David Brownstein, MD

Holistic Apporach to Viruses and Health

Aired On: April 29, 2022

Episode Description

Wellness is not measured by laboratory values as these are calibrated against 95 % of a very sick population. Dr. Brownstein discusses how to move towards optimal wellness. His approach includes strengthening the immune system which it the body’s first line of defense. Removing toxic elements are important as well. I addition to reducing exposure to toxins in the environment, he describes methods to detoxify which include sauna, sweating and exercise. To boost the immune system , he discusses the importance of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D. Iodine is also important in out pathway towards health. Oxidative stress and its effects on inflammation is an additional crucial factor in wellness Dr. Brownstein has written at least thirteen books on topics such as thyroid health, fats, healthy hormones, salt, healthy eating, statins, arthritis, vitamin B 12, gut health and ozone so he is one of America’s most valued experts

David Brownstein, MD


Main points

  • Don’t settle with suboptimal health and fatigue
  • He has written 16 books
  • You can improve your health and get in better shape so immune system will fight off disease

How he got interested in his path

  • Found medicine interesting and modeled himself after his family doctor
  • He practiced what he was taught giving a drug for a particular pathology
  • His turning point was when he had difficulties sleeping and he decided he did not want to practice medicine any longer because he felt he was not helping people
    • He was prescribing drugs and then more drugs to treat the drug side effect
    • He met a chiropractor who showed him how biological pathways can be disrupted from lack of nutrients; discussed issues with mercury and fluoride
      • The chiropractor gave nutrient to get the metabolic pathways back in line
      • The chiropractor Jonathan Wright’s book Healing with Nutrition
    • His father had cardiovascular disease, so Dr. Brownstein checked his father’s thyroid values (in lower levels of normal) and his testosterone levels were extremely low
      • He put his father on natural thyroid hormone and testosterone and his father’s health improved, cholesterol lowered
    • This convinced Dr. Brownstein that wanted to practice holistic medicine
      • He studied biochemistry and how to optimize it for his patients
      • The body is a wonderfully designed machine if applied with right materials needed
  • Just because one is in a reference range of a lab test does not mean one is in an optimal range
  • The reference ranges for nutritional testing of vitamins and minerals have declined over the years because our levels have decreased
    • A normal magnesium level years ago was 5 -6.  This normal range has dropped to the four ranges
    • Reference levels for zinc, magnesium, vitamin levels have all been altered down
    • The nutritional value of our vegetables have gone down through wearing out the soil with monocropping and pesticide use
    • Is important to work with holistic practitioner to see what one needs or does not need
    • Maybe there is something that points us in certain directions where we are supposed to be
    • Eg thyroid involves more than measuring TSH. Have to measure T3, T4, antibodies, reverse T3. For example, selenium needed to convert T4 to T 3.  Bata blockers and selenium get in the way.
  • Country is not in a healthy state’. Is characterized by obesity, the covid epidemic
    • Too many toxins in environment
    • Not enough raw materials for the body to heal

What is Health?

  • He works with his patients
  • In medical school they don’t learn that: they learn how to diagnose pathology and what drug is associated with that pathology
    • This model has little to do with health
    • He believes in finding the proper diagnosis
      • This does not mean that a drug is needed
  • Do you have enough energy throughout the waking hours of your day to accomplish what you want
  • Biggest complaint patients have if fatigue
  • We were designed to eat the right foods, have enough energy, and to accomplish what one wants

How to get to health

  • Partnership
  • Listen to their concerns
  • Asks what healthy functioning
  • History, physical exam
    • Look at heart, lung, confirmatory signs
  • Order lab tests to confirm or deny his theories
  • Puts together the picture
  • One does not have to address 100 % of issues
  • It is like a pie, address enough of the issues, then one would improve
    • Very similar to dr. Bredesen’s approach (see interview with Dr. Bredesen
      • Dr. Bredesen’s approach is to patch up 8 of many “holes” which helps reverse cognitive decline
      • Dr. Bredesen broke Alzheimer’s Disease into five categories
        • Toxins
        • Insulin resistance related (Alzheimer’s disease is sometimes called Diabetes III)
        • Organs breaking down more quickly than being put back together
    • Can be very simple, replenishing magnesium, detoxing mercury

What can someone do on his own

  • Drink water
    • Alcohol, caffeine which pull water out
    • Diuretic medications take water out of the body
    • Is impossible to lose weight when dehydrated because when body is stressed, most people put on weight
    • Drink ounces that are half of weight in pounds
  • Diet
    • Food supply, land overused, soil and food are depleted of minerals
    • US is a malnourished country
      • 40 % of us are obese
      • 60 – 70% % of us are overweight
      • Our bodies convert these high carbohydrate foods to triglycerides and fat storage
      • 30 years ago, he never saw kids with type Ii diabetes, yet there are many today
      • Cut out all grains, refined carbohydrates
      • Eat organic
      • If eat meat, eat fat with it to stabilize blood sugars
        • Eat grass fed as animals are given hormones, antibiotics and insecticides
      • Eat health oils rather than over processed corn oils, vegetable oils and canola oils
        • These oils get into our cell walls
      • Fish should be fresh not farmed.
      • ADA diet is full of carbohydrates and is inadequate
      • Medical school training in nutrition was vitamin C causing scurvy, etc
  • Exercise
    • Helps everything mood, depression, thyroid, hypertension
    • Exercise is equal or better than antidepressant medication
  • Iodine
    • Over 97 % are deficient in iodine
    • Food supply does not supply needed iodine
    • He believes this drive epidemic of glandular problems
      • Breast, prostrate cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian, thyroid cancers
    • Iodine affects every cell in body
    • Hashimoto’s disease forms from low iodine
      • Hashimoto’s disease has increased, and iodine levels decreased by 50 %
  • Salt
    • Most people are salt deficient
    • Helps hold water in body
    • Is a difference between good and bad salts
      • Good salts unrefined salts
      • Refined salts have toxic chemicals added like bleach and ferric cyanine
        • No minerals, Morton salt
    • Should have over 100 g of salt in body at any time: we do not store salt.
    • Without sodium, don’t make ATP (energy source), hormones`
    • If heart or kidney disease may not be able to handle water and salt
    • Many compensatory hormones to control sodium: aldosterone, renin, angiotensin
      • Help absorb salt when needed” release salt when is an excess
    • Very few patients are salt sensitive
    • He believes when people are low in salt, the body goes into stress mode to salt from the kidneys and the gut causing blood pressure to rise
      • These people are given aldosterone inhibiting medications
      • When these hormone increase, they cause blood vessel restriction.
    • He has cured many folks of high bold pressure by giving them salt and other modalities.

When worried about viruses

  • Detox,
    • Sauna, sweat, exercise, heavy metal removal
  • vitamins D, C and A, and iodine
  • ozone shots
    • Dr. Rown successfully treated Ebola virus patients in Sierra Leone
  • nebulized hydrogen peroxide
  • stress reduction
  • preventive measures hydrated, support the immune system
  • covid should be wakeup call that our diet is not good

let’s get into healthier lifestyle and mindset