Dolores Cahill, PhD

All about Covid 19

Aired on June 5th, 2020

Episode Description

Dr. Cahill is an expert in virology, has developed safe vaccines, and has expertise in the specificity of antibodies used in research and diagnostic assays. Learn about viruses, staying healthy the role of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and hydroxychloroquine

Dolores Cahill, PhD

She is speaking out

  • She has huge hope that what is going on can be stopped
  • On May 5, 2020, the Irish Medical Organization put out a press release saying they were considering mandatory vaccinate the whole population
  • Their premise that antibodies will not protect (for the first time in history is incorrect)
    • As virus mutate, will have partial response but will develop a robust antibody response
  • They are basing the new restrictions on false premises
  • 40 % of viruses are corona circulating the globe in 6 weeks
  • The death rates are similar for normal influenza
  • There are nutrition prevention and treatment
  • many vaccines have toxic adjuvants such as aluminum and mercury
  • The US vaccine schedule: 68 mandated vaccines before age five or six
    • 70 % of these vaccines have aluminum in them
    • Aluminum is a neurotoxin that has never been safety tested
    • She would not take this
    • Babies do not have the ability to make antibodies
      • The rationale of vaccines is to make antibodies which the babies cannot make
      • These contain mercury and aluminum, glyphosates, and polysorbate 80
      • Babies have all the adverse effects without the benefits
      • This is unethical and should be looked into
      • Br. Blaylock researched this
  • Studies of homeschooled unvaccinated children have less than 50 times allergies and disease
  • Amish don’t vaccinate and have fewer diseases.
  • she has made safe vaccines which were effective and did not have these toxic ingredient

Is the Covid Virus dangerous?

  • She states no
  • The CDC data shows it had a steep decline and is at its lowest level
  • Some countries did not shut down
    • Except for hot spots covid deaths are similar to normal influenza deaths
    • In Sweden,
      • half of the deaths are in regions where people from Africa are living where probably not getting vitamin D
      • Many deaths in nursing homes

Predisposing to a poor Immune System

  • Glyphosate
    • Affects microflora and are chronically malnourished
    • Decreases two amino acids
    • Adversely affects mitochondria
    • Is an antibiotic and makes the gut leaky
    • Is a chelator
  • Fluoride in water
    • Interferes with conversion of pro vitamin D to vitamin D
    • Targets the pineal gland
    • Lowers children IQs by 6 points
    • As do PCBs, lead, aluminum lower the IQs
  • Glyphosate and EMF
    • Open the blood brain barrier and make the gut leaky
    • Interferes with intercellular communication
  • Mercury and aluminum
    • Some people cannot excrete them in the urine particularly boys and men
    • Are in vaccines
    • These are nano particles like asbestos and immune system is trying to excrete them
    • People develop allergies and immune diseases trying to get rid of these toxins
    • Aluminum goes to brain Per Professor Chris Exley
      • Passes through blood brain barriers
      • Could seed chronic inflammation possibly leading to dementia
      • Targets pineal gland as does fluoride.

Are statistics reliable ?

  • There are two codes
    • One where cause is definitive
    • Another code for where the cause is suggested to be covid
  • Can check with the total number of deaths
    • In Ireland the total number of deaths are in the range of what occurred in the last five to ten years
    • The same for many countries
    • Why does Wuhan have excess deaths
    • How did the virus get to Italy

She made a vaccine for mennigitis in the Gambia

  • Made from serum from people who survived the virus
  • with mineral oil not including toxic adjuvants such as mercury and aluminum
    • These were immunogenic so did not need toxic ingredients

Explanations of hotspots

  • Elderly with pre-existing conditions
  • Some studies showed increased problems with obese children
  • In Lombardy Italy
    • Elderly
    • Pollution
    • An association in October 2019, an influenza vaccine made by growing on dog kidney cells which might have had corona virus
      • Greg Wolfe 2019 in US military
      • Vaccines given to Us military in 2017
        • Had a 36 % chance of getting sick when exposed to corona virus with cytokine storm
      • The animal models ferret s were fine after vaccine, but when exposed to corona virus, all the ferrets died

She recommends putting pressure on manufacturers of toxins, legislators


  • Will only pick up virus in first 11 days
  • It take 2 weeks to develop antibodies
  • These tests cannot be specific for corona 19 very unlikely
    • The primers for DNA test and antibodies for antibody test need not be specific for this virus.
    • Are the primers and antibodies in these tests accurate ?
      • 40 % of viruses are corona

Why are world leaders pledging to giving everyone vaccines ?

