Daved Rosensweet, MD

Happy Hormones: how to survive menopause

Aired on: May 26, 2023

Episode Description

Having adequate hormone levels is critical for practically everything! Hormones support sleep, mood, cognitive function, energy, libido, healthy arteries, and memory while diminished hormone levels can lead to weight gain, osteoporosis (muscle loss), diminished bladder control, and so much more. The body has an intricate symphony of hormones. Optimal hormone sex levels can reduce the risks for osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer and other diseases

Happy Hormones and How to survive Menopause.  

Daved Rosensweet, MD

Book. Healthy, Happy Hormones


  • We want optimal health and take active steps so we can be on road to optimal health
  • In menopause and andropause, prescribing hormones can make a dramatic difference in a person’s life
  • These changes occur before symptoms occur
    • He suspects the perimenopause and gradual decline has always taken place, but women are more aware of the decline
    • The causes of this calcine are more prevalent
  • Our hormones peak (ovaries, testes) at age 20, then there is a gradual decline
  • Women can develop estrogen dominance when progesterone production declines resulting in:
    • PMS, mood issues, anxious, depression
    • Sleep issues
    • Breast tenderness
    • Uterine cramps, heavy bleeding
    • A women needs to ovulate for progesterone
      • If irregular cycles, chance for not ovulating, not getting progesterone
      • Can consider topical progesterone
        • The over the counter progesterone is not strong, but helps
        • Apply at night as progesterone is calming, but time does nto matter
        • Can apply to soft forearm, inner thigh, shoulder, abdomen,
        • Some women get increased breast pain if progesterone applied to breast
          • Because in some women, progesterone can sensitize estrogen to estrogen receptor sites
            • These women can apply progesterone to other places
          • For most progesterone will decrease breast tenderness


  • Chronic diseases increasing
    • In children 58 % have a chronic disease v. 18 % previously
    • Age of optimal health dropped to age 27
  • Some toxins mimic estrogen and can bind estrogen receptors
  • Every year 4 billion pounds of glyphosate are put on our plants and soil
    • This is used in roundup for GMO crops
    • It poisons insects, weeds
    • Disrupts the gut barrier
    • Breaks down blood brain barrier
    • Interferes with intercellular communication
    • Interferes with detoxification
    • Interferes with shikamate pathway resulting in reduction in producing tertiary amines such as tryptophan and serotonin
    • Interferes with hormone receptor sites
      • Alligators in Florida were becoming hermaphrodites
      • Their sperm reduced by 80 %
  • He recommends compounded bioidentical hormones

Adrenals and thyroid

  • Most likely compromised due to constant stress and “fight or flight” stance
  • Can be recruited for the biological response to stress
    • Fight or flight response by increased adrenal hormone
    • Women athletes sometimes stopped menstruating  because they recruited their hormones to go down the stress pathways
      • They are depleting their adrenal and ovarian hormones
      • The true cure is to work skillfully with emotions
        • There is nothing wrong with stress
        • Need to respond in a balance way when stressed
        • This takes pressure of glands (adrenal, ovaries, testes, thyroid)
  • In many instances if estrogen, progesterone and androgen hormones are addressed, it takes pressure of adrenal glands

Women need testosterone

  • If midlife, he recommends professional care for the hormones
    • Shop for provider who is trained in hormones
      • Like and trust practitioner
      • Trust the practitioner’s training
      • They must be trained in bioidentical hormones
      • Can use anyone licensed in state via telemedicine
  • Needs to be Individualized
    • He uses organic oils
  • Exercise, healthy organic diet, drink good water, know how to breathe
  • Menopause
    • 75 % women have life disruptive symptoms
      • Not sleeping, poor mood, declining energy, hot flashes, lose vagina health
      • He is concerned about the 25 % without symptoms, because they are not motivated for treatment
        • They have same underlying problems
        • They are getting bone loss, muscle loss, cognitive loss, vaginal loss, libido loss, cardiovascular loss
    • Need to find a practioner


  • Viagra bought out the issue of decreased erections
    • Men lose testosterone
      • Affects erectile function, mood, libido, drive, mind clarity, bones, is similar to the losses that women have
      • Men have a gradual decrease in libido , erectile function, muscles, bones
        • Viagra may help the symptoms and is cardioprotective and vasculature, but don’t want to lose the above functions
          • Canes, walkers, wheelchairs, assisted living facilities, nursing homes
  • He does not recommend testosterone injections
    • He recommends topical testosterone
      • Too much testosterone can convert into estrogen through the aromatase pathway (men may get breasts)
      • Excess testosterone can result in hair loss
  • Men have many moving parts as well
    • May need
      • Substances like Viagra, good for protecting heart and circulation
      • May need something to lower testosterone binding globulin
      • May need something to affect aromatization

There was false information in 2002

  • A study was falsely reported
  • Men were told if they take testosterone they an get prostate cancer
    • Not true low testosterone is risk for prostate cancer
  • Women treated with hormones have less risk for breast cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Men treated with testosterone have less prostate cancer

His plan

  • Shop for a doctor.  Make sure they know how to apply hormones to the skin
    • And know how to monitor progress
    • Women will get all four ovarian hormones for 99 dollars per month with national compounding pharmacist (men $59.00 per month)
    • www.Brite.live.com
    •  Will pay consultation fees for the first year, then it is a yearly visit