Daniel Pompa, DC

Weight Loss and the Effects of Toxins on Health

Aired on: November 5, 2021

Episode Description

On the path towards optimal health, it is important to find the underlying cause for a chronic ailment. One can support gut health, adrenal health, thyroid and hormones, but till not get to the primary cause of a chronic illness. Hormone optimization is not sufficient as unless deeper, upstream issues can be addressed. Further, deeper causes can include toxins, heavy metals and infections. Also Dr. Pompa will discuss his book, Beyond Fasting: A cellular Solution to Break through Weight Loss Resistance, Slow aging and Get Well. His book recommends adapting the body to burn fats efficiently. In addition to intermittent fasting, and getting the body into ketosis, he recommends a variation in diets. Diet variation is essential for optimal health Thus, intermixed with paleo or other diets, there can be days of heavy healthy carbohydrates.

Weight Loss and the Effects of Toxins on Health

With Daniel Pompa DC

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  • His book  Beyond fasting a cellular solution break through weight loss resistance, slow aging and get well
    • Walks reader through detox with fasting, autophagy and ridding of senescent cells
    • Tells how to measure process (via ketones)
  • 58 % of our youth have a chronic disease (used to be 18 %)
  • Optimal wellness age is age 29
  • 90 % of people have autoimmune conditions, and many don’t know it

His Journey

He had fatigue and brain fog, head aches: he was not well

  • He considered foods, gut, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, testosterone, hormones
  •  Looked at underlying cause – it was a perfect storm
    •  Storms include physical, emotional, chemical or a combination
    • His three stressors were mercury and mould exposure, a busy practice and his training
    • When one removes the toxins, the body has the ability to heal
    • He had been exposed to mould and mercury
      • Mercury from contact lenses and extraction of amalgam fillings
        • Mad hatters disease from exposure to mercury
          • People making hats used mercury to combat mould
          • Red as a beet, dry as a bone
        • Mercury tests tested negative as the mercury entered his tissues
          • Entered his brain
          • Mercury in fillings vaporize crosses blood brain barrier, goes into pituitary and hypothalamus
            • Mercury vapours turn to inorganic mercury and is trapped in the brain for life
            • Explains why hormones were not regulation
            • Drove brain inflammation
          • He had to get rid of toxins before he could fix the gut
          • Need to look at upstream issues
            • Will not be able to regulate hormones or fix brain fog until mercury is removed
          • This can be passed on at birth
      • Most people miss the upstream causes or don’t address the upstream causes correctly
      • Heavy metals
        • His wife inherited a heavy lead load from her mother which stored in bones
          • Wife could not address issues such as methylation while she had heavy lead loads
      • Other toxins
        • Hidden infections
          • Particularly in the jaw (root canals, past extractions)
        • Glyphosate
          • Opens up blood brain and gut barriers allowing heaving metals to cross into the brain
          • Interferes with intercellular communication
          • Interfere with detox pathways
          • Through shikimate pathway, interferes with production of tertiary amines such as tryptophan and serotonin
          • Stephanie Seneff, PhD believes that contributes to increasing autism rates
        • EMF
          • Opens up blood brain and gut barriers, interferes with intercellular communication
        • Vaccines
          • Has adjuvants such as aluminum and mercury
          • Have only been tested against other vaccines

Detox has to be at the cellular level

  • Even using the correct chelators correctly is not the full solution
    • Eg, chorella is metal magnet in petris dish but is a weak chelator in the body.  The gut changes it
    • Cilantro is a weak chelator can redistribute metals
    • Have to use real binders and use them correctly; it takes years
  • Have to detox it at the cellular levels
    • Have to fix the cell to get well
    • Each cell creates toxins and has detox pathways
    • When close off cellular detox pathways, cells become toxic
      • Genes in cell nucleus get triggered (epigenetics)
      • Go to disease of your weakness


