foods such as margarine, damaged fats, a lot of grains, processed foods, with dyes, MSG, and chemicals, fake sweeteners
  • There are “suspect foods” which lie between.  Different people have different reactions to these “in-between” foods
  • These suspect foods will work well for some people and for others result in poor performance and will  take years off life depending on biology and genetics
  • Figure out which of the suspect foods are OK for the individual. This involves testing these suspect foods individually by adding one at a time to the diet and observing the reaction – to determine if these suspect foods are safe for an individual

How to test suspect foods

  • Suspect foods are guilty until proven otherwise
  • After eating a suspect food, pay attention to the signals from the body
  • Most feel changes within a few hours. Most notice changes by the next morning.
  • Might not feel the effects of wheat for up to 4 days
  • Possible observable changes:
    • Pulse can go up 17 beats within two hours
    • Pulse can be measured with an ap Food detective
    • Wake up feeling groggy, puffy ad healing at others
    • Blood sugar crashes
    • Next day neck, joint pain
    • Have to pee immediately, but there is little light coloured urine. The toxin pulls water out of plasma to get toxin to kidneys and bladder (Solution o pollution is dilution).

Suspect foods

nIght shade vegetables

  • for 80 % tomatoes potatoes, eggplant, peppers, lentils cause no problems.
  • for the other 20 % these cause systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction leading to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and shortened life span


  • kale has a lot of good and bad things: for example a cow or horse would spit kale out.
  • Kale protects itself from predators with oxalic acid
  • kale has oxalic acid binds to free calcium resulting in sharp crystals that can end up in:
    • joints (causing joint pain),
    • kidneys (kidney stones)
    • brains connected to autism
    • the vagina causing vulvodynia (exquisitely sensitive vagina. Mold can cause this as well) This can be avoided by
      • cooking the kale, discarding the water
      • adding baking soda or calcium to participate the crystals
    • Chard and spinach are also high in oxalates

Fats and Oils

  • Fat is a better fuel than sugar
  • Bad fats are incorporated and are damaging to cell membranes. These cell membranes do not function, make proteins and make impaired insulin.
  • Bad fats include
    • Corn oil (has GMO),
    • Vegetable Oils
    • Seed oils are highly processed and are damaged by light and air.
    • Poly unsaturated fats
  • The ratio of omega 3: omega 6 oils is important: in the US this ratio is too low.
  • Saturated fats don’t oxidize, are hard to damage and form stable cell membranes.


  • The ideal meal is a plate full of brightly coloured veggies with some meat and good fats to absorb what is in vegetables
  • Plant based diet does not work: need saturated fat  and micronutrients from grass fed from animals
  • Paleo diet has some similarities to the Bullet Proof Diet but can overcook meats which can be toxic and release proinflammatory compounds and be toxic to the mitochondria.
  • Atkins diet: not rigorous about meat quality.
    • Too much protein not healthy

Meat: Essential in the Diet

  • The effect of meat depends on the amount, quality and how it is cooked.
  • The China study had no control for what the animals ate or how the meet was prepared. So saying “meat is unhealthy” is like saying that air is unhealthy.  It depends on the quality and preparation.

Cooking Meat

  • Do not blacken, char, caramelize or fry as these result in more anti nutrients.
  • Cook gently with a little bit of water
  • Maximum temperature 320 degrees F

US Food Supply

  • US Food has been optimized for two things: low price and good taste.
  • Consequently, unhealthy substances such as MSG food colouring, artificial sweeteners, and glyphosate sprayed GMO have been introduced into our food supply.
  • These additives make us feel sick and causes spikes in blood sugar, then blood sugar dips and a desire to eat more of the offending food.
  • Food instead should be optimized for
    • How it makes you feel
    • Taste
    • Convenience
    • Cost

Dave’s Diet

  • Grass fed butter
  • Good organic olive oil stored in the dark
  • Grass fed meats especially fat
  • Sock eye almond
  • Avocados
  • Some coconut oil and raw nuts.


