Darin Ingels, ND

Health in Current Times

Aired on: January 29, 2021

Episode Description

Dr. Ingels discussed how to maintain health regardless of the environmental challenges

Alarming Health Statistics

  • 6/10 adults have a chronic disease
  • 4/10 have more than one chronic disease
  • Over 50 % children have a chronic disease: it used to be 18 %
  • 90 % health care costs occur with treating chronic diseases
  • Disease is a continuum: it is not either- or
    • Kaiser study: for every point morning blood sugar is above 84, the risk for diabetes increases by 6 %
    • We don’t know where we lie on that spectrum.
      • Chronic disease is like an iceberg; we don’t know what is underneath
  • If you have a chronic illness, take action now
  • Disease is not a statin deficiency
  • We need to look at underlying causes of diseases
  • Diet, lifestyle, poor sleep contribute to the above
  • These factors plus environmental factors are the perfect storm
    • Environmental factors include toxins, chemical exposures affect metabolic system, immunity and gut


  • There probably is little agreement on diets except
    • Fresh, locally grown, organic food many colours
    • Avoid foods in a box, or center of super market
    • Meat grass fed: fish wild
    • Healthy oils
      • Vegetable/ corn oils are highly processed
    • He advocates an alkaline diet
      • Cells function best in alkaline state
        • Cells function better and repair better
        • Detoxify better
        • Is a sustainable diet not a fad diet.
        • Nutrient dense
        • Has everything body needs
        • Not hungry
      • Food Categories
        • Alkaline forming – most plants, some legumes, nuts seeds
          • Can eat as much as like
        • Neutral or Slightly acidic. 25 %
          • All animal proteins, eggs, many fruits
        • Acid forming. Avoid
          • Junked food, processed foods, high sugar
          • Dairy products, coffee
            • Coffee gives energy but does not address the underlying problem
          • Avoid sugar
            • Depletes magnesium
            • Likely increased risk for infectious diseases
      • Acidic regions
        • the bladder, ski, stomach and vaginal area
        • The acidity in these areas protect against outside invaders
    • Paleo diet
      • Mostly plant based
      • Meat not likely a large part of diet
    • The fewer hands that touch the food, the better; less processed and manipulated

High protein diet. unhealthy

  • Hard on the kidneys
  • Too much meat without fat raises blood sugar levels

US Diet

  • convenience foods
  • whether it is in or our of season (meaning preservatives are used
  • are we getting foods that feed our gut and cells

How do we minimize our risk for the current virus

  • Our health system is challenged especially with covid
  • Build immunity
    • Avoid things that challenge immunity
      • EMF
        • Opens blood brain and gut barriers
        • Interferes with intercellular communication
        • Increases risks for cancers
        • Study in northern California, firemen  with 2 G towers
          • Got lost, tired, fatigues
      • Lower toxic load
    • Risk factors
      • Obesity, diabetes
      • Nutritional factors
        • Vitamin D deficiency big risk factor
  • Healthy diet
    • Supports gut system
      • 80 % immune system comes from the gut
    • Supports immunity
  • Treat allergies
    • Are overactive response of the immune system
    • Fluids are good breeding grounds for bacteria
    • Leaky membranes increase risk of infectious agents entering the body
      • This can trigger the immune system giving an inflammatory process which makes membranes more leaky
      • Minimize exposures that elicit allergies
        • Food allergies, toxins

Recommendations from his experience if a virus in the early phase

  • He uses same approach for any virus
    • Nutrients and herbs
    • Take zinc
      • Is antiviral
      • Inhibits viral replication
      • Use with hydroxyquinine (or quercitin ) to usher zinc into cell
      • Vitamin C
        • Supports immune system
        • Used successfully in Whuhan, China
      • Vitamin A
        • Helps support secretory IgA
          • First line of defense in mucous membranes
          • Extra protection at mucus membranes
      • Vitamin D
        • Take with vitamin A and magnesium
      • Mushroom extracts
        • Support T cells and natural killer cells.  Go after infection/ virus
        • Mitocki, rheisi
        • Mycologist. Paul Stamos documentary fantastic fungi
      • andrographis 
        • antiviral
        • good for influenza, cold viruses
      • astragolous    

For sore throat at beginning of infection

  • gargle with liposomal vitamin C, HOCl, biocidin
  • There have been studies that mouth was helps
  • Gargle with silver hydrosole


  • The average American is exposed to over 80,000 chemicals per year
    • Less that 10 % of these chemicals have been studied for their long term effects
    • Some estimate that only 200 are studied each year
  • Toxins deposit in fat cells
    • Losing weight slowly and increasing lean muscle mass lightens the load
    • Some people feel worse when they lose weight because the toxins come out of th fat ells
  • A large part of diabetes caused by toxins
  • Toxins act synergistic by working with different mechanisms
  • BPA free is substitute with other BP-s which are just as toxic
  • Lead, fluoride, and PCBs each can decrease IQ by several points
  • Interferes with hormones, endocrine: He sees
    • Girls getting menstrual cycles at 8 to 9 years old
    • Boys have precocious puberty
    • Women with premature menopause and ovarian failure
    • Young boys with testosterone levels of a 90 year old man


  • EPA’s labs to test these did not exist


  • Opens blood and brain barriers
  • Interferes with intercellular communication
  • Interferes with detox pathways
  • Through the shikimate pathway interferes with making tertiary amines such as serotonin and tryptophan
  • Every vineyard in California had glyphosate even in organic wines
  • Strong association with autism (Stephanie Seneff)
  • Wheat is sprayed with glyphosate before harvesting
  • Possible carcinogen per WHO
  • Serolini found inert ingredients in roundup extremely toxic as well