  • Fasting
    • He believed in fasting long before it became popular
    • Hastens innate intelligence
    • Fasting is different for each person
    • Each chapter of his book instructs on what to do
    • Fasting triggers autophagy, ridding of senescent damaged cells
      • Senescent cells / remnants
        • engender inflammation and oxidative stress
        • age a person prematurely
        • turn into cancer cells
        • drive autoimmunity
        • Predispose to covid virus
      • Fasting removes senescent cells before it harms healthy cells
      • Triggers stem cells
        • Body creates new cells to replace senescent cells
    • His book tells how to enter mass autophagy quickly
    • Dr. Longos’ Fasting Mimicking Diet five times per year has incredible health benefits
    • Reach ketosis in fasting
      • Lower carbohydrate intake forcing body to use fat for energy
      • Brain cannot use fat for energy, but converts into ketones
      • Dr. Pompa does not believe we need to be in ketosis all the time
      • This gets people into state of fat adaptation
      • Fasting increases ketone level far more than a ketone diet
    • He believes in changing the diet, paleo, plant based, to carnivore
      • variation in diets is the magic and key to the diverse gut
      • creates a diverse microbiome
      • one becomes metabolically flexible improves mitochondria
        • – mitochondrial metabolic fitness
        • switch from glucose, fat, ketone flexibility
      • Short periods of high proteins or good carbohydrates can be healthy
      • Driving up glucose and insulin at certain times can be healthy
        • Eg. Five days before the menstrual cycle need higher glucose and insulin
          • Need insulin for estrogen and thyroid convergence (i.e. T 4 to T 3)
          • Women should not always do low carb
      • Our ancestors were forced to change their diets

Adkins diet

  • eating large amounts of protein can increase sugar and then insulin levels possibly leading to insulin resistance
  • stimulates premature aging
  • stimulates mTorr pathway
  • this can be healthy for short periods of time

Carnivore Diet

  • Just eating meats, fats and organs
  • Would stimulate the mTorr pathway leading to premature aging
  • Short term canivore diet can shut down autoimmunity

Plant based diet for too long

  • Creates gut inflammation
    • Through lectins, phytates
  • A little bit to stress the microbiome can be good for creating diversity        

How to tell if adapted as a fat burner

  • Ketones rise, glucose falls
  • By lunch time he wants to see ketones trending up and glucose levels trending downlow
  • Is sign body is efficiently and is shifting over to fat use
    • Are at efficient fat use
    • Exercise can throw this off because body is throwing glucose into blood through gluconeogenesis

Low carb diet

  • Feel bad initially have cravings
  • Needing carbs is cellular or emotional issue
    • Bad mitochondrial only want to use sugar rather than fat
  • Good periodically for few or six months
  • He encourages diet variation
  • If get dizzy on low carb diet, is sign that mitochondria are not functioning correctly
    • Sign of pre-disease
  • Long term low carb diet increases insulin resistance because are turning down recptor ability to process insulin


  • Hypoglycemia is not normal
    • Can test how feel without food no symptoms
      • Plenty of energy
    • Long fast five days, he has no symptoms
  • The more you fast, the more metabolically fit you become
    • Mitochondria become stronger; Cells get better; get rid of bad cells
  • If you want to see how healthy you are, go without food for a long time
  • The more you fast, it gets easier to get through this
  • He believes in salt in water

Testing ketones

  • He recommends Keto mojo (can find on line)
  • Blood ketones is more accurate measurement
  • When using ketones, urine ketones can drop

Mid approaches to health

  • Becoming fat adapted great start
  • Lower carbs gradually. Body will adapt

Coffee without sugar and without cream

  • Caffeine can stimulate glucose in some people
  • Partial fast  ( with bone broth), coffee maybe OK
  • Maybe can drink coffee in fasting window of intermittent fasting
    • Measure glucose after coffee
      • If glucose rises 5 , then coffee breaks one out of autophagy
    • If it raises glucose, try it with fat or ghee to see if it does not raise sugar
  • Determine if coffee works for you
  • Intermittent fasting.
    • Autophagy happens

What is his passion

  • Pompa program
    • Buildt university portal on line
    • He trained 15 coaches
    • Teaches person everything he teaches his doctors
    • It is not one size fits all
      • Doses and detox cycles are different for everyone
      • Downstream support is different for everyone
  • His son triggered him to bring this to the people
  • Cellularsolution.com

People with hormone challenges

  • Problem have to fix the cell to get well
  • Hormone receptors are on outside of cell
  • Hormones need to attach to outside of cell
  • Many people are in state of cellular inflammation and these receptors are blocked
  • Hormone blood levels don’t matter if hormones don’t get into the cell
  • Need to look at toxins