 Mold in Coffee

  • American coffee has mold which causes a bad reaction for many people. Two hours later, after drinking toxin laden coffee the drinker can be cranky, carve sugar and want more coffee
  • Most governments recognize toxins in coffee from, mold and have made regulations to protect the public.
  • The US does not regulate mold in coffee. Hence these countries send mold laden coffee to the US.
  • Drinking clean coffee results in fewer cravings for coffee.

Effects of Mold

  • Mold may not affect everyone
  • Is common when condensation occurs
  • Has adverse health effects. Mold can lead to obesity, anger issues, asthma, PMS, cancer, chronic sinusitis, chronic inflammation, damaged mitochondrial and cancer
  • Is the reason that in Dave’s teens, Dave used to weigh 300 pounds, had rashes, eczema asthma, arthritis frequent nosebleeds, was puffy and slept poorly
  • Most people who have difficulties with coffee are reacting to the mold not the caffeine
  • Per studies, it can increase grain sensitivity.
  • decaf coffee is twice as moldy
  • instant coffee is even worse
  • Dave made a film about mold, Moldy

Ochratoxin A: Main toxin in coffee

  • made by mold to prevent it from being eaten
  • is the most dangerous toxin in coffee and can lead to cancer, hypertension and mitochondrial dysfunction
  • The coffee industry states that there are no toxins in coffee due to their washing process. However, this is not a mold free process
  • Roasting kills mold but does not eliminate ochratoxin as it is heat stable
  • It takes humans 35 days to eliminate ochratoxin A: rats can eliminate it in a few days.

Bullet proof coffee

  • Is mold/ toxin free coffee with
  • brain octane oil
  • grass fed butter
  • Bullet proof coffee is mold free and is tested for 27 toxins commonly found in coffee.
  • Butter makes polyphenols in the coffee fat-soluble and facilitates the absorption of polyphenols.
  • The brain octane oil is an exogenous source of ketones which aids in putting the body into ketosis.
  • The fat in bullet proof coffee
  • The fat in the coffee slows down any metabolic spikes so slow caffeine metabolizers can also drink

Brain octane oil

  • An exogenous source of ketones
  • Raises fat burning ketone four times which takes days to achieve by fasting
  • Ketones make brain light up, feel good and stops hunger.
  • Resets hunger hormone, ghrelin
  • Dieting without resetting ghrelin does not change the appetite so eventually the weight will be regained.
  • One cup of Bullet proof coffee resets the ghrelin level and puts the body in ketosis
  • Normally it takes days of avoiding carbohydrates to achieve ketosis, and one small slip can put the body out of ketosis
  • The Atkins diet takes four days to put the body into ketosis.


  • Plant based phytochemicals with antioxidant properties. Examples include blueberries, fruits, vegetables, teas, and coffee.
  • Coffee has the highest levels of polyphenols
  • 2 grams per day from food allow the mitochondria to work better
  • Coffee is the number one source of polyphenols
  • Putting milk into coffee or tea, sticks to the antioxidants rendering them useless.
  • For similar reasons, Dave recommends not drinking milk with meals. Instead he recommends raw milk from a grass fed cow before or after a meal.


Brain fog 

  • From Lack blood flow
  • Lack of energy to brain (sugar)
  • Ketones will prevent brain fog
  • After eating unhealthy food will feel brain fog within a minute or two up to four hours depending on the toxin, its mechanisms and how susceptible the individual is

Headstong: Dave’s Next Book

We have control of how much energy have

  • Low energy means we need to figure out what we did to initiate the fatigue
  • Typically low energy gets in the way of our goals
  • Headstrong shows how get more energy out of our brain, eyes, heart and mitochondria (the body’s energy source)
  • Includes research on mitochondria from the last five years.
  • Mitochondria use light from the environment and are sensitive to blue light, foods and stress level.
  • Will help us be more aware think clearer, and feel better.
  • Can take performance to new level without effort