  • Her interview with Dave Cullin (70,000 views per day) was removed from youtube
  • If people were aware that the covid 19 virus is similar to other viruses
  • And if they were aware that there are simple preventative measures that can help health. Such as good nutrition, reduced stress, vitamin C, D ,A, zinc and selenium so people can boost immune system
  • There are 15 different treatment approaches
  • The majority of doctors surveyed found that hydrochloroquine, zinc and AZT were most effective in treatment
    • Cost ten cents to make
    • Approved by FDA in 1955
    • Used in treating lupus, malaria, and AIDs
    • It opens pathway to get zinc into cell which irradiates virus
      • Need to take with zince
    • The question of heart effects
      • Can measure QT interval
      • But it takes three hours to work and lasts three weeks so only need a couple of pills
      • Other drugs should be held to the same standard as other drugs have a higher risk factor but there are no restrictions there.

Government misconduct

  • Fauci and Gates make billions because of their investments in vaccines
  • Patent holders are advising agencies
  • One third of CDC income comes from licenses and marketing of products they licensed
    • Their income depends on what products are licensed
    • Should be a separate agency for determining about putting neurotoxins   into babies
  • Gates also invests heavily in artificial meat (very unhealthy)\
    • What they say about meat is incorrect
  • Sugar industry has influenced research
  • There is misconduct in public office so they should be accountable for the lock down, preventing religious services, and are infringing on inalienable rights
    • We have inalienable rights challenged by United Nations
      • Freedom of travel, assembly, to work and body integrity
      • The government cannot forcibly put things into us
      • We need to assert our rights for bodily integrity
  • The esteemed journals came out panning hydrocloroquinine
    • Was given to end stage patients – it only works in early stages
      • It does not work in the cytokine storm
    • In these studies was not given with zinc

They are looking at vaccines with no safety studies

  • Yet are banning helpful well studied medications

She believes that lock down, social distancing and masks were unnecessary


  • First time quarantined healthy people
  • In Bible quarantine sick people
    • Feed them and give them nutrition
  • In Italy and Wuhan , elderly most affected
    • Likely because of a lack of vitamin D and supplementation
  • Boost health by nutrition eating well, sunlight with vitamin D reducing stress
    • Can call physician so even elderly don’t need to be locked down
    • We know how to prevent corona virus problems in future
  • Elderly need to boost their immune system with vitamin D (sunlight, zinc and good nutrition
    • Without this more people can die in care homes
    • Withholding this can contribute to increased care home unnecessary deaths.
  • There will be mental health issues
  • People can die of heart attacks
  • There will be undiagnosed rapidly growing cancers such as ovarian cancer, brain tumours and brain tumours
    • These people might be counted as covid deaths in a second surge

What they should have done

  • Is based on a false premise
  • Modeling was incorrect
    • Within a day, the modeler decreased his predictions from 500,000 deaths to 12,000 deaths (the rate of a normal flu)
    • (yet this modeler, Neil Ferguson, was observed going freely around the city)
    • The coding had many errors
  • Early February 2020,  7 – 15 % world already had antibodies
  • Some people don’t have ACE 2 receptors on cells, so the virus won’t get into their bodies and they will not develop an immune response
  • Give preventable health information; zinc, vitamin D, hydrocholorquine
  • If there are symptoms, stay home and will develop antibodies within  11 days
  • From Wuhan and Italy it became known that this is a normal virus
  • Hotspots had different factors
  • In Ireland the police were curtailing their movements
    • People could only move 1.5 miles and were asked where they were going
  • We need to open the discussion that this is an infringement of our rights
    • The police, etc should be health accountable
    • Ministers can be held for malfeasance
    • Should be scrutiny so that people don’t make money on lockdowns and vaccines
  • People can become so poor that people will accept these infringement

Social distancing

  • Through public information, the 2 eters social distancing was based on a study
    • But 2 meters did not appear anywhere
  • The virus transmits through droplets
    • Only transmitted through coughing and sneezing


  • Dr. Blaylock states that mask cause more harm than good
  • The mesh in mask is wider than virus
  • Deprives of normal breathing
  • Increased carbon dioxide make it difficult to breath and can activate latent viruses

Second surge of Covid

  • In UK there are 30,000 deaths per month due to cancer
  • This dropped down to 5000 (where did the others go?
    • Were the others diagnosed with covid?
    • The folks denied treatment for non essential treatment might end up dying and being counted in a second surge